Sunday, 5 June 2016

June 5th; 5 in 5

Linking in with Sandie at : Itchifingers

The idea is on the 5th of the month you post 5 photos you have taken in 5 minutes.

My June five are a walk in the garden after the rain (most needed).

Rain Gauge

Bridal Spirea Blossoms Drizzle on The Bench

Tree Peony Petals Now Drip
Lady's Mantle Bejeweled in Droplets

Million Bells Soaked In A Cascade of Rain


  1. We had a lot of rain as well, so our garden probably looks about the same. I was tied up all day at a Landmark Tour, so my 5 in 5 won't be on the 5th this month!

  2. The garden looks so refreshed after rain but the poor tree peonies look sad. Thank you for joining in and sharing a glimpse of your garden.

  3. The light after rain combined with the drops of rain make for lovely clear photos as is proven by your collection here. I love your rain gauge.

  4. So fresh looking! We had no rain at all last week..and for us that's starting to sound like a record

  5. This is such a fun thing to do...lets see if I can remember to do this next month :)
    Your photos and your garden are so pretty.