Friday, 5 June 2015

The Summer Of Doing

2015 The Summer Of Doing Manifesto

  1. Explore Wellington County (separate plan list)
  2. Tea on the patio every morning possible (weather permitting)
  3. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries with gusto & cake
  4. A picnic
  5. Re-vist a favourite waterfall
  6. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series
  7. Participate in Rinda's Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt
  8. Eat on a restaurant's patio or outdoor space at least once
  9. Celebrate Canada Day 
  10. Find 2 new restaurants to eat at 
  11. Attend an outdoor concert or festival
  12. Visit a friend's cottage
  13. Attend a horse show 
  14. Read at least 6 new books
  15. Discover a new to us waterfall 

The Explore Wellington County List
  • Puslinch Lake Boat Tour
  • Belwood Lake Conservation Park
  • Ostrich Farm Tour
  • Guelph Civic Museum
  • Wellington County Museum
  • Walk in The Arboretum
  • Strawberry Picking
  • McDonald's Art Gallery (when it re-opens in August)
  • Wellington County Ploughing Match
  • Fergus Scottish Highland Games



  1. Beautiful, beautiful sky in that photo!
    Looks as if you're in for a busy summer. I hope that the list items represent blog post titles - I'm intrigued about things to do in Wellington :o)

  2. Thank you. The photo was taken a couple weeks ago while sitting on the patio (of course). Yes, I plan to post photos & tales from Wellington County Adventures.

  3. great title for a summer manifesto and I particularly like the philosophy of celebrating with gusto and cake

    1. I am a celebrator of pretty much anything that there is a reason for cake. My latest weakness is ice cream cake, hence my need for a Weight Watchers program :)