Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt Links

 Winter 2017/2018 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Eileen at: Bracelet of Days & her good friend Joy  are co-hosting another Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt this year, and they would love you to join in with all of us. The only "rule" is that all photos should be taken during the duration of the hunt, which is 1st December 2017 to 21st March 2018. There will be a monthly linky on both Eileen's & Joy's blogs, and also a Facebook page is already up and running, so please feel free to join us either way, or both.
Good luck capturing all or some - it's a good way not to hibernate the winter away!

  The list.
  1. Men at work
  2. Luggage
  3. Domestic trivia
  4. A Winter's Tale (or tail)
  5. Passengers
  6. Wrapping paper
  7. On the water
  8. Silver
  9. In the making
  10. Having fun
  11. Library/Book shop
  12. Stationery
  13. A line of ...
  14. Stones
  15. Bow
  16. A sense of history
  17. Many
  18. Signpost
  19. A pair of ...
  20. Detail
  21. Handle
  22. Symmetry
  23. A heart
  24. Steam/smoke/mist
  25. A peek inside


  1. Thank you for sharing the list. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone photographs.

    1. Glad to get out the word. I am hoping to get a few ticked off the list.

  2. Thanks! I always love doing these, and I missed that post!

  3. Oh how FUN! I've printed the list & am gonna join in this year! :)