Monday, March 30, 2020

Me On A Monday - March 30th

Good Morning.  In Ontario, we begin week 3 of social distancing/self isolation, for Mr Man & me it's week 4.  I am not going to sugar coat - it's been tough, even for an introvert.  I just wish they would tell us if the curve of infection/spread is being flattened.  I get why they don't, people would take this as a message, OK, time to go out.  They tell use we have at least another 3-4 weeks of being home.
The Corn Stubble - Some of It is Flatten
Currently enjoying a friend's plans for her husband's birthday this Wednesday; she is having all of us make videos & sending, of our hand washing while singing happy birthday ... what a fun way to ensure "I" is not feeling the lack of attention on his birthday.  I cannot wait to see everyone's video.  We have one in our group that is competitive, oh so competitive, so she'll have quite the production set up.  Like so many things, celebrations in person are being postponed until August or September.

Currently enjoying participating in the kid's community scavenger hunts, twice a week.  Last Friday it was teddy bears that were needed in the window.  Our community F/B page, posts what dates the walks are scheduled & what the kids are looking for.  I was able to get my 4 bears dressed & in the window by 8am on Friday.

Currently clapping at 7:30pm every night to show our local nurses, doctors & front line responders how much we appreciate them.  Across the street from us is a nurse, so when's she has her shade down, I know she's sleeping, so I clap softly so as not to disturb; she needs her rest.   It's them, our help care workers we are celebrating rather than the celebrities ... hope we learn from this.

Currently sick of cooking - being house bound, meals have taken on a whole new level of importance.  When this is over, I want Mr Man to take me out for dinner every night for at least a week.
Currently enjoying the wild life in my back garden.  I anticipate that the Red Wing Blackbirds will be back any day now.  I have a bunny that is coming daily about 4-5am for a nibble on my rising tulips - naughty bunny!

I'll leave you with the reminder, stay home and don't think of it as stuck at home, but safe at home.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wisdom Wednesday #4

Don't forget that every few days you should try on your jeans, just to make sure they still fit.  Pajamas will have you believe that all is well in the kingdom.

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Me On A Monday - March 23rd

Good morning all.  Not a lot going on in my life as we continue with social distancing/self isolation.

A Sign I Made A Couple Of Years Ago - Hangs In Our Kitchen
Spring arrived on Thursday night at 11:49pm so I was not able to get out to welcome her until Friday morning.  Other than my beloved chipmunks (so far only two have ventured out of their hiddy holes), there's not much happening in the garden.  But nature is like that, so much unseen work going on & then it springs forward or up.   There is definitely a different key the birds are singing in.  I'm holding on to my belief that this Spring of 2020 will be one of renewal.

While staying home I have found a few things to Nourish myself.  I have returned to wearing perfume every day.  In the last few years I have observed the request of being scent free & I totally get why that is necessary.  Scents can trigger memories and/or, can cause headaches & migraines.  But now it's just me & Mr Man & he's mostly in his office, so I give myself a little light squirt in the morning.  My favourite right now is Chanel 19.

Of course I am finding it is important to keep to routine as much as possible.  I make sure I am not languishing  in my pajamas all day.  I'm not doing the full dress as if I was going out in public, I'm leaving the bra out of my dress code & you know that not only feels a little bit naughty, it feels very freeing.  

"True friends are like a bra, close to your heart & there to support you."


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday's Wisdom #3

An Older Photo of Mine

Listen & Silent 

are spelled with the same letters.

Think about it ...

Monday, March 16, 2020

Me On Monday - March 16th

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Good Morning Everyone.  I do hope everyone is well.

Currently Reading:  Just finished reading My Oxford Year, a recommendation from Ruth (thank you).  It's an easy & enjoyable read, & it has me now wanting to read Middlemarch, which will fulfill the 2020 Reading Challenge of reading a classic you have missed from school.  I cannot get at the moment as the library is closed until April 6th.

Currently Crafting:  I made some cards & I'm working on a scrapbook double page spread to record this pandemic of COVID-19.  I've had this sheet of a world map for a few years, now I have a perfect use for it.  I've downloaded some stats from Health Canada to include in the journaling part.

Some of my cards:
It's Pink - so my favourite
I will be stamping the sentiment in the white circle; maybe Thanks maybe Happy Birthday
Needs something in the middle of the circle

Not sure, but I think the die cut of Celebrate down the red

Currently Watching:  way too much TV, but with all this social distancing being encouraged, there's only so much spring cleaning, crafting or reading you can do or want to do. I am breaking out all of my Downton Abby series 1-6, then The Forsyte Saga, Series 1 & 2. There's also several museums offering free virtual tours, so I may go traveling this way.

Currently Wondering:  if after all this social distancing, cancellation of trips, events & encouragement to be home, will there be a spike in the birth rate in 9 months?  Cornials?

Currently Very Proud:  that a Canadian team of medical researchers have isolated the Corniavirus-COVID19 virus.  This is huge. You can read more here:  CTV   There's also a team at the University of Saskatchewan working & gaining success on creating a vaccine.  The researchers that had success in isolating the actual COVID-19 virus had a team member that worked on the Coronavirus-MERS, so lots of experience.  The team is saying one thing they have learned about COVID-19, is that it's a sticky virus.  

Currently  Hoping:  The three weeks of recommended/encouraged social distancing will help "flatten the curve" of infection.  I think this S/D will impact the last of my WPSH finds, I may have to get really creative at home to find.  How are you doing with your WPSH finds?  

Stay healthy my friends, stay 1.3 meters away from people.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Crafting In The Social Distancing Times

What's a girl to do when so many group activities are cancelled & we are being told to social distance ourselves.  Well there's a huge stash of scrapping supplies at home, so it's get busy & craft

The Movie Night two page spread is from a kit.  I am not happy with the drink (pop) die cut - thankfully I have not glued down, so easy to remove, save for another project & use the space for more photos.

The Every Moment Is  Worth Remembering layout was a make & take from years ago & I've lost the "n" for moment; none of my dies are the same size so I may have to remake the whole word.

The coffee cups is from a recent scraplift - I saw the original on a F/B post.  It was a eureka moment when I saw the original - I have that paper, never knew what I would do with it.  Now it's out of the stash & waiting for the photos to be printed.  The coloured coffee cups are individually fussy cut out of the paper.  I'm using this layout to record my regular meet up with a friend at her favourite coffee house (I get tea).  Right now the photo matte & accent coffee cup are loose, so I may replace that coffee cup with a tea cup.

It was wonderful to take time away from the news & the house keeping have to's to be creative.  I feel really re-charged. I highly recommend crafting to blow away the winter blahs.