Wednesday, December 28, 2022


This is the last Wisdom post for 2022.  I want to take this time to wish you all a Very Happy New Year & much happiness & health in 2023.

Thank You for visiting my blog throughout 2022 - your company has been most welcome.

May the tears you cried in 2022

Water the seeds you are planting in 2023.



Friday, December 23, 2022

Merry & Happy Christmas



We are currently under a Winter Storm / Blizzard Warning for Friday & Saturday.  All travel is advised against & there will be reduced visibility with blowing snow.  If you have ever driven during a winter storm you know how scary white outs are.   Stay safe all my Ontario friends.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022



I am beginning to recognize that true happiness isn't something large & looming on the horizon ahead, but something  small & numerous & already here.

The warm sunset, the decent breakfast, the smile of someone you love. Your everyday joys lined up in a row.

... Beau Taplin

Monday, December 19, 2022

Me On A Monday - December 19th

Good Morning Everyone.  It certainly is a busy time in the run up to Christmas, so let's take a little break & have some fun. Plus we have had a few days of winter weather to put us in the mood. (or not).

Find Your Snowman Name:

Your First Initial

A = Jingle                             K = Candy                            S = Hope

B = Merry                            L = Magic                             T = Sweetie

C = Bells                              M = Sparkle                         U = Terry

D = Tinkle                            N = Sugarplum                    V = Jolly

E = Angel                             O = Joy                                W = Cosy

F = Twinkle                          P = Tinsel                             X = Sherry

G = Rosie                             Q = Robin                           Y = Eve

H = Holly                              R = Cookie                         Z = Pinkly

I = Berry

J = Festive

 Your Birth Month

January = McSnowy              February = McFeeze                       March = McSlush

April = McSnowBalls            May = McChilly                             June = McIcicles

July = McGlisten                   August = McBlizzard                      September = McSparkle

October = McSparkles           November = McFrosty                    December = McSnowFlake



And for my friends in the UK, in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, there is a Snowmen Trail to follow, November 19 2022 - January 20th 2023.  Here is the link: Walking With The Snowman.  I am certainly envious.

The only things I could find for Ontario is taking goats for a walk in a lighted woods: Walking Goats in Ontario  and Eclipse light Walk of Goats  OR skating through trails & woods:  Ontario Skating Trails

Sorry nothing for my US of A friends.  🎅

Wednesday, December 14, 2022



Drive carefully on the road of life, because

people will switch lanes on you, without


Monday, December 12, 2022

Me On A Monday - December 12th

 Good Morning Everyone.  Less than 2 weeks until Christmas. It's coming on fast.  

We had a major power outage on Sunday from 3:45am until 11:30am which really impacted a lot of planned activities. 

Our little village had our Farmer's Parade of Lights last Thursday.  The farmers & their elves go all out to make it fun & spectacular. There were 30 floats for the 30th anniversary of the parade.

Here are a few of my favourite floats - photos posted from the community F/B page.


And now that I know that the big guy is in town, I need to be extra good.  Happy week to all.

Wednesday, December 07, 2022



A Possible Holiday Wish List

Less Gifts, More Memories

Less Busyness, More Peace

Less Stress, More Joy

Less Chaos, More Calm

Less Excess, More Gratitude

                                                                     ... The Simplicity Habit 

Monday, December 05, 2022

Me On A Monday - December 5th


SOURCE: Internet

Good Morning.  Oh such a week of stories & drama.  I often feel like we are being driven by the " distraction news".  But that's not why you are reading here today ... 

Currently Reading:  I'm enjoying the slow read of Christmas Days; 12 Stories, 12 Feasts for 12 days.  I'm not sure if, when I originally read this passage last year, it resonated with me as it does this year.   "because ritual has an anticipatory relevance - we prepare for it, practically & psychologically, that's part of its benefit. It's about making your own raft of time, our own doorway into Christmas. Ritual isn't about multitasking.  Ritual is time cut out of time."

And speaking to that, I started Louise Penny's latest book "A World of CuriositiesPOSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT, but not.... on page 25 at the top of the page is written a date, December 6th, 1989.  It was at that point until the end of page 31 that I cried, I sobbed.  This book's story isn't about what happened on this date, it's a piece of a backdrop.You can read more here: December 6th 1989 Polytechnique.  I do mark the day every year with the reading of  & saying their names aloud. Remembering & ritual do have a reverence. 

I also got from the library Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook, which was suggested by another Ontario blogger, Sarah in Toronto.  I have copied down several vegetable recipes which include 4 new to me, ways to prepare brussel sprouts - a must have for us at Christmas.

Currently More Vaccine Jabs:  Mr Man & I were able to get our latest Covid Omicron specific booster jab.  Mr Man had a rough couple of days with the jab, very achy all over.  Surprisingly this time for me, it was & still is, a really tender sore spot at the needle sight, but not the days of stiffness I had previously experienced. 

Currently Decorating:  Both Christmas trees are done.  Our main tree is in the opening between the living (lounge) room & dining room. I decorate the living room side with a theme of angels & love,  the  dining room side has a this is our life theme. Haven't decided on a special ornament for 2022.  Of course, in the family room is the other tree, devoted to horses.  Your tree decorating all done?

This year, against my own policy of NO MORE Christmas decorations, I added to our decorations with two glass table top Christmas trees that light up with twinkly lights inside & when I first saw them, immediately a dining room table display appeared in my mind. I like even more because I got them as a sale item because the packaging was damaged. Lots of glass or crystal & silver candle holders are included in my vision.  Years ago when I was doing ceramics, I made a large white twig sleigh - this features as the centre piece & everything else is around it.  The sleigh is filled with little decorative presents.  Once we get some sunny or bright days, I will take a photo of it.  This is a photo of the glass trees from the Internet, not my table decoration.

SOURCE: Internet
 Currently Watching: We kicked off our Christmas movie watching with "Love Actually"  this movie still holds its own & I always have a little tear near the end.  If you haven't watched this movie - I do suggest it.  I think one of my favourite bits in the movie is Hugh Grant's dance. 

And I'll leave you with this thought ... "think how much more interesting the news coverage would be if a liar's pants really did catch on fire!"