Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Super Powers

I dedicate today's post to all the amazing women that I know or do not know.   To all the women making a difference that only their family & friends know about.  For the woman making a difference that all the world sees.  We need to remember & claim our super powers.


Remember you are a strong woman, you are a Diamond Woman.

You are formed out of prolonged & tremendous heat & pressure.
Brought up from the depths.
You are rare & unique, you are multifaceted.
You continue to be polished as you search for clarity.
Accept that there are flaws but do not let them alone determine your value.
The colours are the fire within which radiates out with warmth of that personality.
There are flashes of light & dark which create the sparkle, because of movement in you,
You are a shimmering light source, there is brilliance.
You reflect & refract the light within.

You are Diamond Woman!