Monday, November 21, 2016

Memorandom Monday - Nov 21st

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New from the patio:

Winter has sent a calling card of her impending arrival.  I shall try to greet Her with new warm boots, freshly laundered mittens, hats, scarf & coat.  I will try not to fight with Her too often, but only if She promises more sunny days than not.

Friday afternoon the 3 cedar sisters had their not new winter hoods put on which was just in time for the icy wintry winds blasting through all Saturday & Sunday. 

Saturday was one of my new activities planned; the Joy House Tour. My friend & I snooped around visited 8 truly unique & amazing homes. We drove from house to house in almost ever type of weather, but mostly heavy rain & wet snow.  Thankfully we had our umbrellas so during the wait times outside each house, we could keep some parts of us dry.  Having naturally curly hair the wet did not impact it negativity.  Very strict about no photography in the house & to take photos of the homes, I had to be on public sidewalks or roadways - security staff were every where to ensure!

Our first visit was first on everyone's list - the Victoria Mansion, who's owners are a prominent family in Guelph that own a very large auto parts manufacturing business. One highlight of this house was a charming calico cat rubbing in between all the visitors.  The owners have kept the inside & outside of the house true to the period that the house was built in.  Victorians it seems liked a lot of stuff!

The rest of the Joy House Tour homes ranged from a moderately sized renovated home; a century home; a converted home which had once being a estate home, converted to 5 apartments & now back to ground floor single dwelling with 2 apartments above; a very large estate home on acreage (their pool house was as big as most homes), a recent custom designed build; a retirement bungaloft & a home within an adults only community.  All the homes featured basements with family living spaces; the acreage estate home had a small room with simulated ice for hockey slap shot practice, which was right next to the 14 seat home theatre room!  


I am glad I participated but not sure this would be on my pre-Christmas activity list again & for me there was no clear "my favourite" home.  I did come away with a few simple decorating ideas for Christmas.

 AND the Tim Hortons new Christmas cups are out!!  For those that don't know - Tim Hortons in Canada is like Starbucks in the US of A.



So that is my Monday memo for this blustery Monday ... happy week to all. I leave you with a poem about November.

"November comes And November goes, With the last red berries And the first white snows.

With night coming early, And dawn coming late, And ice in the bucket And frost by the gate.

The fires burn And the kettles sing, And earth sinks to rest Until next spring."

-  Elizabeth Coatsworth


  1. Wow, now you know how "the other half" lives. Too bad you couldn't take pictures. -Jenn

  2. I'm always fascinated to have a look around houses, especially the type I'm never likely to visit normally - have a great week

  3. Ooo I would love snooping round those houses. Definitely how the other half live.

  4. I love house tours, and this one sounds magnificent.

  5. I'm another big fan of house tours, though we don't have anything like this one here. It sounds very intriguing.

    Health to wear those warm new boots. I hope you both get out and about safely and cosily this week.

  6. Great post! Reading it made me smile! I would have enjoyed that house tour as well I think. I command you for being so wise toward Winter ;-)

  7. You have been busy! Hope the snow doesn't spoil your plans/travelling this week. I know I'm in a minority but I like the stuff ... but then I suppose there is still a small novelty factor for me!

  8. I'd love to do that house tour, I'm a naturally nosey person! Can't believe that you've already had a sprinkling of snow, winter really is just around the corner, keep warm and safe.

  9. Oh, that house tour sounds like FUN! We did a tour during the Azalea Festival in Tyler, Texas, one year. We enjoyed it, but not something we'd do every year. We've had a little cold front here, too, but nothing like yours - just lower temperatures & a little wind.

  10. I love the idea of The Joy Home Tour. Was there an entry fee to raise money for charity? Most satisfying to see inside large or interesting homes you drive past often and wonder about! The weather you braved to do this made it a real adventure!

  11. My, that sounds a lot to take in. One alone would've been enough for me! Glad it furnished you with some ideas you can use.. Your wrapped trees are very festive!