Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pairs - ZIZO On The Old Couple

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This happy event is set up on the large front lawn of house on the curve in the main road leaving our little village. Geese activity delights the morning and evening commuters

For years the home owners have set various staged events with the geese. Most of the scenes depict something seasonal or something with reference to a local activity.  Sometimes the geese are dancing around the May Pole; kicking soccer balls, sometimes they are riding horses for the Queen's Plate race, or rowing in competition. This August, two of the birds decided to tie the knot. In September the geese will all be back in  their desks ready for another school year and just after Canadian Thanksgiving the birds all line up in a V formation for their flight south for the winter months.

Several years ago, all the plastic geese were stolen in the night.  The entire village was horrified and set up a fund raiser campaign to buy the owners a whole new flock of geese.  Funds provided enough for a large flock plus a crane.  He's the one officiating at the wedding.

You will often see people, like myself, stopping and taking photographs of what the birds are up to now.  Our local newspaper often has a story and photo in the "what's happening about town" section.

Some towns get known for the largest ball of string, some for their fabulous burger stand, we are known for the antics of a flock of plastic geese.


  1. They are hilarious! Look forward to seeing the next one!

  2. what fun - I like the creativity and fun of the person who does this

  3. How brilliant! There are many different creatures to be seen among the pairs today. Funny how we often fit into an unspoken theme!

  4. Such a lovely tradition! The "migration" made me laugh too. :o) Disgraceful that anyone should steal them but heartening to hear how people rallied round to fund replacements.

  5. haha I love it. What a way for your village to be known :)

  6. What a great story of community spirit