Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Watering The Tagged In Love/Hate

I have accepted the invitation from Lady Ella: http://flowers-of-progress.blogspot.co.uk/ to play along with the Things I Love/Hate.  I am choosing to water down to Likes and Dislikes.

Things I Like: no order

1. Making lists
2. Spell check
3. When Tim Horton's gets my tea order correct (Really; bag in, 2 milk)
4. Pinterest
5. Being able to renew my car license for 2 years
6. Jewelry
7. Auto on my DSLR
8. A book in hand 
9. A free ticket from the lottery (hello opportunity knocking)
10. pretty tea mugs/cups

Things I Dislike: (again no order)

1. The over use of the word apparently
2. The swear F word used as an adjective (we all know it's a verb)
3. Loud voices
4. Children wearing t-shirts that proclaim them as the boss (parents I believe you will pay for this one)
5. Mosquitoes (really, what's their purpose?)
6. That most of the ladies at church think they are sopranos (and I'm not talking Tony)
7. Drivers texting or talking on the phone while driving (too dangerous)
8. Commercials that aren't clear on what they are selling (was that sex or a car you were selling?)
9. Dog owners that do not stoop and scoop their dog's poop in public places
10. People who blow their grass clippings on to the sidewalk


  1. great lists - love how specific some of them are - and a lovely cup in your photo

    1. Thanks Helena. My cup sauce is just the perfect size for a muffin.

  2. Yeah ... I have been musing over this. All my loves are definitely loves (even if some are missing) but of my many "hates" most are annoyances or irritations. Unusual cup and saucer you have there (story?). Is two years the longest licence validation you can have? (Do you have to retest each time? Do a medical?) And is No.7 of the dislikes legal then?

    1. Cup & saucer were a birthday gift from Mr Man,he finds the prettiest cups, I have a pink I will photograph next. Two years is for the car plate, driver's license last 5 or 7 years, they are trying to tie our health coverage cards with our driver's license, renewal at the same time. Dislike #7 is illegal, fines and loss of points but still people do.

  3. A very entertaining read

  4. That is the perfect afternoon tea curled up on a comfy chair cup and saucer. :) I finally shared my list too, only about a week later!

    1. Better late than not... I think I may do another list.