Monday, 10 August 2015

Me On Monday - August 10th

Waving To Sian, our hostess & creator of Me On Monday:  
with the accompanying wave to all the other ladies.

Looking back on the vacation week, it included lots of low key fun and a chance to flex that developing spontaneity muscle.  Morning patio sitting / a visit to TWO scrapping stores / attending an open house of friend's new townhouse, duly impressed / admiring (?) a photographer's crafty eying of moving water / visiting 4 model homes, duly impressed by the attention to detail and marveling at the outrageous pricing of said model homes / walking through our home and deciding what model home decorating details we could make / ordering steeple hinges for doors upstairs / taking the fur girls birthday photos as they turned 1 year old / friend dropping over late in the evening for catch up which became a wee hours visit / deciding that next day did need a nap for beauty / attending a surprise (people) birthday party, I have never seen anyone so truly surprised / marveling at the details of birthday party tent - chandeliers ! / time for reading / time for walks / looking at the week ahead / really, boat rental on a deep lake? / repeating adventure and spontaneity words of encouragement to myself / Hoping everyone has a wonderful week ahead as we begin this Monday start to the work week.

The Lost Art Of Sitting - Farm Pond


  1. So pleased the surprise party was a total success!
    I love going to look at show homes, but my husband dreads the ideas I come back with turning into little projects for him to do!
    Let us know how that boating adventure goes.

    1. Thanks Deb. I am lucky in that my husband comes back with self induced ideas.

  2. Yes: I think boating on a deep lake would be one I'd have to think pretty hard about! The surprise party sounds wonderful.

    Have a good week Mary-Lou

    1. Thanks Sian. The weather may be the deciding factor on boating this week and that decision might be no; heavy rain, thunder & lightening!!!