Friday, August 07, 2020

SPSH - Second Link In

Welcome to the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt's second link in.  Listed below are the folks that indicated they wanted to participate.  

Our third link in, will be Monday August 31st.  Our final link in will be Wednesday September 30th.

Please visit & have a look at what others are finding, you just might find some inspiration in their finds.

Listed in no particular order & if I have missed you, please let me know in the comments & I will add you.

Karen W: Random Reflections
Ruth: This West London Life
Eileen: A Bracelet of Days
Karen: Karen's 365 Photos
Deb:Debs14 Blogspot
Amanda: Amanda's Scrapbook Pages
Melissa: Daily Life - Bits & Pieces
Susanne: Snaps & Snippets
Bless: My Two Cents
Liz: Life At The Gables
Joy: Diary of A Teacher
Nil: The Little House By The Lake
Maggie: Farmer's Wife Day by Day
Pat: Squirrel Basket
Sherrie: Food For Thought
Leslie Roberts Clingan: Once Upon A Time Happily Everafter

Here are a few more of my SPSH finds:

#2 Something with or in a knot

Morning Glory Vine In My Garden
#6 Something in the Shape of a Triangle

Umber From Africa - Botswana
#7 Something that displays a rule(s)
Rules At The Recycle Centre - Yard Waste Section

#8 A Leaf Longer Than Your Hand
Fern In My Garden

#11 Something That You Need To Throw Away

Yard/Garden Waste Ready For Recycle Centre
#14 Something With Wheels

New "Wet" Recycle Bin

ALT A An Animal Statue

Not Sure What Kind of Animal
Next SPSH Link in will be Monday August 31st



  1. I like the morning glory knot - well seen! I posted my selection this morning.

    Thanks for organising this and welcome back to blogland. I hope you enjoyed your break. xx

  2. Nice to see you back. I hope you had a good break. The knot photo is great, I wouldn't have thought of that. I laughed at the leaf picture as mine is almost identical :0)

  3. Oh look how delicate the knot of the tendril on your plant is - what a great find.

  4. Great finds - I especially like the knot, very unique.

  5. Me too, I give a double thumbs-up for the knot! Very clever! That last one, I thought at first it was a gremlin but I have also seen Egyptian cats that look similar...

  6. Your morning glory knot reminds me of an invasive vine that often attacks my garden and literally ties knots around the plants. This year it's mixed in with the Shasta daisies, and is almost impossible to get out. Glad to see you again; I hope you had a relaxing time away!

  7. I’m still looking for something in a knot’. 😁
    I really like yours.

    I have only a couple of photos in July. They are here

  8. That is a great find for the knot! I need to put my post up!

  9. The knot photo is brilliant in its simplicity! Good to see you pop up in my Reader again. :)

  10. Oh your tied in the knot is gorgeous. Great eye!! The animal statue reminds me of a gargoyle. They scare me so. I participated again in your scavenger hunt but can never remember when you are sharing yours. Going to try to remember 08.31, 08.31, 08.31 for the next link up!

  11. That’s a great knot! I have finally got round to posting mine.