Sunday, 6 November 2016

Five On The 5th In 5

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The idea is to take five photos in five minutes on the 5th of the month.  

This 5th of November, Mr Man & I finally visited, without the crowds, the Lt Col John McCrae's memorial statue.  It was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the writing of the poem in Flanders Field, from the battlefields of Flanders during World War I.  Lt Col McCrae is originally from Guelph, Ontario & he died shortly after penning his famous poem.  Last year Mr Man & I attended the live satellite service reading of the poem from Flanders Field, before the statue was installed. I am using this visit for some of my Wednesday SNAP collection.

Lt Col  John McCrae, MD

The embedded poppies in front of the statue

Poppies Blowing

Lt Col McCrae was not only a solider but a medical doctor

His field notebook where he wrote In Flanders Field

This will be a very busy place this coming Friday, November 11th for Remembrance Day services.


  1. A very important man, McCrae, when you consider that his poem is used at probably every Remembrance Day ceremony across the country. Thankyou, I had not seen his memorial yet. -Jenn

  2. What a lovely memorial. Thank you for sharing this and linking in, very timely with Remembrance day approaching.

  3. Great post; I learned a lot, and your photographs are wonderful!

  4. A fantastic set for 5 in 5. I absolutely love the letter in his hand.

  5. Great photos and I like how realistic/unstatue-y his face is. Would love to see a picture showing the whole memorial.

    1. I googled it - very nice! Can't see where the poppies in the ground are but I saw lots of crowds ... wondered if any of them was you but then I re-read the post!