Wednesday, September 29, 2021



 I Told My Friend That I Am Emotionally 

Hitting A Wall

And She Said, Sometimes Walls

Are There For Us To Lean On & Rest.

I Cannot Even Begin To Express How

Much I Needed To Hear That.

... B.K. Goodman

Monday, September 27, 2021

Me On A Monday


Good Morning, I trust everyone is well.

It was certainly a weekend of great celebration here in Canada, The Two Michaels, have returned home to Canada after being imprisoned as political hostages in China for over 1000 days in retaliation of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou for fraud, in 2018 on behalf of the US of A government.  After pleading guilty but not guilty, Meng left Canada on Friday & shortly there after The Two Michaels were released.  The Two Michaels refer to Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor.

We finished watching season 3 of The Detectorists. I am quite sad that this series is over.  I hope that Mackenzie writes a 4th season.  We felt it was a really well written, well acted series.  I do recommend it.

I've finished Louise Penny's latest, Madness Of Crowds.  I enjoyed more than the audio version.  It is a book that certainly sparks conversation about many things, especially about eugenics & euthanasia; what makes a saint a saint & the past deeds of society that was once deemed as good but now in hind sight it is not (during the cold war, psychiatric patients were used to test brain washing techniques; horrible treatment of the vulnerable ). It also touches briefly on the behaviour of society during the pandemic.  In the book, the pandemic of COVID over, that the vaccines worked & the world was back to a form of normal.  While I have the book, I'm going to start re-reading.

Not In My Garden
When  Ms Autumn arrived in this part of the world last Wednesday afternoon, it seems like she kicked Miss Summer to the curb in a rush to establish herself as the dominate season.  Suddenly leaves changed colour, temperatures were dropping & the light changed with her arrival.  I feel if you don't get on her bad side, she's an OK season with many gifts to share.  We also experienced in 24 hours a month's worth of rain - 76cm of rain.  Thankfully we did not experience any direct flooding but it is dripping wet every where.

Finally, let's not forget that this Friday, October 1st is the final 2021 link in for the SPSH, the easing, but not gone pandemic restrictions edition.  

And I'll leave you with this question; do you ever feel like your Fairy Godmother has stepped out for a smoke?

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 Being that we are entering the season of pumpkin, today's wisdom is brought to us by pumpkins.


Be well rounded

Get plenty of sunshine

Give thanks for life's bounty

Have a thick skin

Keep Growing

Be outstanding in your field

Think Big.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Me On A Monday

 Good Morning. Today all of Canada goes to the polls to elect a new Prime Minister.  Please send us lots of positive energy.

I did vote but I must say IMO, not one of the 5 candidates in my province, deserve my vote.  Yes that's right we have in the federal election, *6 parties to choose from;  The Conservative Party, The Liberals, The NDP, The Green Party & The PPC & only in Quebec The Bloc Quebecois*.  

We are in the home stretch of the 2021 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt (SPSH) - how is everyone doing with their final finds?  Link In day is Friday October 1st.  I've got a few more to sort out yet.  I had a couple ideas for the Breakfast of Champions but alas my one brilliant idea has not as yet panned out.  No matter, it's all in the name of fun isn't it  😉 

Picked up from the library a new to me book written by Jeffrey Archer; Nothing Ventured.  I am really enjoying this book & it took only about 2 sentences before I was into this book. Glad there's another 2 in the series.

I also picked up from the library in book format, Louise Penny's latest book, The Madness of Crowds.  I mentioned a few weeks ago I got the book initially as an audio book which I did not enjoy.  Fingers crossed it was the medium that I did not enjoy, not the message (book).

I got some time at the craft table & this is my latest card creation.

I spent time in the garden on Friday morning, digging up an over abundance of coneflower, daylily & medium iris, all of which I donated to my friend that I house sit for.  I've bought one bag of yellow daffodils & 1 bag of snowdrops, which I haven't dug in as yet.  This year I'm sticking with traditional yellow daffodils, that way I shouldn't experience any left down or disappointment over advertised colour, as I did this spring with the "pink" daffodils, that weren't pink.

Hope everyone has a good week, for me I'm thinking that 2021 started out looking like a warm chocolate chip cookie & then one bite, BAM, oatmeal raisin ... 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021



Choose To Surround Yourself

With People That Feel Like


Monday, September 13, 2021

Me On A Monday - September 13th

May I say I feel that this month is just whizzing by, ever so quickly.  Good Morning, I hope everyone is well.

Last Friday Mr Man & I decided to vote in our federal election at the early polls. Our minds were made up & unlikely to change by September 20th, the official election day. The line up surprised me, but it moved along fairly quickly & all the waiting was done outside & everyone was masked & kept 2 metres apart, so thankful for no rain & not too hot.  Reports on the one of community FaceBook pages made lots of notes about line ups, no line ups, so I'm encouraged that the pandemic doesn't seem to be discouraging people from voting.  Because there will probably be a lot more mail in votes this year, we have been advised final results could be a couple of days.  

Currently In Home Improvements: we have been having some trouble with the bricks on our outside chimney flaking & cracking;  it all comes down to the builder doing a very bad job.  It seems that the majority of houses in our sub-division are having the same problem.  We got a quote for replacing the bricks with either new bricks or man made stone - it was surprisingly expensive. We checked out the house painters that provide brick staining/painting & yes they could do just the chimney.  The man that came to give us a quote said he'd paint the chimney in white, (our siding is white),  I said NO, we'll pick a colour to match the existing brick ... long story short, the existing brick has been repaired & painted/stained to seal in a dark brown (Brevity Brown), that matches the rest of the brick, in a fraction of the cost - if you were driving by, you would not see anything dramatically or noticeably different.  Painter man said he was impressed with the colour & finished look.  I dislike the stress of choosing paint colours.

Currently In The Garden: started the long slow emptying of the annuals. It makes me sad, so I take my time doing.  I am in no hurry to move the last days of summer along.  One of the big barrel Morning Glory vines collapsed under it's own weight, taking down the supporting trellis, so that was an easy choice to cut down & empty the barrel.  I had another barrel full of red & white petunias that was long past its prime, so it was emptied.  The Cosmos that I planted in the ground are still blooming profusely & look lovely, lots of flowers.  The Cosmos that I planted in pots have tree trunk stems but not a single flower bud or bloom.

As I empty out the annuals, I take notes of what were successes & what were misses. Cosmos in the ground were a definite success & I've been collecting the seeds from them.  My plans of the blue, white & pale blue Lobelia in the water pump barrel were a success & achieved the look of frothy water.  Another repeat for next year.  My Gladioli were not successful in the pots, only two out of the twelve bloomed or actually grew at all. But they were both lovely pinks, so there's that success! 

And I'll leave you with this thought ... the chill pill I took this morning seems to have been a placebo

Wednesday, September 08, 2021



The thing about sorry is, it's just a word.  It doesn't erase what you did, it doesn't fix anything.  It's an acknowledgment.

It's everything you do after saying sorry that proves you really are.

                   ... Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Monday, September 06, 2021

Me On A Monday - September 6th


It is a holiday Monday here in Canada - Labour Day.  With this holiday there is a little normalcy returning to life in Ontario; Labour Day has always been the day before school returns & this year most schools & most kids will be returning in class learning.  There's some celebration required for this!  Ontario has done a fairly good job getting kids between the ages of 12-17 years fully vaccinated before the return to school & bravo to those kids rolling up their sleeves.  Now if we could only get adults in the 20-39 years range to co-operate, but that's a tale for another post.

Currently Watching:  a very quirky comedy/drama, called The Detectorists (Acorn TV).  Mr Man & I found all the characters a little charming & funny.  In real life we know a few people just like the lead two.   We have season 2 of 3 seasons on order from the library.  We are just beginning season 3 & the final season of 800 Words.  I've not found this characters charming or quirky but mostly endearingly annoying.  We also finished up Sunday with season 7 of Foyle's War. Season 8 of Foyle's War shows "in transit" on the library website.

Currently Reading: well in this case it was actually listening to a book. I don't normally do audio books as I always fall asleep while listening, but with the latest release of Louise Penny's book, The Madness of Crowds, it was the only way I could get an in on the initial release.  I do have my name down at the library for the book & as of Saturday morning I was #14 on 21 copies. Everyone gets 3 weeks to read a book, so I am most hopeful for some rapid reading & timely returns!  My initial listening of  The Madness of Crowds, was it was not Louise's best, but again it could be the listening rather than the reading that has my opinion skewed.  It felt like she was trying to deal with too many world current affairs & tie them all together with her usual characters.  I remain open to change my opinion.

Currently On The De-clutter Front: finally found a donation site that is taking clothes & household items. Several bags of clothes & several boxes of things were all taken to this site on Saturday.

And I'll leave you with this photo of a very cute puppy that we have been invited around to to meet later this morning.  He is cute ...


 ... he belongs to previous neighbours who we are still friends with.

Wednesday, September 01, 2021



Knowing Something Doesn't Change Your Life.

Doing Something Does.

...Marie Forleo

NOTE:  I'm not 100% in agreement with this, 

statement, but I do think knowing something does 

often require action.