Monday, March 25, 2024

Me On A Monday - March 25th

Good Morning.  Today is the 25th of March so that means .... 9 months today is Christmas.  There I said it. 😂

So much going on, it's difficult whether we should talk about it or not.  So I will, talk about it.  Maybe even rant a little.

I was, like many, quite shocked at the news from Catherine, Princess of Wales.  Cancer is such an ugly disease.  I thought the video she created was very well done, very regal of her & a very difficult message to deliver.  I was impressed that the background at Windsor Castle was of daffodils, the universal floral representation of the cancer societies around the world. 

I felt that she was rather forced into making this very public announcement of an extremely private situation because of the recent online bullying & the breach of her private medical records.  SHAME.  

Shame on the news agencies both online & in paper for prompting the unspeakable frenzy around Catherine's where abouts, & about William's fidelity. Shame on news talk show hosts such as Piers Morgan, demanding Catherine release the original photo from the Mothering Sunday photo.  It was a photo, not a crime on humanity.  Shame on celebrities, nighttime talk show hosts, for mocking Catherine. Not feeling so funny now, are you?  Especially disgusted by the women of an American daytime talk tv show (disclaimer, I do not watch, but saw the segment on the news).

I am disappointed by many female stars' comments & social media posts, especially in light of the recent International Women's Day when so many of these click bait stars touted messages of support for our fellow women. Where was your support for Catherine?  Shame!  

But what makes me saddest, is that much of the general public, for all the touting of support, are the ones clicking on these conspiracies' posts, giving accreditation to the creators; for those watching, listening & buying trash news shows/magazines.  It certainly felt familiar to the times Diana, Princess of Wales had to endure.  I am so upset with a few of the regular British news shows I watched & listened to that "we" are now on a break. Not sure if & when I'll return to their shows. 

Please let's give Catherine, woman, wife, mother, the time, space & privacy she requires.  We don't know when & if we ourselves will one day require the same.


  1. The PoW has certainly had to endure an horrific amount of scrutiny - here's hoping she's now left alone and given time to recover.

  2. Hear, hear. I am aware of the situation but not wrapped up in it.

  3. Agreed. It takes a big chunk of time to wrap ones own head around a cancer diagnosis, let alone share it with people who have no business knowing. When I got my diagnosis, one of my first thoughts (and there were many) was how do I break this news to my children, and they were in their early twenties! I can't imagine how one does it with young children. -Jenn

  4. You are absolutely spot on with your comments. That poor woman, having to come to terms with unexpected news like that, trying to find the best way to explain what is going on to three small children and knowing that the press are saying such hurtful things. They should give her the privacy that she requested right from the beginning.

  5. It is a difficult issue. Public figure, private issues.

  6. I was sorry to hear about the Princess of Wales' cancer diagnosis. I hope she makes a full and complete recovery.

  7. How is it that I saw the Wednesday Wisdom and missed this post? They both show up in my Feedly account. I totally agree with everything you wrote about Catherine. It's hard to fathom how one survives the scrutiny the press imposes on the royals.