Monday, 11 April 2016

Memorandum Monday - April 11th

Hello.  Giving a wave & morning greeting to all linking in with Sian here at:  From High In The Sky

Brr - another chilly & snowy start to the week, but not to fret too much, temperatures are rising & snow will turn quickly to rain. April showers bring forth May flowers ...

So what is new from the patio?  A few new things without photos before the new with photos.

I tried a new to us product from Costco that had been suggested by Mr Man's hair stylist.  Pulled Pork & as pork is Mr Man's favourite, I thought a winner.  As everyone knows, Costco's products are in bulk sizing & quantities so I figured what Mr Man did not eat Friday night I could freeze & reheat for another 4-5 meals.  Cook once, eat again & again.  NO.  It was very fatty & in-spite of being cooked in the crock pot, Mr Man said it was quite tough.  Not a winner in this house.  So what does one do with LOTS of left over pulled pork?

We put new taps in the main bathroom.  Although it took Mr Man a few hours & some blue smoke, before I knew it the tapes were ready to use.  While he worked away in the bathroom, I was in the scrap area sorting through an " new ideas" file folder.  I reduced the amount of paper in this file to less than half.  Amazing how fast some ideas can become stale or of no interest.  All this was in aid of developing a 2016 Summer Manifesto.

My Fur Girls have a new game, hide in the shopping bags (recyclable kind), which turns out, not such a good idea.  Bags have a plastic coating, Fur Girls have claws ... although they had at least 20 minutes of a wonderful hide & seek game with one particular bag.  As long as they are happy.

Soot prepares to ambush Smoke

Cat In The Bag - chapter 2 of cat in the hat?

New & surprise yellow crocus sprouting in parts of my garden not previously known for crocus - no matter, I will thank the squirrels and /or chipmunks for their contribution to garden planning.  The purple crocus I did plant.

Crocus between snow melt/snow fall

Surprise Yellow Crocus

The tulips have lots of promise for new flowers. My daffodils are pushing through & shivering.  I have several daffodil clumps that did not produce many if any at all, flowers last year, so I spent the Summer & Autumn feeding them; so I have renewed hope of abundance in yellow nodding flowers this Ontario spring.
Daffodils pushing through
Tulips Boldly Showing Up


All about the garden is new promise of a spring to come no matter what the temperature says right now.  Trusting that joy visits us all this week.


  1. I have pulled pork out and really enjoyed it but have never bought it. I did see a recipe the other day and wondered about trying it but I'm not sure hubby would be over keen.

  2. What a bummer about the pork being so fatty & tough. I would suggest removing as much fat as you can see, then simmering it in a pot with barbeque sauce, which should take some of the toughness out & make for some yummy barbeque pulled pork sandwiches!

    Those crocus certainly seem to indicate spring will be coming in your future soon!

  3. What a shame about the pulled pork. I've made it several times and it's always worked well, but you have to cook it for about 4 hours and have the right cut of meat. How disappointing, because when it works it's delicious! Try Melissa's idea of recooking it in something saucy, hopefully it will absorb the flavours and soften up.

  4. yes teh problem with things tha tonly come in large quantaties when you find you don't like them. Some lovely promises of spring in your garden - my tulips are jsut showing bud shape too. Have a good week

  5. It's lovely to see all the new growth. Plenty of rain here too so let's hope that's the promise of lots of green to come here too. My lot had roast pork yesterday and I've turned the remainder into a hot pot of sorts today. Not sure it would work for pulled pork, but the recipe is on my blog.

  6. I hope the weather continues to warm up for you, so lovely to see the new growth in the garden, my tulips are just starting to peep out of the soil. Enjoy your week.

  7. I love pulled pork too - what a shame it was no good. I like your idea of a Spring Manifesto - tell us more.

  8. I make pulled pork frequently, using a pork tenderloin and BBQ sauce in the slow cooker. It's always delicious! Too bad about Costco. We belong, but I don't buy much food there. Good to see the spring flowers; like you, we're waiting somewhat impatiently.

  9. Sorry to hear about the disappointing pulled pork. I think Melissa's idea is worth a try, though. I can't wait for our tulips to arrive here. I have a big bunch right outside the back door and I'll know Spring is finally here when they bloom.

    Wishing you a week filled with flowers and other good things

  10. Thank you everyone for suggestions about the "left over" pulled pork. It is brewing in the crockpot once again with lots of sauce & broth. Fingers crossed, there is no back up for tonight's dinner :O

  11. I'm wondering if I'm the only person alive that's not had pulled pork yet lol xx

    1. Sandra I have not had pulled pork as a vegetarian - but I can report that there was success with the redo & Mr Man really enjoyed. :)