Monday, 10 August 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 10

Question For Day 10 - What Did You Wear Today?

I am not fashionable although I really like clothes.  I prefer dresses to pants, especially in the summer.  This season I was lucky enough to acquire 4 new to me dresses.  I have the good fortunate of (1) having access to, two really good second hand/gently used clothing stores and (2) an older sister that has the financial means to update her wardrobe on a regular basis and likes to clean out her closets regularly.  Part of the sister closet cleaning benefits are that she is always trying to be currently fashionable and that we are somewhat the same size. Both a bonus for me.  The downside to her closet choices, is that she prefers different colours to me. I like blues and pinks with lots of cream/beige and black.  From her I get a lot of blouses and sweaters.

These are the four that I scored this season from a shop called surprisingly, My Sister's Closet.

The Pink Floral - For My Birthday Celebrations

Dress & Blouse, Which I Wear As a Jacket

The Blue - Had To Have Shorten

The Tropical Blue - Also Wear With Blouse/Jacket


  1. I always wear skirts and dresses as well, rarely choosing to wear trousers. I like your new clothes, you've done well.

  2. I love clothes! This was a fun read for me. So, if you and your sister prefer different colours, does that mean you have different colouring? Sometimes my sister and I are taken for twins, though we don't see it ourselves at all

    1. All of us look similar, you know we are related. Most of my siblings are darker in hair and eyes than me. I am the one with blue grey eyes, lighter brown hair (on the times I leave it alone), although one of the eldest sisters insisted she was a redhead, it just needed help to come out :) Closet sister likes a lot of greens with a yellow undertone where as I like greens with a blue undertone.

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