Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 28

Question 28 - Something You'll Miss

Flowering Kale In Neighbours Garden
There are several things that I already miss.  I miss my Mother, how ever difficult the relationship was, I miss having a Mom.  I miss seeing my two best friends everyday as I use to.  I miss the carefree days of being a student, although I am not negating the hard work that it takes to study (well for me it was hard) but there are so many different and difficult responsibilities that come with being a grown up, an adult.

Heart of Stone Found On Walk In Park
What will I miss - well that is kind of hard to answer.  I will miss anyone special in my life if they go away.  I would certainly miss my abilities to be mobile both of the body and vehicle kinds of mobility.  I would miss being independent which ties back to being mobile.  I like that when I say, OK body let's go for a walk, let's go for a ride, let's go for a run, let's read, let's enjoy that slice (or two) of pizza, etc - my body does it (although these days the running bit gives my body something to gripe about).  

I would miss it if another scrapping store closed it's door.  While online shopping is convenient, I like the ability to touch, to see before I  buy, especially patterned paper.  And every year when the first snow fall happens, I miss nicer weather, to be on the patio, to be outside without coat, hat, mittens, scarf & boots.  I miss the linger outside even when it's really too hot to be outside or raining, just that pleasure of being outside.

I will not miss the drama at work!
Ruins at Rockwood Conservation Park


  1. Interesting question. We've never had a scrapbook store here and it can certainly be a frustrating process buying everything by post

    1. I have bought a few things via the post but I do like a good browse in the scrap shop - I am grateful that there are still 2 to visit :)