Friday, February 28, 2020

WPSH - 3rd Link In

WPSH Third Link In

In case you have missed it, Eileen at A Bracelet of Days is hosting the 2019/2020 Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt, (WPSH). Eileen will be hosting a link up at the end of each month so you can share your finds.  I'm posting today, even  though month end is Saturday February 29th, as I mostly stay off social media on the weekends.

Here are my 3rd batch of finds:

#5 A Garden Gate - our gate

#9 Solitary - the lone plant in my house because my cats eat plants & then throw up.   This is a jade plant which I received as part of a new growth workshop. The leader of the workshop clipped pieces from her plant, which is 19 years old & approximately 4 foot high & 2 foot across.  Fingers crossed this little slip will develop.  I have a larger clear glass vase I place it in, for its own protection.  I chose the tea cup with tartan pattern to honour Mr Man's Scottish heritage.

#15 Letters - from a "found" package of letters in my scrapping stash. These are thick cardboard.  I think I originally bought & used some of the letters for an Autumn layout.

Alt A - Chess - pieces I made for Mr Man, when I was doing ceramics.  He is making his own chess board, one day ...

Next Month's link in, March 31st,  will be the end of the Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt, so still time to find things on the list.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Me On A Monday - February 24th

Good Morning.  I'm not sure about where you are, but as I write this, the sun is shining brightly & I'm enjoying that after several grey days.

Reading:  I just finished Graham Norton's novel "A Keeper", a referral from Lady Ella at The Flowers of Progress.  I quite enjoyed this read & often found myself saying things (in my head) with an Irish accent.  I've just started a book called "Her One Mistake".  It's a mystery about the disappearance of a child.

Watching:  we just finished the first season of "The Good Karma Hospital"  We borrowed the DVD from the library & have the second season on request.  Last week we had finished up with "Vera" season 9, another one we borrowed from the library.

Listening:  We attended a performance  "Fantasies & Fables".  It was part of our  OLW Nourishing social activity for February.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday's Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday.  I like pancakes & have put off enjoying in the last month to build up for this Tuesday - delayed gratification.

On Wednesday I will begin a 6 week, ladies only, weekly workshop "Experiencing Easter" hosted by a church & denomination  different than my own.  I know a couple of ladies from this church & they invited me to join them as they knew I was not thrilled with my church's Lent program.  I like having such options.

"every shadow, no matter how deep,  is changed by the light."

Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday, February 10, 2020

Me On A Monday - February 10th

Currently ReadingThe Starless Sea.  Have you ever read a book that you totally devour? For me this book was devouring me.  I really enjoyed this book almost to the half way mark.  Then, it was starting to be like what they warned about us in school, about taking drugs, bad drugs, really bad drugs.  I did finish the book but, it never really went anywhere & the characters just started to be flat & purposeless.  I was SO disappointed because it had a great start.  I am now 3/4 of the way through The Poppy Wife, which has been a very good & even read.

Currently Avoided: the Oscars, not one iota of interest.

Currently Watched: on the movie network, a movie that did not last long at the movie theatres, Last Christmas.  Mr Man & I both liked & said we will buy to add to our ever growing collection of Christmas movies.  It's a really lovely story & I got teary.   I won't say too much because I don't want to give away the plot (which by the way I knew very early on but still delighted me).
Source: Internet
Currently Pet Sitting:  A lady from the barn I rode at, asked me to cat sit her cats for 12 days.  Both the cats are really old & so taking them to a boarding facility would be too much stress.  Her house is in the country & not a lot of neighbours around, so really quiet.  After feeding the precious fur babies, I am using the quiet time there to study.  Win Win.

"In ancient times, cats were worshiped as Gods, they have never forgotten that"

Monday, February 03, 2020

Me On A Monday - February 3rd

If Candlemas Day be fair and bright
Winter will have another fight.
If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain,
Winter will not come again.

Sunday February 2nd was a dual celebration day - Candlemas & Groundhog Day.  Our local rodent prognosticator, Wiarton Willie, did not see his shadow which in lore means an early spring.  Candlemas day was cloudy & wet snow, so winter will not come again!  We can only hope.  Either way it's April in this area before Spring makes an appearance.

Last week I saw a number of blog posts, from those participating in One Little Word; OLW, their update of how they are doing with their word.  I must admit I have not spent a lot of time with my word, Nourish,  to bond - yet.
The album I'm using for OLW
Needing a diversion on Saturday, I spent some time at my craft table making a start on my OLW craft project album.  It also got me thinking a lot more about my word as the January exercises are to find the dictionary meaning of the word, to list what you would like your word to help with, want you more more of in 2020 & would like less of in 2020.  So I got those exercises done. There's a little too much personal stuff on them to share. I did not sign up for Ali Edward's 2020 online workshop for OLW, I am using exercises from the year I did sign up, changing up those that I did not like "that year".  I've got a good blend of challenges,  questions & recaps.
My OLW Title Page

"February arrives cold, wet & grey, her gifts disgusted for only the most discerning spirits to see."  Sarah Ban Breathnach