Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Christmas Wisdom - Adult Letters To Santa


As Christmas approaches quicker & quicker, I thought to share some what seems to me some funny Christmas requests.

"Dear Santa: This year please give me a big fat bank account & a slim body AND please don't mix the two up as you did last year!"

"Dear Santa: I think we have a communication problem. When I said I wanted the body of a doll, I meant Barbie, not a Cabbage Patch doll"

"Dear Santa: I've been very good this year.  Well most of the year. OK define good.  Never mind, I'll buy my own."

AND a probable return answer from Santa.

"I've seen your FaceBook & Insta posts, you are getting a dictionary & some clothes."


  1. Here's to keeping in light in rough times.

  2. I asked for perfect health for me and mine and wealth beyond the dreams of avarice roflol coz in the spirit of Tiny Tim at the Christmas shop window:"you said I can't have none of 'em, so I might as well like 'em all"

  3. Thanks for a chance to smile on a cold day x

  4. That cheered me up no end. Thanks for an early Christmas gift!

  5. Too funny! According to my daughter, Santa's probable return answer is something I would say! :D