Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy August Lists - Question 17

Another switch up of days to questions

Question 17 - Favourite Birthday

Today is my birthday - so today is my favourite birthday. I have said before, I think getting another year older is a privilege as so many lives are ended too soon.   I have been told many times I was born old or that I am an old soul.   I love birthdays, but really how old am I in dog years!!  Well I guess this answers about the dog days of summer.

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For me, my birthday is the start of my new year and each year I ponder a question for myself to think about throughout the year.  Something I guess close to One Little Word.  I think so far the best question I ever asked my self was "Is It Enough?"  I used this question when thinking about buying something like books. Could I be content to borrow from the library. Yes I could.  This lead to me a wonderful relationship with the ladies at my local library branch.  I asked this question about the negative behaviour of someone towards me "Have I had enough?" I had. I finally spoke up to that person.  It did not improve the relationship but I felt better in myself and have reduced contact.  I asked this question about a job which I quit and found one where I could better use my skills and talents.  I have not yet settled on a question for this year, I have a few ideas which I will share soon.

This is not my birthday cake, but it is such a pretty girly cake, although where does one put the candles.  
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You need three candles on a birthday cake for Wishes (remember Day 16's question).  

First Candle = The past - made you who you are today (thank you)
Second Candle = The Present - where you are now (thank you)
Third Candle = The Future - the Wish to come (Thank You)


  1. Good, positive thoughts about getting older, and plenty to think about. Here, your birthday is already over but I hope you are enjoying every second!