Thursday, June 29, 2017

First Finds for Photo Scavenger Hunt

Some of my first finds in the Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Normally I post in the order of the list, but I'm shaking that up this year.

#6 A Pipe - I think the single pipe photo is my final cut although it could have served for rust, but I have better rust examples.

No idea what this pipe's purpose is

#8 Rust or Something Derelict: found these at an outdoor art park.

Very Rusty rail tracks & building; part of a piece of art (?)

This could have been yellow, this could have been pipe but I like the rust.

#14 Someone Fishing - not sure which will make my final cut
Father teaching son to cast off

Solidatary Fisherman - enjoying in the rain?


Please have a look what the others have found, you'll be amazed how what & how everyone sees the list!

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  1. You've got a good beginning. I've never felt the need to make "final cuts" but end up putting all of them in an album for that summer's hunt. I'm hoping to find some more on my trip next week. I'll definitely take "wedding" off the list, although there's another one in early September.

  2. Great start! Love how that yellow pipe could work for three prompts! Those fishing photos are perfect! I just posted my slow beginning. :)

  3. I like that way that you have found things that could fit more than one category! That certainly is an usual pipe in the first picture I wonder what it is for and where it connects to underground.

  4. A jolly good start . I like the rusty rail and the dad showing his son. Looking forward to looking at everyone else's.

  5. You've made a great beginning, and it's always good to have more than one option for each category.

  6. I am actually putting my pictures here
    rather than the ordinary blog thingy.

    1. Ladkyis when I input this link I am not getting any results - sorry. Will try again & change the link embedded in the post.

  7. Hi, do you have a Facebook group for the hunt? xx

    1. No, nothing that organized (lol) I am not a big F/B user