Friday, September 30, 2022

SPSH - The Final Link In, The Wrap Up, The End

 Thank you to all that stuck with the list for the 2022 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Link in with:

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Ruth - This West London Life

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I must admit it was a real challenge for me this year.  We did not get out & about as much as I had hoped we would have, so most of my finds had to be very close to home, which in turn, kind of dulled my enthusiasm for the search.

So without further excuse, my final entries:

#4 Faceless Selfie: Me & Smoke just chilling at home. What's more me than cats & horses ...

#5 Something That Looks Like a Letter or Number: the letter j which is really a lucky happenstance - the bird feeder shepherd's hook lying on the ground as we change location of the feeder.

 #7 A Leaf Vein:

#10 OMG The Shoes:  These are all mine at the patio door! Yikes time for a tidy up - summer shoes go away & the boots come out.

 #15 Wind Power: To get any sound out of the chimes, the wind must be blowing & in this location, the wind must really be blowing. Next year we'll find a spot where the tail of the chimes doesn't get caught in a plant, which silences the chimes.

#16 Oh So Colourful: The peonies at Terry Fox Park - a beautiful find of a park when visiting another eye clinic for Mr Man.

 #18 In The Distance: the woods at the back of my friend's pool - this is still her property, it ends up at the river, just out of sight.

#20 You Grew It/Made It:  A card I made for my best friend's birthday in October. The butterfly is outlined in a white glitter & the body is 3 clear jewels.

#21 Invokes A Childhood Memory: This jade horse was in my step-mother's home for many years & when my Dad passed away, she gave it to me. I remember making up stories about this wild beast, that I could tame & ride.  It's about 8" high.

Alt A:  Recent Purchase: yes it's my new toilet in the upgraded ensuite bathroom, sitting on the new Plan C floor of the ensuite bathroom. It's really not that closed in ...

Alt C: Free Choice.  I met with one of my good friends that moved away last year, in this new to me park, yesterday, which is almost half way for her. It will be a definite return visit for me with Mr Man in tow.


Well that's a wrap & thank you again for playing along.  Who knows maybe with a winter break I'll come up with a new 2023 list for the SPSH.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022



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You cannot get mad at people around you sucking the life out of you, if you keep handing them a straw.

                    ... Grown Up Dish

Monday, September 26, 2022

Me On A Monday - September 26th


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Currently - Heroes: this week two of my heroes are Hilary Fordwich & Daisy Cousens.  I like for different reasons ... Ladies, thank you for talking sense.

Currently - Reading: I've gone through several books of late, none that make me want to stand up & shout "you must read this".  I've read: Your Pelvic Floor Health, Should I Stay A Christain (this for an online workshop); more of the Doctor Ruth Galloway series; Lessons in Chemistry ( liked this one); 

Currently - Shedding: I use to tape & watch after work a Canadian women's talk show.  After countless moments of being annoyed beyond comfort, I've decided that my power was in the ability to stop recording, stop watching, stop reading their Insta posts ... I've shed what seems like too much time invested in being outraged (which by the way I think is their aim). I must say the calm is SO empowering.  

Currently - Baffled: by my own SPSH list.  This Friday the 30th is the final check in.  I think I'm going to be shedding scavenger searches.

Currently - Evaluating: my plant successes for 2022.  I did not do as many annual pots as I have in years before.  The cost of annuals this year was rather daunting to my planting wants ...

Extra White Impatients

There were two rain barrels like this

My Favourites 2022

There were some epic failures too. There were two pots of New Guinea impatiens.  Both died off late July - they were fine until one afternoon they both just collapsed. 


The white & pink impatiens I purchased from Costco.  The other plants that I bought from the nursery were utter failures.  I was very disappointed in this year's blue & white lobelia in the water pump barrel - the entire planting died off in July. The same planting the year before was fantastic.  That's gardening!  I try not to take it personally.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022



You cannot see your reflection in boiling water.  

Similarly you cannot see the truth in a state of anger.

When the  waters calm, the clarity comes.


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Me On A Monday - But It Is A Tuesday September 20th


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Good Morning.  I hope all is well in your corner of the world. What an emotional day yesterday - beautifully done, Her Majesty would have been proud.

Over the last few weeks, I've read on a number of blogs, people are feeling that September, or Autumn, is a time of change in their personal lives ... a new year of sorts.  

This week I listened to this uTube video from Joshua Becker:  Change Your Life.  It is a similar message from a post I wrote several weeks ago ... nothing changes if nothing changes or as Joshua says, Change Your Life To Change Your Life.   

When I announced one morning at breakfast to Mr Man, the statement of nothing changes if nothing changes, it opened up several larger & ongoing conversations.  At first Mr Man did not understand, but after talking about it, I think, I hope, Mr Man now "gets it".  

For me, September has always been the start of something new. Usually it was school either as a student or as an instructor,  but mostly September has & continues to trigger other changes or new starts, and in some cases a returning to.  I feel that vibe of a new year.  Several companies I have worked with have had their new financial years begin in September.  

This September I've got not only that vibe of new, but a vibe of not fitting into my life, much the way we feel after a holiday of indulges, when we don't fit into those favourite jeans afterwards.  To get back to that fit, we have to shed a few pounds. That's how I feel in the middle of September 2022, I need to shed a few things.  

On my blog & on others, we have talked about shedding or dealing with those life annoyances that crop up, the silent (nagging) to do lists.  Normally I love lists, but when I see my list of life annoyances and/or silent to dos creeping in more & more, I know, I feel it is time for a change.  Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

I've got my big flip chart out where I am making a list of things to keep or things to shed, new habits that need developing or revisiting, lists of I would like to, lists of I am tired of this ... the pros & the cons.  I am sure that there are even nations going through this type of evaluation right now, but that's a topic for another day.

Are you going through any shifts, feelings or mindset changes this September?  Any tips or wisdom to share?

So now my big decision is, scented markers or regular but I'll leave you with this thought ... life has no remote, if you want to change the channel, you will have to get up & do it yourself.  

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Monday, September 19, 2022

Me On A Monday - September 19th


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 Today I am, via television coverage, attending the funeral of our Queen.  I'll be back tomorrow with a regular type of blog post.


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I've read that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will lead The Queen’s funeral procession in London on Monday.  Queen Elizabeth as our Queen, was also the Commissioner-in-Chief of the RCMP.


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Wednesday, September 14, 2022



Diamonds are created under immense pressure.

Bread dough rises when you let it rest.

The same boiling water will soften the potato but harden the egg.

Just remember what may motive you, may be the element that crushes someone else. Be kind.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Me On A Monday - September 12th

Good Morning.  For me, it has been a very emotional weekend watching coverage of The Queen's death & all the protocols for the change to King Charles III.  

For me, one of the emotional moments was watching as The Queen's coffin was moved into The Palace of Holyroodhouse & The Princess Royal's deep curtesy.  So much of that said, reverence, duty, respect, & love.  I cannot imagine having to deal with a public display of protocols & legal requirements while trying to mourn the passing of a much loved Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother.

I was most pleasantly surprised by the number of my friends that checked in with me, knowing what a Royalist I am.  The Monarchy & Coronation Street are/were two things I was raised with. Not a republican amongst us. 

For the last two weeks we were working at home tending to our ensuite bathroom reno which finally started with the removal of an old shower stall & the building of a tiled shower stall.  Thankfully we have another full bathroom so no one went unwashed for 2 weeks.

I had picked a tile over a year ago when the project was suppose to begin, but when this contractor, not the original one, went to get the tile, he was told "out of stock, no delivery date"  so I had to rush out & pick another one rather quickly so as not to delay the progress being made.  When I went into the ceramic tile store, I said show me only those that are in stock; white background with some grey in it. Saved time walking through aisles of tiles that weren't going to be appropriate but still there were so many choices.  I think if the contractor had shown up with this 2nd picked tile neither Mr Man or myself would have known, it is so similar to the original.  I am very happy with the choice.

A little hiccup in getting a shower stall door - I absolutely did not want a clear one, which apparently is all the rage! But in the end, the contractor found a frosted door.  

The next hiccup or curse as Mr Man puts it, was the flooring, we had a one piece of vinyl flooring but this contractor did not know how to install & the company we bought it from didn't have any sub-contractors that could either.  Original contractor was an expert in this type of flooring that's why we went with it. So on Friday we picked a new type & style of flooring.  It will be 2 weeks before that gets delivered & installed.  The cats have been very stressed by a stranger in the house & one that made a lot of noise.

Mr Man was the first to have a shower in the new tiled shower stall on the weekend - it was his birthday after all.  

I'll see you Wednesday for some Wisdom.  

Friday, September 09, 2022

A Moment

  Queen Elizabeth II

April 1926 - September 2022

70 Years of Service - Thank You.

From The Internet:  Riding Burmese in Trooping The Colour

My Heart Is Heavy.

Long Live The King.




Wednesday, September 07, 2022




Love has four letters, so does hate

Friends has seven letters, so does enemies 

Truth has five letters, so does lying

Positive has eight letters, so does negative

Above has five letters, so does under

Joy has three letters, so does cry

Happy has five letters, so does anger

Heal has four letters, so does hurt

Right has five letters, so does wrong

What does this all mean?  It means life has a double edged sword & we can choose which side of the sword we want to use.

                            ... LifeLearnedFeelings

Note: this quote actually starts with the negative side of all these words, but I decided to begin with the positive.

Monday, September 05, 2022

Me On A Monday & SPSH

 Good Morning, I trust everyone is well.  It's a holiday here in Canada - Labour Day.  The day before the kids return to school & many return to office life.  

We are winding down to the home stretch of the 2022 SPSH.  How are you doing with the list?  I must admit not venturing too far a field this year,  there's a few that still have me stumped, but I thought I would share  what I have found before the next & last check in on September 30th.

#6 A Corner - this is my friend's clematis, but she's been training it to spread out from the corner in two directions.  Such a pretty example of a well trained Ville de Lyon clematis

#22 Add 1-2 To Change The Taste - one of my favourite summer drinks to sip on & I believe it is called an Arnold Palmer ... 1/2 ice tea, 1/2 lemonade 

#6 Sipping On - the Arnold Palmer!

 #12 Fuzzy Wuzzy Texture.  Two entries for this one as one lead to the other (1) The Globe Thistle bloom is spiky at first but then gets all fuzzy soft, the bees like the spiky & the fuzzy versions. This bee was very busy on the Globe Thistle & the Purple Cornflowers. He/she was very fuzzy with all the pollen collected.

#13 All Gone - the flowers on the hosta, all done which is sad because the bees & hummingbirds love! 

#19 Culture, Yours Or Another - Chapman's Ice Cream and frozen treats, is an all Canadian (Markdale, Ontario) family owned company & it seems that my little chippie friend approves of my choice. Dave & Penny Chapman started the company in 1973 & still come in to work every day. During the initial COVID vaccine roll out Chapman's allowed the province to use their large freezers to store the vaccine as they had the space & the capability of getting the freezers at the correct storage temperatures.  All at no charge! Chapmans are known to be good employers & they contribute much back to the local communities.  Oh, and we use the empty containers to measure out the day's peanut & sunflower allotment to the chipmunks. 

And that is a wrap for now  👩