Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pairs - Closed & Open

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My Pairs today reminds me of the quote "I open at the close"  (Prof Dumbledore 's message to Harry on the Snitch in The Deathly Hallows).

It is the close of our growing season and I am getting a last flush of roses. With these flowers I feel that summer is resurrected just for a moment.   Today's Pairs are from my Graham Thomas, a David Austin rose. First the Closed Bud, then the Open Full Flower.  A gift.

Graham Thomas Closed Bud

Graham Thomas Open Flower

Monday, September 28, 2015

Me on Monday - September 28th

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Climbing Rose in my garden
A mix of last blooms for my desk

 This past week & weekend saw the installation of a new gas furnace & central air conditioning in our home / Clear out initiated by the furnace install - feels very tidy / celebrated Bilbo & Frodo's birthday on the 22nd / a trip to both types of recycle centres, one for yard waste & one for household items to be re-used / closet switch over from summer lighter fare to warm & heavier winter items / final ideas captured for October's Thankful Thursdays on my blog / camera repairs done, not too expensive & it was the lens that took the brute injury not the body / library called, I started to read Dr Brene Brown's Rising Strong - she is amazing, simply amazing / F1 Racing watching / nights were sleep seems to run away from me, finding a quiet activity, I am sorting through all my December Christmas scrapping stuff - oh my / trying new vegetable recipes - favourite so far is the sweet potato & pear mash /amazed at the Full Moon both on the morning of the 27th and the evening of the 27th, although heavy clouds dulled the view of the Blood Moon / started watching new Masterpiece series; Indian Summers / GBBO  - I can honestly say I have never had a custard tart / Thanks Monday for being a day of fresh starts.

Friday, September 25, 2015

December Daily - A Look Back

Christmas - It is 3 months today so I thought we could take a look back at some of my December Daily pages from previous years.  There is no particular order of the pages I am displaying.  And now that I look at them in this post, I can't figure out why they look a little off kilter - something yet to master.

I am a simple scrapper and I certainly haven't adventured into recreating some of the pages I so admire by the master December Daily scrappers. My December Daily Pinterest board is full and ready to inspire, although I need to be careful as not to be so overwhelmed by the greatest of skill that I become paralyzed with self doubt and end up just sticking the photos down or shoving them into page pockets. I do not think I will be making any new purchases as I have a huge stash of Christmas papers, stickers, die cuts, bling and of course my Silhouette machine is ready to cut out any creation my heart desires.

Last year I did a lot of pocket pages (and trust me those are hard to photograph), with a few full pages in the mix.  In 2013 I did all pocket pages and in 2012 I did all single page layouts, one 12X12" for each and every day of December.  2012's album was a lot of work and frustrated me to no end.  2013 of all pocket pages did not engage me in my hobby of scrapping in the same way.  I think last year's blend of the two is a recipe for me to capture the days this year.  For colours I do tend to be a traditional red, green, gold & silver with some blue kind, of December scrapper.  

Some days when I have nothing to record I use those days to remember what music or movies or special treats we are enjoying over the holidays. Last year I recorded the costs of Christmas.  I have been doing Santa photos of my cats at home since 2007.  The new fur girls, Smokey & Sooty were not quite use to sitting still last Christmas, so I wasn't as successful, hence why they were Christmasized sleeping in the Twas The Night Before Christmas layout.  This year I have great expectations for them to pose with Santa.

So what about you; will you be creating a December Daily album or an online recounting of the days?  New purchases, relying on the stash?  Red and green?  And have you started your Christmas shopping?

Title Page - Silhouette Cuts

Title Page - Silhouette Cut

Some of the Christmas movie selection

Some of the Christmas CDs

Advent calendars - both online and physical versions

Tim Horton's special cup and paper wrap each Christmas

Night time Farmer's Christmas Light Parade

Smudge Pudding was SO co-operative with Santa

Twas The Night Before Christmas - all snug in their bed

Two of my favorites from the Santa collection

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Pair of Hills That Are Alive

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This week my Pairs are two of the 4 hills that I go up and down, I do the neighbour loops twice. Some days these hills are alive with my strained breathing, some days not so much. Some days these hills are alive with the sound of car traffic, some days there isn't a sign of anyone about. In the Spring,  the trees bordering these hills are alive with bird song.  Now as Autumn arrives these hills are live with the sound of rustling leaves under foot.  But everyday these hills remind me I am alive and able to walk.

Looking Up Brady
Looking Up Queen

PS - just had to sneak in the other Pair of hills, can't have any one left out  :)
Looking Up McKenzie

Looking Up Princess

Monday, September 21, 2015

Me on Monday - September 21st

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River's Edge Park - Eramosa River
First thank you to so many of you for the encouraging words & thoughts from my last Monday blues / Over the last week &weekend it was busy busy which included  Mr Man & I enjoying the Masterpiece series Arthur & George / finding the latest series of Scott & Bailey / getting teary at the Great British Bake Off send off, poor Lucy (series 4) / oh so very tired, sleep is evading me / back in treatment with chiropractor (my boss) for my locked up neck & shoulder ; this is an injury from my days of 3 day eventing, I hit jump #4 with my back as my horse turned from the jump at the last moment , whiplash (totally my fault) /  family member left for a year in China, he will be teaching English both as  the spoken & written; 5 years ago he was in South Korea for same type of contract / further discussions about riding with Mr Man / celebrating a work colleague’s birthday, alas no cake  / started to clean out patio flower pots / scored a deal on some red with white frosting letters for December Daily / meeting a friend for breakfast, totally out of our normal get together  - spontaneity in practice / making plans for Thanksgiving  / F1 Race watching / chipmunk stuck in garage overnight, ate through the bag of peanuts, greedy little creature / lurking in the last moments of evening light on the patio, not giving in easily to earlier and earlier sunsets / seeing lots of trees transitioning in colour / lots of long walks, I find it rather meditative to walk, sort things out in my mind / in prep for the new furnace install, lots & lots of moving stuff out of the tradespeople's way / a commitment that there will be a massive purge, donating, clear out happening for the rest of the week ahead /  Thanks Monday for that new start!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Mix Up of Requests

This Friday post is a little of that, a little of this, from different questions, comments or requests.

This is what the geese have been up to this week;  I am not going to use this carousel for my SPSH.  This week on the front lawn of this home, a total of 7 scenes depicting the geese at The Fall Fair.  These are but 2.

Geese on a carousel

Geese on a ferris wheel

For Lady Ella, theses are two of the other labyrinths that I walk.  The one with the stones outlining the path use to be outlined in thyme and I once was a volunteer that tended to the labyrinth to keep the paths and plants neat and tidy - it was certainly labour intense and the Canadian winters were not kind to the plants, hence the decision to replace with stones (I am not sure who any of these people are in the photo) This particular labyrinth is often used for healing ceremonies so I couldn't linger too long.
Stone Labyrinth in Guelph

The cement labyrinth is very easy for the park folks to keep clear especially during winter.  It is, I personally find, the least inviting, but is always busy with walkers. 

Cement Labyrinth in Burlington



And for Mel, hostas, lots and lots of hostas - there is, according to the owner, over 50 different types of hosta in these garden beds.  Their entire front yard is planted with hostas and a few other shade loving plants.

And for Karen, these are a couple of photos from our visit to Angel's Gate Winery in the Niagara Region.  On top of the hill if the weather co-operators you can see all the way to Toronto.  They have a lovely cafe, wine tasting and cellar tours along with a shop to purchase their wines. Oh and if you still need a turtle photo for the SPSH, they have a VERY large snapping turtle in their pond.

Gate to Angel's Gate Winery
Angel's Gate Winery

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Pair Of Drinkers

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My Pairs this week are a couple of very noisy visitors to my garden. They are taking a break from the peanut and sunflower breakfast I just served them.   The mob of Blue Jays in the morning are a cheeky lot.  They have taken to knocking on the bathroom window in the morning and squawking for peanuts.  The chipmunks are busy stocking up for the winter - while they are not true hibernators they do need a large food source to see them through the winter.  They are also quite bold, coming to the back door and chirping loudly for peanuts and/or sunflowers - it is the most annoying sound.  The activity on the patio entertains my fur girls for hours (they are strictly indoor cats).  We call it Bird Theatre.

Bird Theatre Star - Blue Jay at Bird Bath

Bird Theatre Star - Chipmunk at Bird Bath

Monday, September 14, 2015

Me On Monday - September 14th

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Blue Morning Glories In My Garden
A week of many emotional ups and downs / I need new runners as my latest pair from all my walking have worn away in the lining so rubbing my heel / sending a get well card  & flowers to one of the ladies in my horse circle who fell off her horse, she broke a shoulder, collar bone and two ribs with a concussion and was unconscious in the field but no one knows for how long, she was out alone, thankfully she was wearing her helmet – scary situation / temperatures finally return to normal breathable air / rain / celebrations for Mr Man’s birthday were very quiet, he didn’t even want cake!! / training schedules for new hires at physio clinic sorted / tomatoes ripening all together / giving away tomatoes / still waiting for library to call / gathering ideas for a Thanksgiving table setting / dirty paw prints all over patio furniture – squirrels or raccoons? / getting out some of the seasonal change in clothing / only half way through federal election campaigns – oh Lord give me strength / weekend weather was chilly & damp / Michaels Craft had big sale on paper, 5 sheets of 12X12" for a $1.00 / online December Daily activity has started; so many wonderful talented scrappers out there; I certainly feel over whelmed / taking one of my cameras in for repairs – it fell over while on the tripod - the thought of repairs costs is making me feel ill! / painting my toenails a shade of teal blue in support & awareness of Ovarian Cancer. The photo is showing it to be much more blue than it really is.  This Monday is seeing me feeling a little blue but I hope that is just reflection of the skies above! For all shall be well, for all is well.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

One Photo - Twenty Words

Ignatius Jesuit Centre's Labyrinth

Meant to lead you in a solving way of thought, in with questions, out with answers, labyrinth not a maze.

It Is Black and White

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My Pairs this week had me exercising a lot of patience.  All summer I have tried for a photo of these uniquely coloured cattle.  I am totally fascinated by these beasts. The blocks of colour, the curly hair.  This particular herd of Belted Galloway cattle seem to be extremely shy and do not graze near the fence. So every time we had to go into town we took this detour route so I could maybe photography this herd.  Finally on Saturday September 5th they were nibbling in the front pasture.  My other half of Pairs are part of the same herd, but Holstein cows.

Belted Galloway's first recorded history indicates that they developed during the 16th Century in the former Galloway district of Scotland, a rugged and hilly seacoast region where hardiness was necessary for survival.  This breed is gaining a lot of popularity in our region. But aren't they all gorgeous?  I love cow eyes, so soulful and yes they can give a nasty kick, but that's the other end.

Belted Galloways Cow With Bull Babies
Holstein Cows

Monday, September 07, 2015

Me On Monday - September 7th, 2015

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Sun's Warming Rays Through Fog on Patio

Welcome September – really? already? /  today is a holiday Monday – Labour Day / why do I remember that today would have been Queen Elizabeth I’s birthday, ah school /  in the ongoing exercise of increasing spontaneity in my life, I said yes to a last minute invite to join a friend at her home for new deck viewing & a dip in the pool / spent lots of time in the pool – I forgot how much I like being in water / introduction to Smirnoff’s Ice (alcohol cooler) / anxious to start the garden clean up / everything in the pots & ground looking thirsty & tired / working hard to stave off that end of summer blue feeling / shopping & then returns, wrong plug for iphone / a little time for scrapping / walking in the mall where it’s cooler – oh the humidity has been wicked this past week / heat records for September 2nd & 6th / creative menu planning that did not require any heat source for a couple of days /  Formula One watching - oh Nico so sorry for your engine failure / fur girls transitioning between kittens & cats (adults) so there is a last hurrah of naughtiness (well that’s my story) / searching for a series on DVD that I can use for treadmill walking / from garden lots of tomatoes ripening; yummy / still waiting for library to call with Rising Strong book /  mailing birthday cards / not sleeping well at all !!!!!!! / patience finally rewarded with capture for Pairs – I have been stalking all summer for this photo op (not turtles) / finishing up SPSH, awaiting permission from people in a particular photo to share on line / gathered up my entire blank ready to use journals – oh my, I need to just stop buying & start using ! / wow, found a bunch of diet journals / colouring / had my first Gelato – thanks Chapman for Tiramisu gelato / enjoying tea/coffee on the patio in the cool of the morning - everything so foggy.

Well Monday - bring it on and I hope that includes some much needed rain and a reduction in the humidity!