Friday, June 26, 2020

SPSH - Reminder of First Link In Tuesday June 30th

A reminder of our informal first link in this coming Tuesday, June 30th.  In case you missed the list ....

Welcome to the 2020 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt (SPSH) - the virus edition.
There's some searches for at home, close to home or away from home.  I hope some encourage you to think outside of  the box & some that may require an open eye to find.   
One rule ...  use photos you have taken between June 1st & September 30th of 2020, other than that, it's meant for fun.
Find some or find all,  I hope everyone has fun with it.

  1. A favourite piece of jewelry
  2. Something with or in a knot
  3. Something with the colours of your country’s flag
  4. A toy you play with
  5. Something you have more than one of
  6. Something in the shape of a triangle
  7. Something that displays a rule(s)
  8. A leaf longer than your hand
  9. Something that starts with the initial of your name (first or last)
  10. Something smaller than a paper clip
  11. Something you need to throw away
  12. Something that holds your favourite beverage
  13. A rubber band/elastic in use
  14. Something with wheels
  15. Something inherited
  16. Something with rough texture
  17. Something naturally round
  18. Something that can go in the water
  19. A stone/rock/pebble with some colour in it
  20. Something with the number 7 in it

Alt A. An animal statue
Alt B. Something heavier than your shoe
    Alt C. Something with four sides


  1. I'm all set for the first link-up. :)

  2. I've only got one so far but finish work in 3 weeks time so hoping to get more over the break.

  3. Can it really be time for the first 'show and tell'? I need to get my thinking cap on!