Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy August Lists - Quesion 14

Question 14 - Wild Card (what you wore today)

I think of this day as a wild card or anything I like as we already did this, What You Wore Today, question on Day 10.  So from my miscellaneous file.

From Flowers In My Garden

I wear glasses for distance.

I have had 3 poems published.

I have been a flower girl and twice a maid of honour.

I collect Santa Clauses and have about 50 in my collection (so far).

I dream in colour & I use to sleep walk.

I have been to 6 of the 10 provinces, none of the territories.

I can write easily with both my right and left hand.

I can repeat the alphabet backwards as quickly as saying it forward

I have many American relatives, all live on the west coast.

I have been to 16 of the 50 states of US of A.

I have visited 4 Caribbean islands. 

I once visited Great Britain and long to return.

I drive a stick shift/standard car.  

Arrangement From Flowers In My Garden


  1. An interesting list. I can write with both hands as well, although I am out of practice with my left one. I only dream in audio - no images at all!

    1. Audio only - I cannot imagine that. I regularly practice writing with both hands, just in case. I was once told that to be truly ambidextrous is genetic.

  2. Congrats on having your poems published! That's quite an accomplishment!
    I wear progressive lenses in my glasses. I would gladly trade for distance only.
    And like you, I would LOVE to visit Great Britain!

    1. I was pretty stoked about the publishing of my poems; one I thought was really good, the other two surprised me that they were picked. I hope you get the chance to visit Great Britain - it is a place of wonders, history and really nice people.

  3. Cute post! Nice collection of titbits and I didn't even notice the dress one appeared twice on the original list. I'm slightly ambidextrous, in that I can do a job easily with either hand when one gets tired, but I write with the right. Mum says her mum was the same :o)
    Perhaps we'll meet some of your santas as Christmas comes close, and maybe the odd poem too. Have you written many? I have one or two, but generally I find it difficult - not so great at the broad brushstrokes (you may have noticed!)

    1. Ah thanks. Oh yes the Santas will make seasonal appearances. I write a lot of poetry although some of it is absolute crap and the odd thing is I need to be in a dark mood to write a better quality of poem. I have two poems that I am really proud of one, only one of those 2 were published. I have recently reviewed some of my work and I am SURPRISED I wrote (in the positive way). You have an amazing gift for writing in all its forms.

  4. I love what I learned about you today! My Mum collects books about Christmas. I bet you'd each enjoy a browse round the other's shelves.

    I envy you your ability to do things with your "other" hand. I can't do anything with mine

    1. Thank you (blushing). Oh books about Christmas would be an interesting collection. I would like to hear your Mum's recommendations. I have borrowed from the library two Christmas books (other than cookbooks/decorating for the season), one was, The Cookie Club and the other is The Stupidest Angel.