Sunday, March 05, 2017

Five in Five On The 5th - March 2017

Linking in with Sandie & the other Fivers at : Itchifingers  The idea is to take five photos in five minutes on the 5th of the month. 

Today it is another bitterly cold day, -15 (c)/ 5 (f), one that is too cold for me to be outside looking for 5 in 5.  SO, I stalked followed the cats for a few minutes.  Anyone that has cats knows that they are very quick & hate being stalked followed, so my photos are less than quality photos BUT  I am choosing to seize the moment ...  

The fur girls were arguing over who should be sitting on the bench in the sun & obviously there isn't room for two (lol)!

Sooty Paws Says The Bench Is Mine!

Smokey Puss Enjoys The Spoils of War

Carpe Diem or  Seize the Bench!



  1. That's a fun thing to do, I like to seize the moment too. Sometimes we can be too het up over waiting or looking for the perfect moment. Your cats are lovely, and I don't blame them for staying in the warm either! Thanks for taking part this month Mary-Lou. I like that you made the best of the moment.

  2. Love this post, and have to agree, sometimes catching the perfect photo is when it's slightly unexpected and just daily life

  3. FUN photos! Oh my, that sounds cold! We got out today & I snapped five photos, so I'll be sharing those in a few days.

  4. It's a tangent but: like the blanket. One day I shall crochet such a thing.

    1. A person I worked with, her Mom made everyone on the team (6 in total) one; this one had the most pink, so I got this one.

  5. They may be quick, but they're also very cute! We were away all day, and once again, my 5 in 5 will be later this week despite my good intentions!

  6. Oh my, what character they each have! You did well to snap them in movement.