Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Happy August Lists - Quesion 4

What  Did You Eat Today? (Menu From Monday)

We are simple taste foodies.  Not many restrictions to food although Mr Man is allergic to all types of fish (not shellfish) and I am vegetarian, we do not enjoy spicy food.  We don't tend to dine out a lot; expense and sensitive digestive tracts can restrict our choices. If we do go out for a meal, it is usually Saturday morning breakfast at the Airport Cafe.

I do a weekly menu plan with accompanying grocery list.  This way I am not trying to figure out last minute what to prepare and then I have ingredients on hand.  I usually write in pencil and I sometimes change days around.  I try to include 1-2 new recipes a week but there are a few old stand by, comfort, easy to prepare recipe ingredients on hand at all times just in case someone has a bad day. 

Breakfast and dinner are usually eaten at the table in the kitchen. We try to avoid, but some weekday dinners are in front of the TV.   I believe that family conversation is at its best around the table sharing a meal together.  Sunday dinners were once eaten in the dining room but we got out of the habit when the new kittens arrived last October as we wanted to keep the dining and living rooms as cat free zones and lucky both rooms have glass doors. Maybe by  this Thanksgiving in October we can return to Sunday and special dinners in the dining room.  The fur girls won't be kittens by then.

Today as most days,  it starts with fresh fruit (today pineapple) and yoghurt along with a mug or two of tea with just milk for me and as I say, I'm sweet enough I don't need any added.   Mr Man felt like toast with peanut butter with his coffee.  That was easy.   

Broccoli Salad

For Lunch because Mr Man is home on vacation from work, he was included in lunch so we barbequed sausage,  veggie hot dog (soy) for me.  The sausage is  pork based served on a regular type hot dog bun with sliced pimento olives, chopped tomatoes and onions with generous amounts of horseradish mustard. My dog was inside a whole wheat wrap with fake light mao, peach chutney, chopped tomatoes and a smidgen of horseradish mustard.  I had made up a batch of broccoli salad as a side.  Recipe included.

 Broccoli Salad Recipe

4-5 cups of raw broccoli cut into tiny pieces; 3/4 cup mix of golden raisins & dried cranberries (sometimes I add really finely chopped candied pineapple & mango); 1/4 cup finely diced sweet onion; 1/2 cup mix sunflower seeds and nuts (peanuts cashews pecans); 1 tbsp sugar; 1/2 cup light mayo; 1 tbsp vinegar.  Mix the mayo & vinegar to pour over the other ingredients, mix well and I like it to sit for a few hours in the refrigerator before serving to blend flavours.  If there is celery on hand I will finely chopped a stalk or two and add for extra crunch.

For Dinner I made a garlic margarine spread and toasted small crusty rolls with the garlic spread - I could make a meal of garlic bread. Bread and pasta are my one weakness. For the main it was half portion of fresh linguine with a sauce of low fat Alfredo sauce and Basil based pesto, with white mushrooms.  Easy dinner, I am on holidays too!

There was the final slice for dessert of the Harry Potter ice cream birthday cake.  Normally we do not have dessert.

Chapman's Slice - We Had The Chocolate - photo from Internet


  1. We are just back from a family dinner out to celebrate our wedding anniversary and you've made me think I should make a page about it..we went somewhere we used to go before we were married and of course we were looking for things on the menu which weren't there anymore. So here's to making a record of food!

  2. Happy anniversary. I have made pages about grocery shopping and the prices, it is only recently that I started to think about what I do with all that food. I look forward to seeing your menu pages as you always provide so much inspiration.