Monday, June 05, 2017

Me On A Monday - June 5th

Good morning & hello to any of those still doing a Monday check in.  While Sian is away from the official check in I thought I might try a little something different for a Monday check in.  I may be trying a few varieties over the summer.
A pair of baby robins bath in the bird bath
Reading - starting my regular summer re-read of the Harry Potter series. Also reading the Creative Scrapbooker magazine which I borrow from the library.  Nothing in this issued inspired me.

Watching -  the last's season of Orphan Black to be ready for the final season starting next Sunday.  I find it so amazing that the actor, Tatina Maslany plays all of the female clone characters - she is so talented & a Canadian!

Made -  Sunday dinner was Cesar salad & for Mr Man it will had chicken & bacon.  I use a soy based chicken substitute. 

Paper crafting -  photos printed & preparing for catch up on Project Life (May) & the garden album (May), I have an afternoon planned later in the week to do my crafting/play thing.

Focused on -that I have been blogging for 2 years as of Sunday, June 3rd. 

Hoping to - feel less angry about world situations, Canada's politics & local insanity of changes to by-laws that do impact us.  
tree peony kissed by the rain

Celebrating:  our wedding anniversary mid week, time to bring out the wedding album.  June brides are suppose to be the luckiest.

Learning - the new Point of Sale machine for work, just enough difference from our last one to make it not so smooth a transition - it is not a transparent change as promised!

Wearing - a new dress that is proving to be of a very clingy material, plus I think I need to shorten by a few inches.  Add this to an ever growing to do list.

Drinking -  trying to enjoy a glass of white wine with lime, while sitting on the patio in the evening sun on Sunday - oh having such a delicate digestive system.

Wishfully wanting - to win the 649 lottery so that the farm I ride at can be purchased by me.

Planning- to get my 5 in 5 on the 5th done soon to post later.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful week ahead.

enjoying the lushness of the hosta leaves


  1. Oh heck. Forgotten 5 in 5. I will have to post tomorrow. Happy wedding anniversary and happy blogging anniversary. Two years! Where does time go!

  2. A fun post to read! Happy Anniversary! We are on the 9th at 33 years. For a romantic weekend we are going away with our kids and their husbands. LOL Congrats on the blogging. I'm at 7 years and am sad at how many people are leaving it now. I don't blog like I used to back in the day. Have a great week :)

  3. I was determined to get 5 in 5 done on the 5th again this month, but intermittent thunderstorms and a forgetful brain interfered! Happy anniversary! I hope you have a lovely day. And . . . happy blog birthday, too! Your peony is gorgeous! I planted some red ones last year, and it looks like they're doing well. Hope to have photos soon!

  4. Happy anniversary and also blog anniversary. Double celebrations! Good luck with the lottery win :)

  5. A happy post! Congratulations on your anniversaries, wedding and blog!

  6. Love the idea of the summer Harry Potter re-read. I'll be reading this in early fall . . . before a trip to London & the Harry Potter Studio tour. :)

    Congrats on the 2 year blogiversary and the wedding anniversary!