Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Five In Five On The 5th

Linking in with the other 5ers - you can find more about this meme at Sandie's blog site.  Please join us; taking five photos in five minutes on the 5th of the month:  Itchifingers

This month my five were of course taken while enjoying a morning brew on the patio - I will call this grouping, Morning Light.

rose bush
cobwebs on clematis vine

Hardy Mums
morning light on clematis seed heads

a busy busy bee


  1. Like pic no.4! Always lovely light in the morning, when the sun's out. My neighbour's chrysanths aren't in bloom yet ... hmmmm.
    (And are you checking if we're paying attention/can count to five or ..?)

    1. Yikes where did the fifth photo go!?!?! I battle technology on a daily basis. Thanks, I will correct shortly.

  2. Perfect title! The light is lovely as are the flowers.

  3. So far away and yet your plants look seasonally similar to ones in our garden. I love the light at different times of day and it does add to your collection here. I like the cobweb, these always fascinate me by their strength and delicacy.
    Thank you for taking part Mary-Lou, I enjoyed your photos.

  4. A lovely theme - my favourite are those seed heads :).

  5. Such pretty photos.
    I love the one with the spider web...I take those types of photos often :)