Monday, December 03, 2018

Me On A Monday - ABC of December 3rd

The ABC’s of Christmas

Angels Announcing Advent

Believe, absolutely Believe or you’ll get underwear

Cookies have no calories for Santa, but for you, there are many; cards, sending & receiving

Deliver gifts that you would want to receive

Exclaim joy

Feed the child in you

Gingerbread houses need to be built 


Insist on only the finest ingredients, such as pure vanilla in your baking

Jim jams - a new pair for Christmas Eve (pajamas)

Keep the reason for the season first & foremost

Lights, lots of them, inside & outside

Music & movies of Christmas, the old classical & the new

No naughty behaviour

Ornaments, lots on the tree & all about the house

Plants of the Christmas variety should be real, unless you have cats/dogs

Quality chocolate at Christmas is a must

Reindeer, all 8 of them with the occasional extra red nosed one

Sing, but not too loudly & try to know the words

Toys, donate one for a girl, one for a boy

Unwrapping of gifts, big or small

Visit Santa, write him a letter, tell him your deepest held wish

Weight gain is a probable side effect of Christmas

Xempt no one from merry making

Yule logs - simulated with a gas fireplace accepted

Zebras in a Santa hats DO make an acceptable festive ornament


  1. Love this! I'm definitely following these, well some of them ;)

    1. Thanks. I'm going heavy on the warning about calories especially if I linger too long on the quality chocolates for the season!

  2. Nice! But I'd've had "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz" for the last one ... after Christmas dinner!

    1. Lady Ella I like the nap idea after Christmas dinner with the added part that the nap is for the cook, those that only ate, now clean up (col).

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Karen. I could do an entirely different ABC list.

  4. I was wondering how you'd cope with Z - brilliant list!

    1. Thanks Deb. Z was a hard one, but Lady Ella suggested zzz for a nap & I like that one.

  5. Clever post, but I would also have had Zzzzz instead of zebras!

    1. Oh to have some quality Zzzz's right now as I certainly feel like I've been kicked by that Zebra!

  6. I like the idea of Zzzzzs - naps are a big part of our relaxing around at home time. What a great idea to do the alphabet too :)

    1. I would so like an afternoon nap - I'm lacking in enough zzzz's for sure. I once did my Christmas album based on the alphabet, it was fun but challenging.