Thursday, May 10, 2018

Take Three Thursday - Questions

In an effort to notice more of the ordinary in my life, I have decided to share what I have noticed this week in Take Three Thursday.   The idea is to take 1 - 3 photos that are linked some how; by theme, by colour, by date, by moment,  by points of view. There is no formal link in but please feel free to join in.    What have you noticed this week?  
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Answering the age old question & now that we have the answer, I move on to other questions.  (I always knew it was the egg that came first ...)
  Hello, Mr Skunk, where did you come from & more importantly where do you live?  Under the easterly neighbours deck?
Photo taken from our kitchen window

What are you hunting?  Naughty girl, it better not be my chipmunks.


  1. What a pretty cat! I do hope that the skunk was just passing through. -Jenn

  2. We had a cat that colour back when we were kids - she was a rescue and called Marmalade.

  3. Are the skunks a big problem in your area? Thankfully we don't have to deal with them over here!

  4. I can't imagine having skunks in the back garden! We don't often get cats in ours, I think they must know we have a dog and keep well away.

  5. We have so many chipmunks there's no end to them lol That cat would be overcome!

  6. Skunks! The first house my daughter rented in Chicago had a family of skunks living under the shed in the backyard. No one would do anything about them because they said another family would promptly take residence. Keeping their dog away was a challenge, but fortunately, no one had a serious encounter with them.

  7. When I was a teen, I saw (what I thought was a cat) in the bush...went to pet it and it was a skunk..I got lightly sprayed.
    Worst part my mom and brother were arguing which of their cars I was going to sleep in that night, lol.