Wednesday, September 30, 2020

SPSH - The Final Link Up

Welcome to the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt's Final link in.  Listed below are the folks that indicated they wanted to participate.   

I hope that everyone had some fun with the searches.  It's been harder for some living in areas with more Lockdown restrictions than others.  Thank you for joining in.

Karen W: Random Reflections
Ruth: This West London Life
Eileen: A Bracelet of Days
Karen: Karen's 365 Photos
Deb:Debs14 Blogspot
Amanda: Amanda's Scrapbook Pages
Melissa: Daily Life - Bits & Pieces
Susanne: Snaps & Snippets
Bless: My Two Cents
Liz: Life At The Gables
Maggie: Farmer's Wife Day by Day
Pat: Squirrel Basket
Leslie Once Upon A Time Happily Everafter

Here are the final of my SPSH finds:

#1 A favourite piece of jewelry - I really like blue sapphires & Mr Man gave me for a birthday.

 #4 A toy you play with - it was one of the first Christmas gifts from Mr Man - the rings float in the water, you push the white button for air & try to get the rings over the dolphin's nose - in this photo all but one of the rings is on the nose.

#9 Something that starts with your initial - mittens, which have been helping me to remind myself to keep my hands off my face

#10 Something small than a paperclip - it's a little crystal bird that I could have used as #15

 #12 Something that holds your favourite beverage - a travel mug from my showing days & when I was a member of the local (Caledon) CADORA club - CAnadian Dressage Owners & Riders Association (notice how the C is incoporated into the horse's cheek).

#15 Something Inherited - a little creamer jug from my Gran - I don't know who got the matching sugar bowl

Alt B Something Heavier Than Your Shoe - a lead crystal vase (also could have been for #15) - the second photo is for size comparison

And that is a wrap of the 2020 Quarantine version of the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt.


  1. Thank you so much for organising this year's hunt - it was a great deal of fun!

  2. I remember those Tomy water games! You found some great photos, thank you once again for organising the hunt, it's something I look forward to each year. Hopefully for next year we will be able to do our hunting further afield than our home towns!

  3. Great snaps. Your sapphire ring is quite lovely. I may have to start hinting around to hubby!

    Thanks for hosting the hunt - it is always fun to play along.

  4. Thanks for hosting the hunt. Sorry I dropped away mid-summer.

  5. Like you my "heavier than a shoe" could have also been "something inherited." Love that vase! The hunt is always fun, and I have my last finds posted! Thanks so much for the wonderful list, and hosting the links!

  6. Super photos. Thanks for hosting the hunt again this year. I really enjoyed finding things to photograph and have uploaded my finds to my blog. Already looking forward to next year.

  7. Those are great finds! Your ring is beautiful.

    Thank you for hosting the summer photo hunt. I had a lot of fun. My September link up is here:

  8. Another job well done! I started but then fizzled out because of the way things have been. However I have enjoyed looking at people's progress and as for the above, the little crystal bird is ADORABLE!

  9. Hi, I say the post over at My Two Cents. I wish I would have known about the scavenger hunt sooner. I hope you'll do another one soon :)

  10. Your scavenger hunt has generated lots of interest and your well-chosen suggestions lots of clever photos. That lead crystal vase is impressive and your ring is very pretty ...

  11. Many thanks for organising. It’s helped us all through this tricky summer. I finally got mine finished last night

  12. I too am a lover of Sapphires. Thank you so much for hosting this again this year. It's been fun. Sorry I'm a bit late with mine though :0)

  13. Fantastic finds! What a lovely ring Mr. Man got for your birthday. Thanks for hosting this year's hunt.

  14. So enjoyed this summer's scavenger hunt with you. Hope you will join Deb, Jen and me for our gratitude scavenger hunt next month. Shame you don't have the sugar bowl with that creamer. Love the ring and the pretty display box or tin. That tiny bird is a keepsake for sure.