Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Summertime Jane Austen Book Club

Welcome to the Summertime Jane Austen Book Club;  the official, reading of Sanditon began on 1st July.  Our two reading hostesses are:  Ruth and Julie

Our local two libraries did not have paper copies of this book & the one & only second hand shop with books, did not have a copy.  Yikes what's a girl to do!!  Capitulate with technologyI am reading Sanditon on my e-reader!  I have not read too far into the book as yet, reading on an e-reader is not a first choice & a very different style for me.  I miss the texture of paper, the sound of turning of a page, even that faint scent of ink to paper ... sorry I'm off on another topic.

So far, to me, Sanditon reads very much like an outline, sort of the first draft of a great Austen idea.  A few of the other members of this summertime book club have mentioned the long run on sentences, which are there in abundance, which again makes me think Jane (as a fan, she & I are on first name basis) was drafting her thoughts out & had she lived to finish this book, she may have gone back to edit & shorten some of those sentences. (spell check has indicated to me this was a run on sentence (lol)). 

Why not join us for a good read & if you feel so inclined, review sharing.  Tea & a biscuit or two are always at the ready.


  1. Welcome to the club, and happy reading!

  2. An interesting theory! It is taking a while to get used to the style. From what I'm reading at the moment Mr P's family sound like they could all do with a stay in a health resort

  3. My copy is dispatched but hasn't arrived yet....

  4. I almost joined in with that book, but then I looked again at the pile of books already on my nightstand ... :)