Wednesday, June 28, 2023



What gives a person a sense of power ...

Money  👍

Status 👍

Growing A Tomato 👍👍👍👍👍

Monday, June 26, 2023

Me On A Monday - June 26th

 Good Morning. I trust everyone was able to stay dry & cool over the weekend.  We had our first "funnel cloud" warning over the weekend, which wasn't a full on tornado watch or warning, but funnel clouds can still wreck havoc with the winds.  Thankfully we only got to witness the storm as it moved north of us. We really need the rains from these storms

Currently Reading: Hotel On  The Corner of Bitter & Sweet, by James Ford.  From the inside flap of the book; This novel is set during one of the most conflicted & volatile times in American history; it is an extraordinary story of commitment & enduring hope.  Characters Henry & Keiko are an unforgettable duo whose story teaches us of the power of forgiveness & the human heart.  The story moves back &  forth between 1942 & 1986. 

Henry & Keiko, are 2nd generation children living in California at the time of the US joining (1942) into WWII, just after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. At the time the US imprisoned thousands of their Japanese(American) citizens into camps, in fear of them performing acts of treason. On the the saddest parts for me, was reading about how the Japanese families were burning all their old family photos & memorabilia to distant themselves from their origins, to demonstrate that they were American. 

I am also reading The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin, (thanks Karen for the referral). This is an easy read & it talks about creativity as a gift, one that we can either accept or not.  One of the lines in the book mentions that we should adopt the belief that The Universe is on our side.  It also talks about how The Universe is constantly creating & sends inspiration to us all the time, we just have to (1) be aware (2) accepting.  If we choose not to accept the idea, The Universe will move on & find someone who is willing to accept & do the work necessary to bring the idea to being.  How many times have we seen our idea "stolen" by someone else. The Universe gave us the chance but we did nothing with the inspiration. This book is not just for those that are artists that paint, or sculpt, but that all of us are a form of being creative in cooking, keeping house, coding a new software program or repairing one.  All of life is an expression of creativity.


So I hope you all get the chance to pull out your life crayons & make some colourful life art today, me I'll be "colouring" in my garden.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Wisdom - Photos In The Garden

 Yes there be photos!  And while I can - photo heavy.  There is definitely Wisdom to learn from nature.




White Poppies

Pink Poppies

Red Poppies

I go to nature to restore my self & I defrag, clear the cash & up date drivers to "fix" my photo in Blogger. 

Monday, June 19, 2023


Blogger does not play nicely with others.  In a time out.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023



Remember the moment you take your first step into the life of your dreams, the first to greet you will be fear. 

Just nod & keeping on walking. 

                ... Brianna West

Monday, June 12, 2023

Me On A Monday - June 12th

Good Morning.  I trust that everyone has survived the weekend of weather & politics.

We had a little rain on Friday which helped a lot with the smoke from the Northern Ontario & Quebec wildfires.  For the first part of the week, we couldn't be outside for more than 5 minutes before our eyes started to water. There was such a smoke haze about, which put an end to our outdoor plans for our anniversary celebrations.  We went with plan F & I'll keep the surprise outing to another time for us.  By Friday I was feeling a bit cranky not being able to be outside in my garden at all.  Thankful that those wildfires are somewhat under control.  Sad to say that wildfires in British Columbia, our most western province, are spreading.  If ever there was a stare in the face reminder about climate change, this is it. I'll say no more.

Blogger has been playing up again for me.  There's no help online or from the actual Blogger group (none that I could find anyway).  I've read a few online suggestions from other Blogger users.  I know that it is a real hit & miss for users, some experience no problems while many face nothing but problems.  It has me thinking about where & what I want to do about my own blog space.  It's been 8 years of blogging for me this month.  Is it time to move to a new platform?  Do I want to learn another platform? Stick it out with Blogger? Stop blogging or just work around the bad moods of Blogger?  It really is a More or Less question.

I have tried to load photos repeatedly but Blogger will have none of it.  I was hoping to share the glorious blooms of my many iris plants; whites; wine; purple, yellow with purple & a return of my peach iris.  Herbaceous peonies are starting to bloom, as are the two Mock Orange shrubs that I have ... oh the scent is light but sweet.  I stand for several minutes at each shrub deep breathing in their fragrance.  The poppies are popping & my roses have buds of promise.  It's a glorious time & I wish I could share it with all of you.

Not a lot on for this week.  Meal planning is done, grocery order placed for pick up later today. It is the time of year when we move into fresh produce & salads.  We are waiting to hear back from the eye surgeon's office on a next eye stint surgery at the end of July.  

I'll leave you with this thought about one of my own family battles  ...  clothes too dirty for the closet, but too clean for the laundry ... welcome to the chair!

Wednesday, June 07, 2023



The six best doctors; sunshine, fresh air, water, diet, movement, & rest.

                            ... Wayne Fields

and I'll add two more to this list; laughter & love.

Monday, June 05, 2023

Me On Monday - June 5th

 Well hello & welcome to the patio.  It's been a few hot & humid days but thankfully we have seen a return to normal June temperatures.  I am hoping for rain soon, although not on Wednesday. Things on the patio are blooming in glorious scented joy!  

My blogging companion says hello.

Currently Reading: some of my own books as I wait for a number of books to come from the library.  I decided to start re-reading my collection Louise Penny books. I always enjoy a visit to Three Pines.

Currently Mr Man's Eyes:  I am happy to report that we have had a stable 10 days.   We are hoping that at this week's follow up appointment, that Mr Man will get the go ahead to have his prescription for new glasses done. 

Currently Reviewing:  I am taking a look at how I did with the 100 Day Project , which finished up on June 1st.  I cannot say that I was on target, but still I got some crafting done.  I continue on with trying to work through many of the Paper Pumpkin card kits I have.  I stopped the subscription a few months ago. I sent out about 12 just because cards in April & May.  I did get my garden album current & I have only 1 double spread layout that is waiting for the finishing touches of punched out & die cut flowers.  To re-create a scrap lift, I'm going to need about 25-30 flowers.  I also starting using my page templates & pulled out a few sketches.  My day to day album is also caught up, with only needing 1 journal card for May still to print off, which I'll do when finished writing this post.  

Hello Tulips Page Layout

I'm also reviewing my progress with my OLW for 2023. Not sure how much I've posted about my OLW (one little word) for 2023. It's not just a word, it's mindset phrase; More Or Less. (thank you Joshua Becker for the inspiration on this phrase.  I am working with this thought as to what I want more of or less of.  I figured this phrase could be included in my plans for de-cluttering, dieting as in loosing that Covid 19lbs that is lingering on, along with getting some projects done both of the crafting & garden kind.  I would say that so far, it has been fairly easy to keep this OLW in my thinking & planning & I would say that January - May I am successful in working with More or Less. I did a major de-cluttering of my garden & our garden shed. Many items were either donated to the church garage sale or went to the recycle centre.  I am really enjoying some empty space in the garden, & many of my perennial plants are filling in, they seem to be enjoying the space.  I'm also using the phrase as Mr Man & I re-engage with life off the patio.  Of course we both definitely want less of eye emergencies.  

Currently Celebrating: this week it is our wedding anniversary & I have a surprise adventure planned for Mr Man & I.  In spite of my overall dislike of driving, I have found a new to us garden, farm shop location that has an outdoor porch/patio that serves lunches from most of their own products. Pricing is reasonable & according to Google Maps, only a 25 minute drive & on paved country roads.  I'm ignoring the fact they have a butcher's shop as part of the business.  Thankfully their patio menu options have some vegetarian options for me, Mr Man will certainly be enjoying either their roast beef on sourdough or pastrami on rye.  Everyone is happy. 

My hope this week for everyone is that life sends you lots of those ever so sweet little pleasures.