Monday, December 11, 2017

Mail, Memo, Me - It's Monday's Musings Dec 11th

Greetings & salutations to all.  Happy Monday!
Another Advent Counter - Easy & Pinterest For The Win
The Christmas countdown continues will lots of seasonal events.  Locally all the farmers are busy preparing for the upcoming Farmers' Parade of Lights; churches are all busy preparing for the pre-parade chili dinners.  This year our church is adding hot dogs to the menu, it seems many people requested this last year.  I have been asked to make a vegetarian chili.  Good thing I kept the comment "what about veggie dogs?" to myself!

We had some light snow, just about 5 cm which I am sure is helping everyone get in the Christmas mood.  "THEY" say people spend more in Christmas shopping if there's snow about.  

Our residential squirrel, Charlie, doesn't send a memo about his predication for the upcoming winter, but has grown quite a thick winter coat, which tells me that it's going to be cold, along with lots of fur between his toes, which indicates a lot of snow.  

Charlie with his feast of peanuts

Currently I am reading, I am enjoying.  Cannot remember who recommended.  It is a love story, with a bit of back & forth in present time & memory time, but not that you get confused as to which time we are in. 

In the shopping cart this week was a find I have been searching for, for  years now.  My local grocery store use to carry.  Found Baxter's French Onion - Vegetarian - Soup at the newest gourmet grocery store, Longo's , just opened in the city closest to us.  Score.
I attended a 1 hour workshop at the library, using their Cricut Air machine to cut these three cards.  The little starlight village didn't cut out as well as it should have, but I can rescue it, with some bling gemstones & maybe some stickers from the stash.

As Christmas is in full swing so are the never ending emails for new online courses, preparing to review your 2017 & make ready for a fabulous 2018.  A blog I read regularly posted the link for an article about things every woman should write about.  It listed some very thought provoking questions.  The original post by Amy Shearn was in Oprah's magazine. Link: 11 Things-Every-Woman-Should-Write-Down  The prompts:
  1. What younger you would think about older you
  2. The watched/read it list
  3. The mistake you never want to make
  4. Your ideal outfit
  5. A deep dark secret
  6. The most unexpected complement you’ve received
  7. That one quote
  8. The best surprise you’ve ever had
  9. Your true happiness
  10. Your favourite failure
  11. An amendment to your bucket list 

I don't currently have a bucket list to update, I don't even have a Santa Wish List written.  I also have several mistakes I wish I hadn't made & therefore provide many (favourite) failure(s)!   But I do have a quote,  one that I have made a small poster of & keep on my desk.

Beware of the people in your circle that aren't in your corner. Deb Owen
On with the week, which I hope for everyone is showering you with seasonal blessings & spirit.


  1. Thx for the Baxter's French Onion soup recommendation. I haven't made french onion soup in decades and hadn't realized it came in a can. I will look for this.

    I don't have a bucket list, either, and I'm just not much one to reflect too much on failures from the past. I do love your quote!

    1. I dress up the can soup & bake in the oven with a thick crusty piece of bread & cheese - oh it's good. I use to worry that I didn't have a bucket list, but I have decided that's ok.

  2. I think it was me who recommended the book, I enjoyed it. I love Baxter's, their main factory in the UK is in NE Scotland and is about a mile from where my sister used to live. Happy memories of walking with my nephew in the pram for a Scotch pancake or broccoli and bacon soup! I'm sure your veggie chilli will be/was a success.

    1. Well thank you then Ruth for the recommendation of the book. I am quite enjoying the characters. Sweet memories because I believe the last photo of your nephew was he is quite tall now. Oh that would be nice to be so close to such a good soup making company. I often wonder if your sister went back to Scotland when she returned from Texas.

  3. I think the cards have come out well! Would like to see how a cutting machine works. Some of those story prompts make me want to pick up my pen, the others ... no idea where to start!

    1. Thanks Lady Ella. I think there are a few YouTube videos you can watch. There's the Cameo Silhouette & the Cricut Air that I am aware of. Both are internet connection, download purchased images (one time pay, then you own to cut as often as you want). A couple of those prompts have me pondering (or brooding).

  4. We've started a travel bucket list since next year we'll be celebrating a BIG birthday and decided we'd better get on the road while we're still able! Those die cuts are gorgeous, and I'm sure they'll be turned into wonderful cards!

    1. Oh a travel bucket list sounds exiting & a big birthday celebration; yours or Tracy's? I think the circle tree joy is going to be used in my DD. Makes me want to re-think getting a Cricut Air!

  5. Oh, I think here in Texas - more snow might mean less gifts as we all hunker down inside! LOL

    Interesting list of things to write about! My sister has been sending me prompts this year & it's been challenging & FUN to write on those.