Wednesday, July 28, 2021



Too Often We Pay The Doctor 

To Make Us Better


Maybe We Really Should Be 

Paying The Farmer

To Keep Us Healthy.

Which pairs very nicely with:

Let Food Be Thy Medicine,

Let Thou Medicine Be Thy Food

attributed to Hippocrates 

these quotes come from my own searching & attempting at better, sensible eating, aka dieting.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Me On A Monday - July 26th

If roses are the queen of the summer garden, then surely the day lily is the duchess of the garden.  Day lily aka Hemerocallis, beautiful for a day.

Please enjoy the beauty of the day in my many day lilies.

miniature flowers

New To Me This Year & A Current Favourite

mostly hidden by the overgrowth of the cone flowers


Wednesday, July 21, 2021



    Tension is who you think you should be,

            Relaxation is who you are.

                                                 ... Chinese Proverb

I got this quote from Deb My Yoga Friend

Monday, July 19, 2021

Me On A Mondy - July 19th

Good Morning One & All.  

Currently SPSH: when I was reviewing the list, I saw Marie Kondo moment (or not); which had me looking at my previous attempts, especially the t-shirt rolling to tidy up the drawer.  Instead, I ended up pulling out everything from my closet, sorting & thinning out.  Two large bags later, ready for donations, I feel I have achieved my Marie Kondo moment again.  All the blouses are lined up in colour  with sub sorting of solid or print & sleeve length.  I still have to re-tackle the rolls of t-shirts which have seemed to collapsed within the drawer into one big pile of material!  I am sure that Ms Kondo would be asking me if I really need all those white blouses ... I'll say no more for now & yes I took photos.

Currently Reading:  I just finished The Good Sister.  Oh my, I will never complain about my sisters again after reading this.  Well written but in the end as things were revealed it made me so beyond sad, it made me angry, so I'm not going to say I enjoyed the book.  Also the author gave some background as to what inspired her to write the book ... she needs to start working with a therapist for her two daughter's relationship, IMO.  I also read Jennifer Weiner's latest, That Summer.  That's now two books I've read of Jennifer's & I don't think we will be getting together on any more; her books are not my type of a good read. I do find her to be hilarious in interviews & enjoy those chats but I have not had any warm fuzzies after reading two of her books.

Currently Watching:  we are very excited that Unforgotten's latest series is now playing on PBS, a channel we get & I almost got caught out missing the first episode.  Thank goodness for repeat of Sunday PBS shows on the following Wednesday.  

We got Manhunt, starring Martin Clunes on DVD from the library.  We enjoyed this & it's based on a true story of a murder in England in 2004 which in solving that particular crime went on to solve two other murders & an attempted murder by the same man.  In the extras on the DVD the producer said that the show when shown in Britain in 2018 brought several other victims forward.  It was refreshing to see Martin in a serious role. We have enjoyed many of Martin's specials.  I know he's a favourite for many in Doc Martin.  This is not a show we enjoy, neither Mr Man or I like the supporting characters & usually if we don't like the friends, we don't like the show.  On request we have Martin Clunes & The Australian Islands.

Currently Cleaning: we have a large indoor/outdoor carpet on the patio, which helps to define the sitting area.  This week we noticed that with all the rain & overcast days, there's a green mould developing on two corners that don't get a lot of what sunshine there is.  Etch!!  We sprayed with white vinegar to kill the mould & now we will have to power wash to clean.  We have to be very careful when spraying the vinegar that we don't walk on the carpet & then walk on the grass; made that mistake last year & we had several foot prints of dead grass & clover.  We power wash on the driveway so no plants or grass are harmed.

Currently In The Shopping Basket: nothing other than food & boy did I get a shock on the prices increasing at an alarming rate.  Mr Man enjoys bacon & I get him an easy to prepare pre-cooked, salt reduced no name brand, which the last time I bought in May was $4.49. I went to order for this week & it was now $7.49!  It is not in the basket this week.  Are you noticing a significant rise in food prices?

 ... and I'll leave you with this thought .... all my passwords are protected by amnesia.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021




It's How Knowledge Is

Installed Into Our


Monday, July 12, 2021

Me On A Monday - July 12th


Good Morning.  The weekend was a mix of weather, Saturday was a beautiful summer day - thank you Mother Nature.  Sunday was damp, overcast. We have a rain forecast for the next 4 days!  

Currently Crafting:  using up some of my paper stash; getting out some of my Christmas stamps & using some new to me dies of stitched flowers, all to make a page about summer in my garden.  The Christmas stamp set had the phrase "It's the best time of the year" which can be for anything really. The circle journal spot was accented with orange flowers, I am not a fan of the colour orange, so I covered over with shades of pink since the co-coordinating paper had lots of pink & yellow flowers on it.

Currently On Track: to keep myself on track with meal planning, I pulled out two pads that make it fun, pretty & easy to plan.

Currently Re-Reading: Louise Penny's last book, "The Devils Are All Here".  It's the paperback version which I got to make up some numbers in Mr Man's most recent Amazon order.  I was quite pleased that the paperback version has a few pages from her latest book, due to be released August 24th, "The Madness of Crowds".  The title certainly fits for the current world situation. 

Currently In The Shopping Basket:  When all stores could re-open a few weeks back, one of the first stores I visited in person was a dollar type store (pound shop).  They have a two aisle area for scrap booking & sometimes there are some good deals.  I found several packages of pandemic related stickers! Score for the Pandemic Scrapbook.

Currently Watching: we loaded up on some library DVDs. A new to us series, Brokenwood, a most delightful police drama from New Zealand.  Mr Man & I are both smitten with the characters & the landscape & very glad there are 6 seasons to enjoy. I highly recommend this series.  The fictional town of Brokenwood is filmed in Warkworth near Auckland.  One of the episodes is about wine growing in New Zealand & the featured medal winning wine was a chardonnay, so for the next series we have ordered ourselves a bottle of a "cheeky" chardonnay from New Zealand's (note; OM goodness are New Zealand wines ever expensive! - it better be out of this world delicious at these prices). Not sure what foods to serve while we watch, while Mr Man enjoys lamb, I do not.  I wonder if a kiwi pavlova would suffice or maybe a kiwi burger (yes it's a thing)?

We also got the first series of Land Girls; we are not so smitten.  The story of Land Girls intrigued me after one of the Foyle's War episodes.  I don't think this series will satisfy the itch for knowledge.  

We also got series 5 of Line of Duty ... this series just keeps building on greatness.  I knew Gill was bad news!  I still think Hastings is hiding more than naughty girly films on his computer!

 Currently Sports Watching:  IMO, when the national anthem for both countries are being played, I thought it rather un-sportsmen like & quite rude, as the host country, to boo another team's national anthem. 

... and life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021




Is The Shock Absorber 

That Eases the Blows Of 


Monday, July 05, 2021

Me On Monday - July 5th


 Good Morning, I hope & trust that everyone had a great weekend.  I am pool/house sitting again, so I spent a lot of time over the holiday weekend in the pool. And since I can get great WIFI connections, I'll be doing some zoom meetings this week pool side 😍

The latest garden performances are by the clematis & 6 of the 7  are making appearances centre stage.  The white clematis are rather shy & their blooms are seemingly still the understudies to the purples & pinks.


I am reading "Life's Too Short" & "Home Stretch".  Neither are grabbing me just yet.  I'm only about 25-30 pages into both but I think I know how each one will end. 😞

No current DVD's checked out from the library, waiting my turn on Foyle's War Series 5 & Line of Duty Series 5.

I did a lot of meal planning for the week; returning to a few favourites from the early days of pandemic recipe shares.  I don't know about you, but when I take the time to meal plan, I find that I spend less on shopping & have less waste at the end of the week.  One of the meals this week will be sausage & fries for Mr Man & fish & fries for me.  I don't eat a lot of fish but I've had a craving lately for fish'n chips.  It took a lot of label reading online to find haddock fish that was actually haddock fish.  SO many of the products were fish pollock.  Apparently pollocks are also often substituted for crab meat.  Anyway I'm looking forward to my home version of fish'n & chips. 

Hope everyone has a good week, we in Ontario have been advised that the heat dome from out west last week is arriving here on Monday; forecasted temperatures to hit 40+ (c)!  Thank goodness for that friend's pool!

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Canada Day



Written By Cowessess First Nation Chief Cadmus Delorme:

"I would never tell somebody what to and what not to celebrate. You know, in 2021, we all inherited this. Nobody today created residential schools. Nobody today created the Indian Act. Nobody today created the Sixties Scoop. But we all inherited this. And if we want to say we're proud Canadians, then we will accept the beautiful country we have today, and we will accept what we all inherited. And what I would challenge is: Everybody on Canada Day in this country, if you say you're a proud Canadian, read the Truth and Reconciliation 'Calls to Action.' Over 100,000 residential school survivors told their story - including my parents - and they created the Truth and Reconciliation 'Calls to Action.' Bring that into your personal life, your social life, your business life. And read the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls 'Calls to Action.' There's 231 Calls to Action. If we can all own those a little bit in this country, in one generation we would overcome so many challenges today, that our next generation won't inherit this. We will make them more as Dreamers."

Written by Tom Frazer, Mohawk of the Six Nations:

"Bow your head in sadness, not shame. You didn’t write the laws that made these places. You didn’t run the churches that made these decisions. Your (mine too) government did. Old dead prime ministers did. Old dead popes, priests preachers and nuns did.

The country we live in was founded in exploitation, murder, genocide and thievery. But EVERY country in the world is. You didn’t know about these children because the government didn’t want you to know. I’m a conservative minded person, but thank god for liberals."

From The Internet - Indigenous Canada Flag