Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy August Lists - Day 23

Question 23 - A First

My first time cooking Christmas dinner was when I was 14 years old and my Mom was taken by emergency to the hospital. My first flight was to Seattle Washington and I flew standby, took me 2 flights and 12 hours to get there. My first apartment after leaving home was a one bedroom on the 8th floor.  My first car was a black Austin with red leather interior, which I bought at auction; it was a beast.  My first part time job (other than babysitting) was working at the Dairy Queen.  I was the first (& only) in the family to graduate from high school.  The others all quit before graduation, some completed their diplomas through night classes.  My first fillings (teeth) happened last year.  My first Godchild (I have 3) is also a niece. First time I got my hair cut, I went from being able to sit on my hair to just barely able to pull behind my ears. Extremes.  First time I bought something new without checking the price first, it was on sale (phew).  Mr Man's and my first date was attending two weddings; my friends in the early afternoon (reception drinks only) and his friends early evening (dinner & dance).
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  1. You can find out a lot from a list of firsts! Every single one of these would make a great scrapbook page (if you haven't already covered them!)

    I have red leather seats in my car at the's my little bit of "fancy"!

    1. Like your bit of fancy - it is nice to treat ourselves. I had not considered a scrapbook page for any of these but now that you put that idea my way ... Ummm, I think I have some paper for a few. I think I may do the car one first - oh Baby You Can Drive My Car (lol)