Friday, August 07, 2015

Happy August Lists - Question 7

Question 7- Your Best Friend(s)

I have a very small circle of close girlfriends.  There are five of them but at different levels of closeness.

Barb and Mayon are my two longest and closest friendships.  These ladies are part of my soul.   They are both older than me. 

Barb is tall, gorgeous and right now has red hair.  I remember in detail the exact moment I met Barb.  We were both in the girls bathroom at school, I was showing someone a photo of my latest part boarded horse and this long arm reaches over my shoulder and grabs the photo and in the fastest talk I have ever heard “oh my God, you have a horse, I love horses, what is it, gelding? Thoroughbred?”   We have been BFFs ever since.  Barb was my Maid of Honour when I married Mr Man.   

Arboretum at University
 Mayon  is one of those petite blue eyed blonde lovelies.  My meeting of Mayon was in the cafeteria at lunch with a group of mutual acquaintances, and through table talk discovered our shared love of horses and that we both like walking in the woods.  Mayon is quite a gifted artist. 

Both ladies live a distance from me.  Barb is now a vet and has her practice in Calgary Alberta which requires air travel if we are to see each other.  Mayon is a nurse and works in a hospital in Midland Ontario, which is a 2-3 hour drive.    With both ladies, we have long and frequent telephone conversations discussing all the really deep things about life, marriage, family, health, longings, death, fears, failings, horses, cats, dogs, men and wine.  As I use to see them daily and in spite of phone calls and some visits, I miss them very much.


  1. It's great that you have been able to maintain such close relationships, in spite of time and distance. Enviable and to be cherished (as you do!)

    1. In spite of our wanting to remain close, sometimes we feel it does take a lot of effort but any relationship is like that. What I love about both friendships is that when we get chatting on the phone, it feels like no time and no space is part of the situation. I feel very blessed with these two.

    2. Oh yes, phone calls - I remember those! Sorely missed.
      Forgot to say great pic of Modesty.