Monday, November 30, 2015

Me On Monday - November 30th

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This past week & weekend saw most walks outside enjoying the late afternoon sun / a lot of the time in my walks was spent in  reflective thought on how quickly & how much has happened in 2015 / F1's last race of the 2015 season, well done Nico / two (artificial) Christmas trees up, only one decorated / a constant repeating of  "not my circus, not my monkeys" / telephone chat with a friend /  one of the two fur girls is going through a growth spurt which is being accompanied by a naughtiness phrase  / feeling baffled by The  University of Ottawa's decision to cancel a free yoga class because of concerns over cultural appropriation  - cannot use the word Yoga any longer in course description / photos taken Saturday at the Blue Barn Doors fund raiser - photographer was lots of fun & her big dog very friendly, he posed with us, my hair looked good /  new food obsession is garlic bread/toast/rolls - really how much is too much garlic? / watched the 2 hour season ender of Indian Summers, I didn't like where the story went, but I am looking forward to season 2 / pulled out the Christmas movies to start watching along with Christmas CD's for listening / temperatures dropping, still no snow / enjoying the Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship, there's no yelling or berating of bakers, I have my favourite bakers / lots to look forward to this week in a seasonal & social way.

OK Monday, I'm ready,  let's wrap the month up on a good note & begin the next month - December, which is like the clasp on a necklace, where the other months have all been the beads.

This trail reminds me of 2015 winding down, 2016 just around the bend, out of sight

Friday, November 27, 2015

2015 Christmas Manifesto

A Holiday Season Dedicated To Making
The Very Best Memories
With Lots Of Seasonal Sparkle, Music, Love, Movies, Treats & Activities
Of Being Together

To Record Our Christmas Celebrations In The Wonderment Of How Many Different
Ways Each Year We Can Document Our Christmas Preparations & Events
Every Year Has Its Special Moments & Experiences To Capture & Record.
Welcome Christmas 2015

White Amaryllis With Odd Red Streaks

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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This week's Pairs are about trees & what we do with then when they fall:   A Pile Of Wood & A Wood Pile.  

The tree in the field with the pile of broken branches & trunk from another fallen tree, have been left there, the remnants from that horrible damaging ice storm, two years ago this December 22nd.  There was SO much damage to all the wood lots - many people have still not gotten around to cleaning up, the cost of cutting & removing is too much for many to bare.  I am sure this pile has been providing shelter for some field mice, skunks, rabbits along with some food source of insects for the birds.  

A Pile of Wood

This leaf has fallen from its mother and withered. Yet the tree does not mourn the loss. While barren, it stands tall, ready to bear the burden of winter, for it knows that through hardship comes renewal.”  DJ Niko, The Oracle

The Wood Pile is a neighbour's fallen maple from this year.  The tree had been damaged in THAT ice storm, but it seemed to be doing OK until a wind storm this September.  The wind felled the entire tree in one thundering blast.  Luckily no one, nor their house, received any damage.  Now they let the wood cure for next year's fireplace offering.  All things to a purpose under heaven ... or something like that. 

There is a sadness to all this & yet renewal of the existing trees, plus this year they put on quite a beautiful Autumn colour display.

A Neighbour's  Wood Pile

Monday, November 23, 2015

Me On Monday - November 23rd

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This past week & weekend saw me perfecting my latest creation of egg salad sandwiches.  Instead of mayo I am using Renee's Cesar Salad Dressing, a squirt of mustard with horseradish, a bit of green relish & chopped with 2 hard boiled eggs.  I have been using marble rye bread, lightly toasted with lettuce - yummy / we had our first snow fall late Saturday night, pretty but most thankful I was home rather than driving.  Even though we get snow every year & lots of it, people forget how to drive in it /  Santa letters written to moans of "oh do we have to"; seems I'm soon becoming the only believer / Christmas cards have been written & addressed, just ready for December 1st posting /hauled out ALL of my Christmas scrapping stuff - no I don't need another thing; oh I want more, saw several pads of really nice Christmas paper at Michaels, on sale too, 40% off - a deal / a little time  spent in the garden trying to find the colour, it was mostly in the sunsets, so the day ending was giving me a few glorious pink sunsets to be grateful for / tried to convince my two fur girls that wearing a Santa collar would be fun - 1st attempts at Santa photos did not go as planned or well / Mr Man has been away travelling a lot for work through the last few weeks, so nice to have him home for the weekends / throughout my work week I have been writing up procedures for selling & using gift cards at the physio clinic, we have 2 RMTs & during the holidays we prompt massage as a gift / now to train the other two ladies on front desk how to use the correct codes & steps 

Canadian Living Christmas Cookbook

 / Stir Up Sunday, the 22nd, was a lot of fun for myself & Mr Man enjoyed all the bowls & spatulas that needed licking / using my favourite recipes, Christmas cake & treats all baked & in the freezer awaiting gifting / while things were in between being baked, I sorted through my gifting tins - Whoa there were quite a few, another thing I don't need any more of - fill & give is the kitchen motto for Christmas / for scrapping Christmas; Take This (ie empty tins, gift bags) & Turn It Into This; (ie filled bags & tins) / I could also do this with all my Christmas linens - a photo of them in the cupboard & then photos of them on the tables ... yeah I think I've found myself a theme! /finished watching an introduction TV special on Canada's new Defense Minister; I was suitably impressed.

Well Monday, let's do this dance again.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Favourites of Christmas

Attempts At Pinterest Christmas Crafting

I am answering Ruth's questions & moving on  Sian's suggestion of a blog post about What Are The Ten Things You Like / Dislike  About Christmas. Mine are not in any particular order of importance.

Christmas Trees for me are a large part of Christmas.  It takes me days to complete the decorating of the tree(s).  We (usually) put up two trees.  One tree is in the doorway (blocks access) of our dining room & living room so each side gets a theme; living room side is the angels & special ornaments, softer in colour; dining room side is a real mix & match of the vibrant ornaments.    The second tree is put up in our family room, which we affectionately call the Hunt Room because of all the horse inspired decorating.  This tree has nothing but horse ornaments on it, some of which I have made.  I buy a new ornament every year, specific to something that has happened during the year.  This year I bought a white ladies ice skate with holly.  Christmas memory is receiving a pair of white ice skates one year - so much around this memory.

Our 2012 Living Room Side Christmas Tree

Music & Movies:  I like Christmas carols, Come All Ye Faithful is my most favourite.  I have NO singing voice so I never sing out loud but I do know all the words to about 5 Christmas carols, although Mr Man will argue that point.  Most years there is a new Christmas album/CD added, Lady Antebellum's is on this year's list as is Jan Arden's Christmas CD.  Michael BublĂ© - Christmas CD is a favourite & there are a couple of Justin Beiber's that aren't too bad.  The Piano Guys, Enya; Mannheim Steam Roller, Celine Dion, all get top marks. I have about 7 Christmas movies I watch every year; Miracle on 34th Street; Christmas Vacation; Scrooged; The Santa Claus; Arthur Christmas; Black Adder; Polar Express;  A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim); It's A Wonderful Life (although I don't think George had such a wonderful life); The Bishop's Wife

 Baking:  I make my Christmas Cake on Stir Up Sunday.  Not for any particular reason other than it makes me feel close to my GrandMother & Mother who because of Anglican church connections always made the Christmas Pudding & Christmas Cake on this Sunday.  I try to do as much of the special treats this Sunday & pack away in the freezer.  Last year because of just starting on Weight Watchers, I did not do any baking other than one Christmas cake, which went to my riding coach as I give him one every year & yes he even asks for it.  I like my own cooking & baking & if I couldn't have well I wasn't baking.  My traditional two cakes are; Light Orange Christmas Cake, it has Grand Marnier in it.  My White Christmas Cake has Amaretto & Brandy in it.

Canadian Living Christmas Cookbook

Kindness & Generosity : I like the particular kindness that seems to seep into everyone's being. A softness of attitude.  I think right now the world could really use a huge dose of Christmas Kindness. People smile & say hello more often, hold doors, start up chit chatty conversations easily while waiting in line for this or that purchase. Some people are more likely to open the wallet during the holiday season.  The kettles are full of loose change, the Toy Mountain Tree is surrounded by gifts for those in need.  I get very emotional & teary at this time of year with all the tales of unexpected kindness & the miracles of generosity.

Santa Claus/Father Christmas:  I like the idea of miracles & I so desperately believe.

One In My Santa Collection

December Daily / Journal Your Christmas:  I have been recording each Christmas for several years now, it was only about 3 years ago I joined the Club of December Daily - I have a Pinterest board devoted to just December Daily.  While I have never bought the official kits I certainly have a huge stash of Christmas scrapping stuff.  It was through Ali Edwards December Daily link ins that I have found most of the blogs that I currently read & follow.  Daily December is a gift in so many ways.
December Daily 2013 Title Page

I like The Christmas Story of baby Jesus.  I like the miracle of Mary giving birth to Jesus, I like that Joseph did not turn Mary away because she was pregnant, I like that the Inn Keeper gave space in the stable, I like that the animals were the first to greet baby Jesus. I like that the shepherds in spite of fear, over came that fear to give tribute.  I like that the Wise Men followed their intuition & came bearing gifts.  I like the idea of miracles.I like that the Christmas Star shines for all.

Santa with Baby Jesus - I made
 Christmas Colours:  that you can wear red & green together & thought to be quite fashionable. I like ugly Christmas sweaters, I like Christmas Eve jimjams.

From Internet - I Would So Wear This

Sweet Treats.  There are certain treats that appear at Christmas & I do try to limit the number I allow myself.  But Tim Hortons chocolate candy cane donuts are my favourite with the gingerbread donut being a close second.
Tim Hortons Chocolate Candy Cane & Gingerbread donuts

Christmas Stockings:  it is a great place to house all the little nothings that can be so much fun, little games, candy, nail files, puzzles.  My fur children always have their own stockings & we hang stockings on all the stall doors at the barn, although because these stalls have gossip gates on them allowing the horses to hang their heads out, we don't fill the stockings.
Fur Girls Stocking In The Hunt Room

There are are only two things that I really don't like about Christmas & they are both things that I need to work on to get over.

I don't like that everyone assumes or pushes that the holidays are ONLY about families & children.  Christmas is something for everyone, even those that don't have children or don't have family.  The star did not just shine on those with families ... who knows maybe those shepherds didn't have family or maybe the wisemen were married but without children.  Christmas is for EVERYONE.  Also not everyone has happy memories about Christmas, maybe people have a mixed bag about the "good times" at Christmas.  Maybe there are folks out there that really wanted the Norman Rockwell Christmas but got the Norman Bates Christmas.   And the other thing I don't like about Christmas is the "get" or "getting"  what did you get for Christmas ... I often hear I want I want I want & I don't think it has to be that you weren't a good girl or boy not to get, but that yes Christmas miracles happen (thankfully) but maybe it can be about building those happy memories, the giving & sharing, the being, the including ... anyway I'm off the pulpit now.

What are your favourites about Christmas or maybe the things that aren't your favourite about Christmas?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

One Man's Art Is Another Woman's Chuckle

As you have requested more Lady Ella - I give you grocery store art with a few more of the round hay bale creations.  I think I like the cat creation the best - no surprise there.  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hey Naked HAY

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This week my Pairs are Naked Hay Bale & Dressed Hay Bale;  I wanted to show an example of what one of our local store owners did with a large roll of hay.  There were also some bales made into painted black spiders or painted orange & black to look like  carved pumpkins.  So very crafty.  I image that the bales are only good for compost after that.

You Can Take This Naked Bale:  

Rolled Round Hay Bale In The Field

And Turn It Into This:


Monday, November 16, 2015

Me On Monday - November 16th

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Lights Up On The House
Paris - what can be said; I am feeling that all my woes, concerns are nothing compared to the grief in Paris, in the world, I can't grasp this I think one of the best ways to give tribute to the lives lost is for us to treasure the little everyday moments we have & to be grateful for them. 

 the downed leaves are finally raked up, some were put on the field behind us, along with a sprinkle of dirt to help with weed suppression / several warm sunny afternoons so we put up the Christmas lights & Angel (not turned on until December 1st) /new book from the library "Come Rain Or Shine, not a recommendation on my part / sorting through what I have & what I need in the Christmas gift bag & wrap / a few more Christmas gifts purchased / dentist appointment on the 13th went fine, no I'm not superstitious at all (she says with fingers crossed, while touching wood & tossing salt over her left shoulder) / celebrating a friend's birthday with lunch & gift exchange / enjoying the warmth of the new furnace / a wee bit of scrapping / pondering things I have read on blogs, deep things, light things but inspiration / could be left over feels from the previous week, but I got teary quite a bit reading such lovely things / pre-designed colouring & making mandalas, not very good at it yet / chasing down workmen for repair/fix followup - hey you were quick to take the cheque, I'd like to see the same response with customer satisfaction / booking the "professional" Christmas photo session, it's a charity fund raiser that a local Photographer hosts at her farm each end of November - her blue barn doors are decorated with wreaths & garlands, bookings sell out within an hour, this year I scored 2:38pm on the 28th; now what to wear / Mr Man did a final cut of the lawns / living in a 4 distinct season country, why I am surprised every season, just how much there is to do specific for that season? The winter prep stuff is the most dreary of tasks, it's putting everything away, cutting back / there's no colour in the garden that I can see except brown / it certainly was a wonderful summer on the patio, but it feels like we just were prepping for summer / life speeding at the sound of my own OhMyGoodness! 

Monday, thank you & I promise to notice all the things you bring my way this week & I promise to go out & find colour in the garden.

McDonald's Holiday Cups - Red Of A Different Variety; tea on the left for me, coffee on the right for him