Monday, June 12, 2017

Me On A Monday - June 12th

My Garden - White Poppy In Evening Light
Good morning & hello to any of those still doing a Monday check in. 
Reading Wanting to have more than my re-read of HP series, I created a summer reading list & I found several suggestions from this blog site:  Modern Mrs Darcy Summer Reading Guide   Before I put any on my list, I made sure I could get the ones I liked at our local library.  First up was a re-read of Quiet & then a very quick read of the sequel; Quiet Power.  My 3rd summer read was Hourglass which I read over 2 days.   Not sure why but I thought it was a novel so very surprised that it was a memoir.   I liked.  Next up is, My Name is Lucy Barton.

Watching: F1 Racing - this weekend it was held in Montreal Quebec Canada.  We have a Canadian driver in F1 again & he scored some points.  Here's some trivia in case anyone should ask; Peter Phillips, Princess Anne's son, met his Canadian now wife, Autumn, at the Montreal Grand Prix.  

Preparing: for a visit from my California relative Monday afternoon.  California Girl is staying with sisters in the the city but they want to show C.G. the countryside so I get to be the mid-stop for a drink & some nibbles.  I have been informed instructed that I should not provide too much because they are taking her for dinner later & that the stop over is limited to a couple of hours.
Helping:  a friend sort through her closet - it's a huge walkin & I feel a little envious of that amount of space.  Two bags of donations & a lot more room to see what she actually had. What was left we broke into piles of needing washing/repair; winter or summer & then sorted by colour.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of laughs & everything found a place neatly folded or hung back in the closet.  Next we tackle her space room's closet!

Learning: that when people show you who they are, you do have to believe them & not waste time wishing it was otherwise.  AND some people are jerks.

Buying:  a new pair of white pants/slacks & two sleeveless tops, one is black & white & the other is red/white.  After helping my friend tidy her closet I was inspired to do some updating to my wardrobe.  I was very happy that all 3 pieces were on sale - a favourite price range!

Wearing: as little as possible today (Sunday) very hot & humid - with the humidity temperatures are 40(c).  No fears, neither flowers or neighbours were shocked at my attire, still decent & covered!  

Drinking: The first batch of Bengal ice tea.  My blend is 1 Bengal Spice tea bag with 2 regular black tea bags with about 6-7 cups of water, boiled & brewed first, then chilled to make a large pot of ice tea. 

Planning- for a day out on Friday to visit Castle Kilbride & have tea on the lawn served by the Maids of Kilbride.  It's part of our summer manifesto to sip our way around the region this year.

Castle Kilbride Hallway - source


  1. That's a beautiful poppy. I've never seen a white one before. How kind of you to help sort through someone's closet - it always feels good to get rid of a few things. -Jenn

  2. Beautiful flower images.
    I'd love a walk-in wardrobe ...

  3. Sipping your way around the region is a fabulous summer manifesto! Thanks for posting the white poppy; it's beautiful. It's a true friend who helps someone sort through their closets. Somehow this week between trips to the lake and volunteer commitments, I have to organize two closets before my daughter and her family arrive Friday night. No purging; that was done earlier this spring, but our closets are tiny and I keep clothes in the guest room, too.

  4. That first poppy! Tea on the lawn sounds "jolly good " too!

  5. I enjoyed Quiet a few years ago, definitely a good one to re-read.

    Hope y'all have a nice outing on Friday!

    I really like this Monday format - so much FUN to catch up with all these bits & pieces!

  6. You have been very busy :)
    We too have been watching the races..well, my husband has, I craft until the final lap, lol.
    I am reading a book a month, I don't have a reading list, but I have a bunch of books in my book cases that I need to read

  7. Hope you enjoyed CG visit. Sometimes nice people inexplicably do wierd things. But then again some people are just jerks.