Friday, August 05, 2016

Five In Five On The Fifth: August

Five things that have captured your eye, imagination or heart  in 5 minutes on the 5th of the month.  Linking it with the other collectors  & hostess of 5 at:  Sandie

This month I have captured sights, sounds & smells of my patio;  

Time ticking blissfully:

Water flowing in the water feature:

Chimes, which sound so much like church bells, tinkle with the breeze:

Butterfly candle holder; scent of the citronella candle:

Flower pot with solar light; sight & scent:



  1. What a lovely idea to collect photos of sights, sounds & smells. I enjoyed this visit to your patio and it looks a peaceful place to sit. Thank you for sharing, and joining in this photo challenge. It is always exciting to see what ideas prompt.

  2. Love all these details on your patio. Like Sandie, I think it must be a wonderful place to while away some time! Love that clock!

  3. Really enjoyed the sights, sounds and scents of your patio.

  4. What a lovely, peaceful wander around your patio.

  5. One of these days maybe you'll share a picture of your good self enjoying all those lovely things..