Friday, October 01, 2021

2021 SPSH - The Final Link In

2021 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt (SPSH) - the  easing, but not gone  pandemic restrictions edition.  

Listed below are the folks wanting to link in & in no particular order. If I have forgotten you on the list, I apologize, just let me know you want to be added to the link in list & I'll update the list. 😉

Thank you to everyone who participated this year.  I hope that you had some fun with the list & the search for finds.  I must admit that this year I struggled for some of the finds, but I reminded myself, these are different & sometimes difficult days.

Eileen at: A Bracelet of Days

Ruth at: This West London Life

Deb at: Debs14 Blogspot

Bless at: My Two Cents

Karen at: Random Reflections

Melissa at: Daily Life - Bits & Pieces

Amanda at: Amandas-Scrapbook-Pages

Karen at:  Karens 365 Photos

Leslie at: Once Upon a Time Happily Everafter

Liz at: Life at the Gables.

Pat at: Squirrel Basket

Now to my final entries:

#1  A Breakfast of Champions (in my case the breakfast of the chubby trying to eat less)

#6 Something That Makes You Laugh or Happy (this makes me happy because it means we don't have anyone living behind us & can enjoy the wide open space & view)

 #7 What's In Bloom (so many things going strong,Cosmos & the little blue flowers (Lobelia) self seeded from the actual plantings in the barrel)


#11 The Shape of Round/Circular (this is one of 4 puffball mushrooms growing in our garden)

 #12 Something That is Cause For Celebration (my birthday cake, I SO enjoy celebrating my birthday)


#13 Your Marie Kondo Moment (the take everything out, which leaves space for what sparks joy, in this case it is the cat, & the empty space sparks joy for her (we are actually making space for a roll out drawer)

 #14 Inside Your Fridge or Cupboard (in our home, leave a cupboard open or not, & a cat will make herself at home for a nap)

#15 Your Best Doodle Art;not public graffiti (measurements & plans as we plan for those roll out drawers)

 AlternateA: Show Off Your COVID Safety (from cleaning out my purse; fabric face masks with disposable ones to act as liners; hand sanitizer & Lysol wipes)

Alternate C: The Most Beautiful Landscape Of The Season (right now the change of the leaves, the wild weeds in gorgeous colour combos, the calmness of the river)


And that is a wrap ... thank you all that participated, thank you all that viewed everyone's collections.  


  1. That mushroom looks huge and the view is beautiful! Clever idea to use your storage sketch as your doodle.

  2. Your view is definitely something to celebrate. I can see the bright orange of the sunrise through the trees from my patio, but there is no expansive view. Thanks, as always, for organizing this hunt. I always look forward to it. I still need to edit a couple of photos, but the post will be up later today.

  3. What a fab collection - thank you so much for hosting this again, it's always fun to do.

  4. Great captures! Those little blooms are so lovely & that's a great view behind y'all. We put in those roll out drawers when we had out kitchen redone three years ago & it's been really nice.

  5. Great photos. I laughed at the cat in the cupboard - I have the same problem but my cat has learned how to open some cupboard doors himself!
    Thank you once again for organising the scavenger hunt. I always look forward to taking part. x x

  6. Great pictures! I love the photos with the kitties! We used to have a kitty who used to love sleeping in my dresser drawers! I am a bit behind schedule with my final post - I still have 4 or 5 photos to find!

  7. It is indeed wonderful to back onto open fields like that. Poor puss looks exhausted - what did you do to her!?

  8. Lovely photos! Sorry to be so late with mine. Life got in the way. Will post it tomorrow morning!

  9. Great snapshots. That last one looks so peaceful, a nice way to end the hunt.

  10. Great job. I sucked at participating. I had all the best intentions, then didn't do it. Maybe the next one.