Wednesday, July 27, 2022



Popcorn is prepared in the same pot, the same heat, the same oil and yet, not all the kernels pop at the same time.

Don't compare your children or yourself to others. Their time, your time to pop is coming.

white popcorn in white ceramic bowl
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Monday, July 25, 2022

Me On A Monday - July 25th

 So let's just get this out of the way ... 5 months today is Christmas! 🎄

Good morning. For us it continues to be dangerously hot, humid & very dry - lots of storms around us but as the rain clouds get to us, they break apart & go around us.  🌞

    UPDATE: late last night, we got an hour of rain accompanied by some low rumbling thunder - YEAH!  ⛆

Currently Watching: an old series but new to us, The Indian Doctor. We have watched & enjoyed series 1 & have on order from the library series 2.  The lead actor, Sanjeev Bhaskar is Dr Prem Sharma who many of us know from Unforgotten, D.I. Sunil "Sunny" Kham.  😁

I was very pleased to read that there is a new series of Shetland being released in  Britain this year, which means we'll get next year at the library.  There's also a new season of Happy Valley being released.  😊

Not enjoying the new season of Grantchester on Masterpiece ... IMO, weak plots & story lines & many seem to be from the days of Sidney.  Maybe this is a series that has run its course.  😞

Currently Reading: the 4th book in a new to me series, The Ruth Galloway series written by Elly Griffiths, I've got book 5 on order from the library.  These books follow the mis-adventures of  Dr Ruth Galloway, a forensic archaeologist as she works along side fellow university lecturers & assists the police in solving old & current murders.  The books & plots are fairly light reading, & not too difficult to figure out who done it.  📖

Currently Eating: newly discovered baba ganoush. It's the first time I've enjoyed eggplant in any form. I did not make from scratch & yes I know how easy it is, but I like the off the shelf ease of my new taste  discovery. I like as a dip for, warm from the oven mini spanakopita.  I'd insert the eggplant emjo but we all know the double meaning of that little purple gem!!! (wink wink, nod, nod, say no more).  😋

And I will leave you with this thought ... "I typed into an email that I was a fully functional adult, but auto correct changed it to fully fictional adult "... probably more correct than I'd like to admit to!!!  😅

Wednesday, July 20, 2022



Today you could be standing or sitting next to someone who is really trying their best not to fall apart. 💔  

So what ever you do today, do it with kindness in your heart.  💖

Monday, July 18, 2022

Me On A Monday - July 18th

 Good Morning, I trust that everyone had a good weekend & that you were able to find some respite from the extreme heat & humidity.

As I've got nothing exciting to check in with; it's hot, its dry, COVID numbers are rising, gas prices are settling down, food prices continue to be outrageous,  there's nothing on TV, waiting on several books from the library & I think it's too early to call these the dog days of summer.

SO, I thought I'd share some photos of my daylilies. In my opinion, daylilies are some of the best summer perennial garden flowers - they certainly make me happy.  Here are five different D/L - they are in full stride of their glory.

See you with some wisdom on Wednesday.  Stay cool, stay hydrated.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022



When you cannot control what is happening,  challenge yourself to control the way you respond.  

This is where your true power is.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Me On A Monday - First SPSH Link In


These are my first finds for the 2022 SPSH.  It has been a really challenging time with gas prices soaring & COVID rising in new cases.  But no matter, I did find a few as I took every opportunity to think outside of the box & also to catch those serendipitous moments life throws out every once & a while.

#1 Path - this is a favourite path as it leads to the pool!

#2 Peek A Boo - a persistent & pesky black squirrel, runs along the garden edge & pops up to see if there is any chance of a spare peanut or two.

# 3 Stairs - these stairs caught my eye as we were stopped at a traffic light on our way to pick up new prescription eye drops for Mr Man.  We had to travel out of the region for them, the drops, not the stairs.  I believe these stairs have been there for 150+ years.

#9 Changes Shape When Wet - the skin on my fingers (& toes) change shape of smooth to wrinkly when I've been dangling in the pool for nearly an hour.

#11 Yellow & Blue Together - sometimes you just have to force a find ... flowers growing in my garden near each other but not close enough to have in the same photo, so I picked them & put them in a vase.

#14 Left Overs - bits of paper from a marathon of card making for a project I under took for our church - 56+ cards for seniors at a local nursing home.

#17 Out of Place - Smoke just popped up into Mr Man's chair when we were finishing dinner & clearing the table ... we don't normally allow cats at the dinner table, but hey when opportunity knocks or in this case, sits ...

Alt B-Sunset:  The sunsets have been amazing pinks & reds all because of the forest fires in northern Ontario.


Links for those participating & in no particular order & if I've left you out, sorry, just let me know in the comments & I'll add you to the list:

Ruth at: This West London Life

Eileen at: A Bracelet of Days

Bless at: My Two Cents

Karen at: Random Reflections

Deb at: Deb's World

Susanne at: Snaps and Snippets

The next link in will be at the end of the SPSH - Friday September 30th. Still lots of time to join in 👍

Wednesday, July 06, 2022



Important phrases we all need to be willing to learn & use as we grow in our own wisdom:

1. In light of the new information, I have changed my mind.

2. Oh I did not know that before, I guess I was wrong.

3. From the evidence provided, I need to re-think my opinon.

4. I never thought of it that way.

5. I can no longer support my own opinion, I do not know why I thought that way.

6. You make a strong argument, I need to consider this new information.

Monday, July 04, 2022

Me On A Monday - July 4th

Good Morning.  Canada Day was celebrated quietly by us, although there was lots of firework displays all around us.  The Best & longest (& safest) was put on by the Halton Hills Fire Department at Fairy Lake.  The fireworks were let off over the lake which doubled the spectacular display - the lake reflected the fireworks.

From The F/B Community Group Page

Currently Crafting: I have made & delivered half of the 56 cards needed for my "project" of sending some happy mail to seniors living in a long term care residence in our community. I used the same outside greeting, A Cheery Hello To You, as well as the same inside greeting, Thought You Could Use Some Sunshine Today,  but changed up the papers & card base colours so that each card is just a little different from each other.  I did have one card that I had to make in French as the resident is reverting to her first language & isn't remembering any of her English. Thankfully I create within a supportive group of stampers, so I was able to get hold of the same greetings in French.

Next up in crafting is my Christmas card creations in two July sessions - my intention is to get all my Christmas cards done in these two sessions, or at least a good lot of them.

Currently In The Garden:  for the first time in what seems like forever, my climbing rose has produced more than one flower bud.  A total of 4.  I also discovered that horrible nasty, but beautiful, Japanese Beetle on  my David Austin rose ... out came the Safer's Insecticidal soap, gone are the beetles.

Currently Reading: a book about Ikigai, The Japanese Secret To A Long & Happy Life. I'm also reading Joshua Becker's book, Things That Matter.  Both, IMO, are a little dry.

Currently Signed Up: for an online workshop mid July,  on The Secret Language of Flowers. It will talk about how the Victorians used flowers to send declarations of love & other messages.

Currently SPSH - don't forget that next Monday, July 13th is our first link in for the 2022 SPSH. 

And I will leave you with this thought ... that those seemingly random encounters are really not so random as we think.

From The F/B Community Group page