Monday, 26 September 2016

Memorandum Monday - September 26th

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What's new from the patio?  Well this Monday morning I am happy to report that sisters are all doing well enough that they can do without my help or company.  Work, is an entirely different story, it bores me so I will not go on about it & bore you.

We have been having some amazing fiery red skies in the morning.  What a view to start the day.  They have been competing with the sunsets.
 Autumn arrived in glorious heat & humidity & very dry.  Leaves are turning colour & starting their branch departure.  Turn, turn, turn, to everything there is a season ... 

 The corn crop growing behind us, however sparse, is ripening & ready for harvesting.

The Heavenly Blue Morning Glories are finally blooming, although not on mass as I had envisioned, but still each bloom is magnificent.

This weekend we visited a new to us large lake shore park in Burlington.  This city lies between Hamilton & Toronto along the shores of Lake Ontario.  It is a city that takes great pride in preserving much of the lake front as park for all to use & it is a city under going massive condo construction.  The park we visited is called Spencer's Park & has a very long & very wide boardwalk with a long pier out into the lake for strolling & viewing pleasures.  Not too many boats to watch but lots of people, dogs & cyclists to watch.

Mr Man & I both commented on how well behaved all the dogs being walked along the boardwalk were; how consider the bicyclers were, as were the walkers.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying their space while still respecting the space of everyone else around them.  We saw very little litter (say that fast), no graffiti on the big rocks or breakwall.   

We were also fascinated by the bike repair station that the park provided.  I have never seen such a thing before. 

My thought for the week:   I know when to stop.  I know when to let things go.  I know when to move on.  But "I know" is very different from "I can" or "I have done so".  (gleaned from the internet).

Friday, 23 September 2016

One Photo, 6 Words: Never - Sept 23rd

The idea is to take one photo & write six words which include the word of the week.  This week's word is: Never.
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Never Say Never, other side possible!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

SNAP - Beauty Unfurls Slowly

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This week my SNAP collection is something very simple, 4 stages of my patio pink hibiscus.  As summer is waning, it is having an amazing flush of blooms.  Each morning I am in awe of its simple beauty.

A bud just showing its colour
More colour, more promise

Unfurling its beauty

Da Ta - Beauty In Full Bloom

Beauty, simple & elegant & pink;  thank you Mother Nature.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Memorandum Monday - Sept. 19th

Good morning to you.  Checking in with our hostess, Sian, at:  From High In The Sky

Thank you all for the abundant well wishes.  My eldest sister has had every test known to woman.  We have a sister that has MS & the eldest  sister was worried she was developing a late stage of the disease.  She was also worried that her collapse was from diabetes, there is lots of this disease in our genetic make up.  Still no word on what went wrong, just confirmation of what it is not. Towards the end of eldest sister needing help, sister with MS had a bad fall & broke her right wrist in multiple places, so now she is coping with a cast.

What is new coming from the patio?  Abundance in garden production.

Garden Abundance Abounds In Cherry Tomatoes
Mr Man got the news of a surgery date for his eye - it is in October just after our Thanksgiving.  We were given an abundance of paperwork to sign & lots of choices to make.  New technology abounds with this procedure.  Mr Man gets to choose which type of lens replacement he wants; the standard (fully covered by our provincial health program) or the premium lens replacement, (not covered & we pay out of pocket), which has a build in UV coating to give permanent sun protection.  Oh the decisions.

On some new things happening; I got my packages of the official Canadian developed tulip for Canada's 150th anniversary.  Just need time to get them dug in.  Already dreaming of the abundant red & white blooms in the spring.

New for Mr Man & me, was the eating at a new local food truck set up in the town next to ours & on one of the back & forth trips to eldest sister, we met & had lunch - not a very healthy lunch but tasty.  I was pleasantly surprised, the food truck offered veggie burgers.
Food Truck
My Lunch
While on the sister front, things are back to normal & they do not need any further help from me.  On the work front, things at the clinic are still rather in a state of flux.  We need to hire (again) someone for the front desk reception role plus we now need to replace a physio therapist as our second one quit.  Trying very hard to keep rolling with the changes, not taking personally & keeping a close check on my stress levels.  Pleased there is an abundance of resumes (CV's) coming in for both positions.

So on to the week of September 19th, may it be rich in joy & peace for everyone ... I leave you with my thought for the week:

Sometimes when things seem to be falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Memorandum Monday - Sept. 12th

A big wave to all you Monday memo writers.  Please be sure to link in with our hostess, Sian at: From High In The Sky

Because of a health crisis for my eldest sister, (she is out of hospital & home needing some attention) & a work crisis, I will not be giving an update of what is new from the patio this week & I will probably be absent from blogland during this week.

I will be back next week.  Hope everyone has a great week.


Friday, 9 September 2016

One Photo, 6 Words: More - Sept 9th

The idea is to take one photo & write six words which include the word of the week.  This week's word is: More.

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Patio time, I would like more.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

SNAP - I Was Here, On The Path

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This week my collection are the Inukshuks that I see, from the small found in my garden, the roadside builds, garden centre mascots, to  the huge found at corporate offices. 

Inukshuk, the singular of inuksuit, means "in the likeness of a human" in the Inuit language. They are monuments made of unworked stones that are used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path."

found in my garden

road side find

garden centre mascot

huge corporate mascot