Tuesday, October 19, 2021

31 Days Of Thankful - 12-18


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For October I'll be posting Thankful Tuesday & sharing what I have been grateful for during the week. 

October 12: A quiet day on all fronts, no struggles, no stresses, a really pleasurable rhythm to the day.

October 13: Technology gave "her" best today; no problems with Zoom's screen sharing & moving into break out groups. Lively chat within the break out groups.

October 14: Tree trimming happened earlier than expected, as they had a cancellation. As always Eric & his co-worker are very good about cleaning up any debris.  Since it was just trimming they did not require the big chipper shredder so a lot quieter.

October 15: Frig clean out done in time to get all into the green bin  for pick up.  Thankfully very little waste, meal planning really helps with this.

October 16: Getting our COVID vaccine passport downloaded was easier than anticipated. Being a government site you expect to go in circles. Pleasantly surprised & I tested the QR coding at the library - big green verified check mark! 

October 17: Online church services; I can "attend" my own church at a later time,  which allows me to tune in live to our previous wonderful, much missed, minister's service at his new church.  He is such a gifted speaker.

October 18: Free yard waste pick up by the county; we contributed 4 bags. Thankful there's another pick up scheduled for November.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

31 Days of Thankful: 6-11th


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For October I'll be posting Thankful Tuesday & sharing what I have been grateful for during the week. 

October 6:  my library ladies; during all the lockdowns & restrictions, the ladies of the library ensured I was able to visit with old friends, meet new ones, travel about in new to me series & discover things about some people I really didn't want to know but needed to.  Delivering chocolates to them to say thank you was a joy.

October 7: quote to trim 3 more trees was quite reasonable & not as much cut back is required.

October 8: a very unexpected gift in the mail from a fellow stamper, card maker. I am constantly in awe of her generosity towards me.

October 9: a washer & dryer at home, making laundry day a lot easier when it is just up & down the stairs.  Also it makes it easier to get a little crafting in between loads!

October 10: a splendid Thanksgiving dinner shared with those I love the most. A friend brought us two slices of her very fancy 4 layer pumpkin cake. Oh so good & I'm most thankful that there was only 2 slices, so no further temptation! 

October 11: a beautiful weather day, one to be in the garden. There are still butterflies, bees & birds fliting about & of course my chipmunks still visit gathering up as many peanuts as possible before the big snooze.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

31 Days of Thankful - 1-5


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For October I'll be posting Thankful Tuesday & sharing what I have been grateful for during the week. 

October 1 - a surprise phone call from a friend in BC; wonderful chat about everything & to let me know she'll be in Ontario the week of the 18th. Still (hopefully) warm enough for a meet up outside.

October 2 - working through all the welcome & initial aspects of a new to me online course, "Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education" . It is a very well organized course. I think it is going to be a emotionally tough course; I am feeling excited for the knowledge & understanding I hope to gain.

October 3 - a break in the rains, allowed for some time outside. It felt like Miss Summer had not entirely left the area, it was rather humid. The late afternoon light was tinted golden, which reminded me that Ms Autumn is definitely in control, but was showing a softer side to her moods. The leaf colours changing are beginning to be significant enough for a gasp or two of delight. Sugar maples are the best.

October 4 - celebrating my best friends birthday today. We have been best friends since the day we first met at school, two horse crazy girls. She has been struggling with severe depression throughout the lockdowns & restrictions. But today she sounded more like her true self & wanted to celebrate her birthday in a quiet way.

October 5Mr Man's latest eye surgery has been re-scheduled to November. The best part is that in re-scheduling it is also going to be in a location closer to home, so makes the driving to/from less daunting for me as designated driver. Thankfully still the same surgeon. 

Monday, October 04, 2021

31 Days Of Thankful


For October I'll be posting Thankful Tuesdays & sharing what I have been grateful for during the week.  Me on A Monday & Wisdom posts will be taking a break during October.😊  In Canada we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Monday October 11th.

I am, somewhat modeling this similar to Ruth's Learn-Something-New-Every-Day

Friday, October 01, 2021

2021 SPSH - The Final Link In

2021 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt (SPSH) - the  easing, but not gone  pandemic restrictions edition.  

Listed below are the folks wanting to link in & in no particular order. If I have forgotten you on the list, I apologize, just let me know you want to be added to the link in list & I'll update the list. 😉

Thank you to everyone who participated this year.  I hope that you had some fun with the list & the search for finds.  I must admit that this year I struggled for some of the finds, but I reminded myself, these are different & sometimes difficult days.

Eileen at: A Bracelet of Days

Ruth at: This West London Life

Deb at: Debs14 Blogspot

Bless at: My Two Cents

Karen at: Random Reflections

Melissa at: Daily Life - Bits & Pieces

Amanda at: Amandas-Scrapbook-Pages

Karen at:  Karens 365 Photos

Leslie at: Once Upon a Time Happily Everafter

Liz at: Life at the Gables.

Pat at: Squirrel Basket

Now to my final entries:

#1  A Breakfast of Champions (in my case the breakfast of the chubby trying to eat less)

#6 Something That Makes You Laugh or Happy (this makes me happy because it means we don't have anyone living behind us & can enjoy the wide open space & view)

 #7 What's In Bloom (so many things going strong,Cosmos & the little blue flowers (Lobelia) self seeded from the actual plantings in the barrel)


#11 The Shape of Round/Circular (this is one of 4 puffball mushrooms growing in our garden)

 #12 Something That is Cause For Celebration (my birthday cake, I SO enjoy celebrating my birthday)


#13 Your Marie Kondo Moment (the take everything out, which leaves space for what sparks joy, in this case it is the cat, & the empty space sparks joy for her (we are actually making space for a roll out drawer)

 #14 Inside Your Fridge or Cupboard (in our home, leave a cupboard open or not, & a cat will make herself at home for a nap)

#15 Your Best Doodle Art;not public graffiti (measurements & plans as we plan for those roll out drawers)

 AlternateA: Show Off Your COVID Safety (from cleaning out my purse; fabric face masks with disposable ones to act as liners; hand sanitizer & Lysol wipes)

Alternate C: The Most Beautiful Landscape Of The Season (right now the change of the leaves, the wild weeds in gorgeous colour combos, the calmness of the river)


And that is a wrap ... thank you all that participated, thank you all that viewed everyone's collections.  

Wednesday, September 29, 2021



 I Told My Friend That I Am Emotionally 

Hitting A Wall

And She Said, Sometimes Walls

Are There For Us To Lean On & Rest.

I Cannot Even Begin To Express How

Much I Needed To Hear That.

... B.K. Goodman

Monday, September 27, 2021

Me On A Monday


Good Morning, I trust everyone is well.

It was certainly a weekend of great celebration here in Canada, The Two Michaels, have returned home to Canada after being imprisoned as political hostages in China for over 1000 days in retaliation of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou for fraud, in 2018 on behalf of the US of A government.  After pleading guilty but not guilty, Meng left Canada on Friday & shortly there after The Two Michaels were released.  The Two Michaels refer to Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor.

We finished watching season 3 of The Detectorists. I am quite sad that this series is over.  I hope that Mackenzie writes a 4th season.  We felt it was a really well written, well acted series.  I do recommend it.

I've finished Louise Penny's latest, Madness Of Crowds.  I enjoyed more than the audio version.  It is a book that certainly sparks conversation about many things, especially about eugenics & euthanasia; what makes a saint a saint & the past deeds of society that was once deemed as good but now in hind sight it is not (during the cold war, psychiatric patients were used to test brain washing techniques; horrible treatment of the vulnerable ). It also touches briefly on the behaviour of society during the pandemic.  In the book, the pandemic of COVID over, that the vaccines worked & the world was back to a form of normal.  While I have the book, I'm going to start re-reading.

Not In My Garden
When  Ms Autumn arrived in this part of the world last Wednesday afternoon, it seems like she kicked Miss Summer to the curb in a rush to establish herself as the dominate season.  Suddenly leaves changed colour, temperatures were dropping & the light changed with her arrival.  I feel if you don't get on her bad side, she's an OK season with many gifts to share.  We also experienced in 24 hours a month's worth of rain - 76cm of rain.  Thankfully we did not experience any direct flooding but it is dripping wet every where.

Finally, let's not forget that this Friday, October 1st is the final 2021 link in for the SPSH, the easing, but not gone pandemic restrictions edition.  

And I'll leave you with this question; do you ever feel like your Fairy Godmother has stepped out for a smoke?