Wednesday, April 26, 2023



I am not a professional designer, but I just figured out that you can make a room look 40% bigger if you put away 8 loads of laundry.

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Monday, April 24, 2023

Me On A Monday - April 24th

Good Morning. What a lovely start to the day. We've had a few days of much needed rain. The garden has had a lovely wake up drink to begin the setting of blooms for the summer.                     

Currently Crafting: after a fairly long break from my crafting table, I was able to get some card making in between loads of laundry; wash, dry, fold, repeat ... I'll say no more.  I made a variety of card themes & I made one card that I am particularly proud of - no photo just yet as I'm sending off to a friend that reads my blog.  I find that when I craft a card that I like, I tend to have more success in the whole process.  Although I do note, that my cards are made with love, not perfection.  These are four of the cards I made - salutations labels have been left off for now as I'm not sure if birthday greetings or just a note greeting. 

Cups of Cheer

pots of cheer

I haven't done much if any scrap booking in several weeks - I'm just not taking as many photos.  I must do something to remedy this.  

We are just over half way through the 100 Day Project - I need to get a push on.

Currently ReadingBabel; Or The Necessity of Violence. An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators' Revolution, a novel by R.F. Kuang. I'm not entirely sure what I think of this book - I'm about 1/4 of the way through & I find that I am liking some of the pages, enjoying the story, but then there's about 2-3 pages that I just don't like & find rather difficult to plod through. Some I've had to re-read, just to keep the flow going.  So far I am committed to keep reading, for now.

Currently Watching: The start of series 3 of Grace on Brit Box. Spoiler Alert:   knew that Sandy was alive right from the beginning ...

Currently In Awe: of five Fox kits.  The house where I cat sit, house sit, pool enjoy, has a family of Mom, Dad & 5 baby Foxes.  I don't think I have ever been this close to Foxes, let alone the babies. I am in absolute love.  Foxes are native to our region, & most have been extremely wary of humans (a good thing). The only draw back, is that they have a den under the pool edging, which could weaken the pool ... hopefully Mom & Dad Fox will move the family out into the woods, just behind the pool fence.  My friend, the home owner, is checking with the vet as how to provide a mange mites vaccine to prevent future problems for this family.  

Currently In The Garden: I haven't had any new clumps of that nasty invasive garlic mustard sprout, so maybe in the garden, I've at least won this battle, although the war with it, does rage on.  I've got several clumps of Daffodils blooming; such a sunshine yellow of happiness.  There are signs of tulips with flower buds - not all lost to the roaming bunnies. We set up the patio furniture on Friday, before the rains started, that makes it feel like the season of spring/summer has truly begun. I put the bird bath up & filled. I don't keep upright during the winter, because the water freezing cracks it.  I've been monitoring the F/B page that tracks the Hummingbirds' return to our region - they are expected to arrive later this week. I will get my Hummingbird feeder out & filled & ready for these hungry little charmers.  Normally I would put out some orange slices for the Orioles return, which happens about the same time, but at the price of oranges, I'm afraid they will have to share in the Hummingbird nectar of sugar water.                   

 Now I go to put together a grocery shopping list, which I have to do so that it is healthy me doing the shopping, not chubby me trying to remember what's on the list & that cookies, biscuits, crisps are not healthy snacks!  I hope every one has a delightful week.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023


Sometimes what didn't work out for you, really worked out for you.

Read that again.

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On a personal note, when I first found this quote, I read it several times & it didn't resonate with me fully, but after spending some time with this thought, I get it.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Me on A Monday - April 17th

 Good Morning. I trust everyone is doing well.  Spring has sprung & moved into summer in this part of the world.  Last week we had 4 days were we broke temperature recorded highs with +28 temps. Several days had humidex readings!  But today temperatures have returned to seasonal or just a tad below seasonal.  It is also very dry & the little bit of rain we had late Sunday evening did not do much. I am hoping for some all day rain today; not the snow forecast for tomorrow!

I have no photos to share this Monday, only because Blogger, once again is not playing very cooperatively.  I'll say no more for now.

Currently Reading: Harmony by The Prince of Wales (now King Charles). He really is a Eco warrior & has long been a champion of the environment & organic farming.  It's a big book & slow reading.  I "discovered" the book when I was creating a quiz about King Charles for our church's Coronation Tea. Not from this book, I also discovered that he paints under the name of Arthur George Carrick & sells his organic products from his Highgrove & Duchy of Cornwall estates, under the name of Duchy Originals.

Currently Watching: On Brit Box we just finished a 3 part series, The Tower.  It was, IMO, well done, but a very unsatisfying ending.  On PBS I have been watching Marie Antoinette.  What a costume budget they must have. 

Currently Working On: my resolve not to buy any more scrapping papers, embellishments, etc.  During the last stressful three weeks of Mr Man's scheduled surgery & ER visit, I really struggled not buying myself a "treat".  Thank goodness I could easily find some inspiring Joshua Becker to talk me off clicking the add to cart cliff.  I did not realize how difficult keeping to my resolve was going to be. I never thought of myself as someone who shops to soothe myself.  Pride goes before the fall as my Gran would say.  I have been truly tested this week.  So many specials for Scrapfest & upcoming NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) & the spring papers & colours are SO pretty.

Currently Playing In The Dirt: spent time digging in my garden, trying to rip out all the wild & invasive wild garlic mustard. This plant has a very long tap root & if you do not get the whole thing, it just grow back from the piece left in the ground. It's been like a form of therapy. Garlic Mustard, is on the Ontario Noxious Weed list & is described as one of Ontario's most aggressive forest invaders. And the smell of garlic lingered in the air for quite a while after making a pile of pulled up weeds. Took several lathering, rinse & repeat washing of my hands to rid the scent & I wore gloves!

And speaking of little adorable invaders ... I have a new to the patio chipmunk. I can tell "her" apart from the other friendly one, as she has a nip of tail missing.  She was quite shy at first, but me & my endless supply of peanuts have won her over.  Once Blogger plays nice again, I'll post a photo of her.  Mr Man wants to call her Nipper.

Hope everyone has a delightful April week.


Friday, April 14, 2023

Many Thanks

 I want to thank you all for your kind words, thoughts & prayers.  Mr Man is on the mend. 

This week's follow up appointment went well. The two tears in the retina are healing & the specialist/surgeon says & I quote "I don't have to do any more welding of those tears".  

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  

Wednesday, April 12, 2023



Sometimes all you can do is accept that there is not much you can do. And sometimes the only thing you can control is how well you let go of that control.

                ... Lori Deschene

Monday, April 10, 2023

Me On A Monday - April 10th

Good Morning everyone.  Happy Easter.  

I haven't got it together this morning.  Friday morning we spent in the emergency at the hospital Mr Man had his surgery at.  Then because it was a specialized related problem to the surgery he had two weeks ago, off we went to the specialist.  Not good news.  Two big tears (as in rip) in the retina that just had the surgery.  

Because it was a holiday in Ontario - limited available staff at both the hospital & at the specialist clinic.  So laser surgery was done without a sedative.  The really bad news about that was that one of the tears was on a nerve at the back of the eye.  VERY PAINFUL procedure.  So weekend was spent recovering from a long & painful Friday.  

Good news is that between 8:00am & 6:00pm I got in over 27,000 steps pacing in the ER & the waiting room of the specialist.  

He is feeling just a tad better this holiday Monday.

And just a thought; no one really explains when you take the marriage vow of in sickness & health, what that really will mean in the future.

Wednesday, April 05, 2023



Don't be discouraged, it is often the last in key in the bunch, that unlocks the door.  Keep trying.

                    ... unknown

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Me On A Monday

Good Morning.  Today's post is all about the Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt, hosted by Eileen at WPSH.  Thank you Eileen for hosting.

She put together a great list for searching between December 1st & March 31st.  Unfortunately weather, life, & it's many variations got in the way of me fully participating & finding all the items .  But I'm not going to punish myself for not finding all the items. I'll celebrate what I did come up with & share with you a few of my finds- although Blogger and/or the Internet are not playing very nice & making it rather difficult to load photos. 

#1 Seeing Faces Everywhere: the most delightful faces I find when trying to make the bed.

#7 Water: (frozen)

#16 Signs of Spring - the neighbours tapping their Maple trees for sap, to make maple syrup.

#17 Tree Bark: birch tree, it naturally peels in the winter

#19 Something Red: a red envelope with lots of red warning labels.

Hopefully Blogger & the Internet are going to be more co-operative  later in the week when I'll try to post a few more of my WPSH finds.  

I hope everyone has a delightful week.