Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hey Naked HAY

Linking in with Helena's Pairs at :Pairs  

This week my Pairs are Naked Hay Bale & Dressed Hay Bale;  I wanted to show an example of what one of our local store owners did with a large roll of hay.  There were also some bales made into painted black spiders or painted orange & black to look like  carved pumpkins.  So very crafty.  I image that the bales are only good for compost after that.

You Can Take This Naked Bale:  

Rolled Round Hay Bale In The Field

And Turn It Into This:



  1. My niece sent me a photo of one as a Father Christmas the other day. She thought we should do one!

  2. Hehehehe! This is fun. (Show me more please!)

  3. Very creative! At our local farm/shop/playpark, you know the type. They had dressed some hay bales to look like the biggest freesian cow you ever did see!
    A great Pair.

  4. That's so cool :)
    Can you e-mail me your address please so I can send you Presley's journal?

  5. Oh wow I love your clever idea, and the decorated hay bale x

  6. love the creativity - and the others you showed