Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 31, The Last

Day 31 - The Last Question:  Thoughts On The Month?

I have enjoyed spending time with everyone over this last 31 days. Thank you all who have read and a big thanks for the encouragement from many of your comments,  I really do appreciate.  

I have learned a lot about myself in just pondering some of these questions.  I am so glad I committed to doing the list.  I may do something similar next year.  I have already tossed around an idea about doing 31 Days of Gratitude in October.  October is when Canadian Thanksgiving is and what better time to think of gratitude and give thanks, although I do on a daily basis.  Several years ago in a secret Santa exchange I received a Gratitude Journal and every year since I have kept one.  Please if anyone would like to join in, if even for just a few of the days, please join me.

Now that thought has spurred me on to thinking of how does one create a link up/link to within the blog?  That is another great thing about blogging, I am learning more and more every day.  

August has been a good month.  I'll see everyone next in at Helena's Pairs on Wednesday.  Thank you again for joining me in Happy August Lists.

Me On Monday - August 31st

New Tea Mug From Mayon
Hello & A Wave to Sian: 

Last Wednesday the 26th saw my BFF drive down from Midland (2 ½ hrs) to visit with me for the day (or at least a good part of the day) / we ate / tried new recipe for banana nut muffins  / she drank coffee, I drank tea / we had lunch / we went for a walk / we looked at her photo albums of a recent trip / we laughed, we giggled, we shared thoughts, memories and feelings / BLISS / she brought me a new tea mug / feeling a soul full  of bliss /  Mr Man & I made the new furnace commitment / reconciling bank accounts – balanced to the penny - My Grannie always said, remember that if you look after the pennies the pounds will look after themselves / marveling at a cat’s ability to get hours of joy from a paper bag / dealing with a situation at work of the sudden injury of one of our therapist / writing ads for hiring!! / witnessed the annual flight of the ants & seagulls gorging on said ants - amazing to see /   laundry, meal planning / Frig cleaning, how can it get so untidy & messy, food is clean! / the chill in the mornings requiring a sweater for patio sits / winding down August Happy Lists / list making prep for the Labour Day Weekend ahead – the last long weekend of the summer / staying up way too late reading; Kate Atkinson’s Started Early, Took My Dog / getting the latest issue of Canadian Scrapbooker from the library / scrapping a few pages for Summer Manifesto album / looking forward to attending a workshop later today (Monday) more efforts on finding that inspiration, that dream / excited that I am number 1 on the library waiting list for Dr Brene Brown’s latest masterpiece, Rising Strong / Oh Monday I’m in awe of you and your possibilities.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 30

Question 30 - It's a wild card day as the original list had only 30 days and there were a few repeats.  What are some of your favourite things?

Favourite drink is hot tea with milk, no sugar as I am sweet enough. I like red wine but it does not like me.

Favourite fruit is the banana, no strawberry, apple, cherries, peaches, raspberry, pineapple.  Can't pick a favourite.

Favourite vegetable is carrots.

Favourite colour is pink.  Green is a very close second.

Favourite chocolate bar is Coffee Crisp, which I think is only available in Canada. I like Kit Kat too.


Favourite holiday is Thanksgiving (October 12th this year), there is decorating, there is baking, there is lots of good food and suppose to be celebrated with family & friends but there is no pressure of gifts and it's a holiday.  My birthday gets a very close second, with Christmas coming in highly but in third place.

Favourite treat is pizza, of which I have had too much during this month and it is now off the menu for a while. Pizza = mushrooms, pineapple, tomatoes, onions on a thin crust with tomato/cheese base.

Daylily in My Garden

Favourite flower. In the garden it is daylily.  As a bouquet I really like mini carnations in an arrangement of pink, yellow and white.  

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 29

Question 29 - Your Aspirations.

Right now my aspirations are low - this is part of the reason I am anxious that my Guiding/Guardian Angels assist me with developing a new dream.  Not sure the vision board really clicked for me.
Jamie Oliver (Internet)

Some days my aspiration is just to get to the end of the work day without loosing my cool.  Some days, some people!  

Is trying to commit to and sticking with a healthier eating plan an aspiration?  I aspire to be a wizard in the kitchen - channelling a combination of Mrs Weasley and Jamie Oliver.

I have tons of scrapping paper and embellishments that I would like to use on many envisioned pages. I am inspired and in awe of the talents I see from so many of the blog ladies I am stalking following.

I really want to own my own horse again or at least find one to lease on a long term basis.  So is this a dream or aspiration?  
The Dream Horse

I think I've just depressed myself.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 28

Question 28 - Something You'll Miss

Flowering Kale In Neighbours Garden
There are several things that I already miss.  I miss my Mother, how ever difficult the relationship was, I miss having a Mom.  I miss seeing my two best friends everyday as I use to.  I miss the carefree days of being a student, although I am not negating the hard work that it takes to study (well for me it was hard) but there are so many different and difficult responsibilities that come with being a grown up, an adult.

Heart of Stone Found On Walk In Park
What will I miss - well that is kind of hard to answer.  I will miss anyone special in my life if they go away.  I would certainly miss my abilities to be mobile both of the body and vehicle kinds of mobility.  I would miss being independent which ties back to being mobile.  I like that when I say, OK body let's go for a walk, let's go for a ride, let's go for a run, let's read, let's enjoy that slice (or two) of pizza, etc - my body does it (although these days the running bit gives my body something to gripe about).  

I would miss it if another scrapping store closed it's door.  While online shopping is convenient, I like the ability to touch, to see before I  buy, especially patterned paper.  And every year when the first snow fall happens, I miss nicer weather, to be on the patio, to be outside without coat, hat, mittens, scarf & boots.  I miss the linger outside even when it's really too hot to be outside or raining, just that pleasure of being outside.

I will not miss the drama at work!
Ruins at Rockwood Conservation Park

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pairs Birds Of A Feather That Don't Flock Together

Linking in with Helena's Pairs:

Birds Of A Feather That Don't Flock Together.  Or maybe known as the small and tall.  These photos were taken at the same place, the closed up Guelph Correctional Institute's property, just on different days.  Would liked to have gotten closer, but both are rather nervous feathered friends.  The Blue Heron caught a frog while I was snapping away, but I wasn't quite quick enough to captured that on film.

Cedar Waxwing

Blue Heron

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 25

Question 25 - Your Fears

Today it is 4 months before Christmas.  How's that for sharing fear?  

What am I afraid of or fear?  

I am very much afraid of Praying Mantis (insect).  When I was little my Mother told me that they bite  1" deep and an 1" wide.  Scares me to even see a picture of them.

I am absolutely terrified of flying.  No idea why, I use to fly quite a bit and never had a bad experience.  But this fear has taken a firm grip upon me and it's so bad I cannot even go to the airport to greet arriving friends or family.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Me On Monday - August 24th

Firstly a big Monday morning wave to Sian at

Niagara, Ontario Peaches

 Ontario Peaches! / Nothing says summer like fresh Niagara (Ontario) peaches - delicous, 12 gone in no time / enjoing fresh Van Tol sweet corn on the cob / feasting on fresh tomatoes that I grew myself / taking lots of photos of daily life for Week In The Life / a major vacuum and dusting session of the home / excitement over planned Thursday visit of Midland BFF / disappointment in great quantities over cancellation of visit from BBF /  scrapping time / created two, 2 page layouts of photos from 2013, they were waiting for the perfect layout inspiration at least that is what I tell myself the delay was about / an earlier in the week massage – aahh / a door to door visit from one of the federal election candidates – please it’s dinner time / laundry / more laundry / sorting through excess of school supplies, donating most / confirming I really don't like Feta /enjoying the scent from the Plantain  Lilies (Hosta) growing close to the patio / telephone chats with Alberta BFF,  distance makes no difference in our chats / walking on treadmill while watching BBC’s Bleak House with Gillian Anderson, 2 episodes at a time =  an hour walking / leave & twig yard pick up after rain&thunder&lightening&wind storm twice in one week / Mr. Man trimming the Yews & mowing the lawns / Saturday sales call; considering a new gas furnace and central air conditioning / they don't even blink an eye when they drop that price /  Canadian dollar really sucks right now / picking up but yet to read September issue of Weight Watchers, I know it’s time to get back on board with THE plan / 

Val Tol's Sweet Corn

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 23

Question 23 - A First

My first time cooking Christmas dinner was when I was 14 years old and my Mom was taken by emergency to the hospital. My first flight was to Seattle Washington and I flew standby, took me 2 flights and 12 hours to get there. My first apartment after leaving home was a one bedroom on the 8th floor.  My first car was a black Austin with red leather interior, which I bought at auction; it was a beast.  My first part time job (other than babysitting) was working at the Dairy Queen.  I was the first (& only) in the family to graduate from high school.  The others all quit before graduation, some completed their diplomas through night classes.  My first fillings (teeth) happened last year.  My first Godchild (I have 3) is also a niece. First time I got my hair cut, I went from being able to sit on my hair to just barely able to pull behind my ears. Extremes.  First time I bought something new without checking the price first, it was on sale (phew).  Mr Man's and my first date was attending two weddings; my friends in the early afternoon (reception drinks only) and his friends early evening (dinner & dance).
Edge of Darkness Daylily in My Garden

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 22

Question 22 - Something That Makes Me Cry:

Bronte Harbour Pier
I cry at reading or hearing about cruelty to animals or people.  There really is NO need for that.  And it's not just the cruelty of physical abuse, but the cruelty of meanness.  It goes back to realizing it is not all about us and the understanding the energy we bring to every situation.  I  don't like the majority of reality shows, all the yelling and nastiness isn't pleasant to watch/listen to - how have we reduced ourselves to believing this is entertainment I don't understand.  I just don't get it.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 21

Question 21 - Something That Makes Me Feel Better:

Trails in Halton County

I enjoy a walk outside, I especially like to walk in the woods.  What can make it even better is if there is a river or creek near by, I like the sound of natural running water. A good walking companion is a added bonus. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 20

It's a, I am Changing Up The Order Of Questions for a couple of days.  I'm also maximizing the schedule function as I am off on a mild adventure for the next couple of days.

Question 20 - Something That Upsets Me:

I get quite upset with thoughtless, rude and disrespectful people. That sense of entitlement.  It really does not take a lot of effort to just give a thought to those around you - it is NOT all about you (or me).  Kindness costs nothing of ourselves. Hold the door, let the person with fewer items go before you in the check out line, smile, observe the rules of the road, say thank you.  Practice random acts of kindness at least twice a week.  OK I'm off the soapbox now. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy August Lists - Question 19

Question 19 - Something I Regret.

I have regretted a few of my plantings in the garden.  Why didn't someone tell me how invasive Snow on The Mountain (gout weed) could be!  What about that little 6" pot of Lemon Balm - that took at least 3 seasons of ripping out to control that wild thing.  

There have been a few fashion regrets, blonde was not a good  choice for me and I had no extra fun at all.  Costly mistake.  Oh and there was that one dress - no orange/peach is not a good colour choice for me. But boy could I twirl in that full skirt.  The cat costume for a Halloween party - managing a tail is pretty hard, especially with a glass of wine in hand.

I have often regretted that second helping of lasagna or that extra large bowl of ice cream.  No amount of Pepto Bismol can help those choices.

That's the advance of not being an impulsive person, I think things through, so not too many regrets for things done.  Could be a few missed opportunity regrets. But maybe I would have had different regrets if I had done them.  Forward to ensure living the width and length of my life.

Pairs - ZIZO On The Old Couple

Linking in with Helena's Pairs at:

This happy event is set up on the large front lawn of house on the curve in the main road leaving our little village. Geese activity delights the morning and evening commuters

For years the home owners have set various staged events with the geese. Most of the scenes depict something seasonal or something with reference to a local activity.  Sometimes the geese are dancing around the May Pole; kicking soccer balls, sometimes they are riding horses for the Queen's Plate race, or rowing in competition. This August, two of the birds decided to tie the knot. In September the geese will all be back in  their desks ready for another school year and just after Canadian Thanksgiving the birds all line up in a V formation for their flight south for the winter months.

Several years ago, all the plastic geese were stolen in the night.  The entire village was horrified and set up a fund raiser campaign to buy the owners a whole new flock of geese.  Funds provided enough for a large flock plus a crane.  He's the one officiating at the wedding.

You will often see people, like myself, stopping and taking photographs of what the birds are up to now.  Our local newspaper often has a story and photo in the "what's happening about town" section.

Some towns get known for the largest ball of string, some for their fabulous burger stand, we are known for the antics of a flock of plastic geese.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy August Lists - Question 18

Question 18 - A Favourite Moment

Tequila Sunrise in my garden
There are so many, thankfully,  to choose from.  The moment I got my first horse.  The moment I was married.  The moment receiving a hard earned diploma.  The moment I got the dream job I had schooled for.  The moment of my first  cross country course of a 3 day event (horses). The moment I watched my BFF graduate from Vet College. The moment my dream dressage horse, Lystra, became mine. The moment a special someone showed up in my life. The moment of ribbon presentation for a horse show.  The moment of helping to birth twin calves.  The moment receiving a positive (good) result from health tests.  The moment I met my latest fur girls.  The moment I watched my friend marry. 

Tequila Sunrise in my garden
So many moments, each one special and memorable for a variety of reasons. So much living on either side of that special moment.

I think there is a quote that says we do not remember moments but days or is it the other way around, we don't remember days but remember moments.   Anyway I am capturing moments on mass this week participating in Ali Edwards Week In The Life. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy August Lists - Question 17

Another switch up of days to questions

Question 17 - Favourite Birthday

Today is my birthday - so today is my favourite birthday. I have said before, I think getting another year older is a privilege as so many lives are ended too soon.   I have been told many times I was born old or that I am an old soul.   I love birthdays, but really how old am I in dog years!!  Well I guess this answers about the dog days of summer.

From Pinterest
For me, my birthday is the start of my new year and each year I ponder a question for myself to think about throughout the year.  Something I guess close to One Little Word.  I think so far the best question I ever asked my self was "Is It Enough?"  I used this question when thinking about buying something like books. Could I be content to borrow from the library. Yes I could.  This lead to me a wonderful relationship with the ladies at my local library branch.  I asked this question about the negative behaviour of someone towards me "Have I had enough?" I had. I finally spoke up to that person.  It did not improve the relationship but I felt better in myself and have reduced contact.  I asked this question about a job which I quit and found one where I could better use my skills and talents.  I have not yet settled on a question for this year, I have a few ideas which I will share soon.

This is not my birthday cake, but it is such a pretty girly cake, although where does one put the candles.  
Google Image Result for
From Pinterest

You need three candles on a birthday cake for Wishes (remember Day 16's question).  

First Candle = The past - made you who you are today (thank you)
Second Candle = The Present - where you are now (thank you)
Third Candle = The Future - the Wish to come (Thank You)

Me On Monday - August 17th

from Internet

Thanks and wave  to Sian for hosting and a wave to the other lovely blogging ladies.

Me On This Monday is me celebrating my birthday / so to the past week; several days over the week of heavy rain, thunder and lightening /  this weekend we toured some Net Zero (extreme energy efficiency) model homes / who knew energy efficiency could be SO expensive / having lunch on the deck of a new to us restaurant in a revisit to Erin (fulfills two Summer Manifesto items) / reading this book;  The Dust That Falls From Dreams - liking /  cat cuddling / errands run / oh liking air conditioning in a car / reading F/B messages, cards and emails / making that wish after 8 hours of communing with my Angel(s) / starting Week In The Life with Ali Edwards /  laundry, vacuuming;  yes even birthday girls have tasks to see to / resolving that the diet gets put back into affect after today / wandering in the garden, picking up twigs from the storm / now to making the week To Do list / menu planning which does not involve anymore cake / sorting through the closet / are there end of season bargain purchases necessary for next year / blogging /trying to BE on the patio as much as possible as the summer is quickly ebbing and the flow is to, well not summer / enjoy first fruit from tomato plants in pots on patio.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy August Lists - Question 16

Question 16 - Your Dreams

from the Pinterest

If Wishes Were Horses, Mary-Lou Would Ride ....

While I am an avid believer in magic, miracles and goal setting, it has been quite a while since I have allowed my self the luxury of wish dreaming or just drifting on fairy's breathe. It's time for the practical, now adult part of me to just doodle in possible dreams.

from Pinterest

Most of my dreams when I was a little girl involved owning a horse but because Santa or my dandelion wishes were never fulfilled, I became an early adopter of skepticism . I think that's when I became a believer of goals, plans, action. And that was what got me a horse of my own. Oh I still dream about owning another horse, but I need something more.

from Pinterest

I was told that on your birthday the 4 hours before your birth hour and 4 hours after your birth hour are when you can once again talk with your Guarding Angel(s).  So tonight, on the eve of my birthday, as part of my, find a new dream, and as I was born at 12;45am, I plan to have coffee late in the evening so I can be awake for those 8 hours to have a little dream building chat and vision board making with my Angel(s).  A memo has been sent!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy August Lists - Question 15

Question 15 - Your First Kiss.

First I will note that I have switched the days for Question 15 and 16 - there is method to my madness.  Trust me.

So First Kiss. 

From Internet
The first boy girl kiss I remember was when I was 5 years old.  My half brother, the one that is a month older than me, kissed me.  It was more of a kiss to calm me as he was being an older brother of sorts and protecting me. I was crying because I was scared, he put his arms around me and kissed me.   Even at that early age he showed a skill and need to protect.  He went on to have a career in the Canadian Armed Forces in Search and Rescue.  He has received several medals for bravery.

Print Hanging In My Family Room

After that, I don't remember kissing boys - they were creepy, well at least I thought that until about 18.  Until then it was mostly the horses, ponies, cats, bunnies and dogs I was kissing.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy August Lists - Quesion 14

Question 14 - Wild Card (what you wore today)

I think of this day as a wild card or anything I like as we already did this, What You Wore Today, question on Day 10.  So from my miscellaneous file.

From Flowers In My Garden

I wear glasses for distance.

I have had 3 poems published.

I have been a flower girl and twice a maid of honour.

I collect Santa Clauses and have about 50 in my collection (so far).

I dream in colour & I use to sleep walk.

I have been to 6 of the 10 provinces, none of the territories.

I can write easily with both my right and left hand.

I can repeat the alphabet backwards as quickly as saying it forward

I have many American relatives, all live on the west coast.

I have been to 16 of the 50 states of US of A.

I have visited 4 Caribbean islands. 

I once visited Great Britain and long to return.

I drive a stick shift/standard car.  

Arrangement From Flowers In My Garden

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 13


Question 13 - Your Week

I like schedules, I like plans, I like lists, especially the To Do lists.  I like organization a lot.

I am excited to be fully prepared this time to participate in Ali Edward's Week In The Life (WITL).  See more about WITL here:

Ali is doing Monday August 17th to Sunday August 23rd. I will be doing Sunday August 16th to Saturday August 22nd.  For me weeks are Sunday to Saturday.  I did not buy the official kit, but have pulled together from my stash.  I have half assed tried this project before, with no success.  I have done Day In The Life
From The Internet
(DIL) a couple of times with moderate success, so my plan is to use that model times seven.

A typical week for me is Monday mornings working at the physio clinic, the rest of my work week is done from behind the scenes and mostly from home. Of course there are weeks when I cover off other shifts, but those are not quite so often.  Mr Man's week is never typical as his job requires him to often be at a customer's site which could be anywhere in North America, although it is mostly in Canada.  For him there are even stretches of days where he gets to work from home.  These are the days I get to make breakfast, lunch and dinner.

From The Internet