Tuesday, June 30, 2020

SPSH - First Link In

Welcome to the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt's first link in.  Listed below are the folks that indicated they wanted to participate.  

Please visit & have a look at what others are finding, you just might find some inspiration in their finds.

Listed in no particular order & if I have missed you, please let me know in the comments & I will add you.

Bridget: bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com
Karen W: Random Reflections
Ruth: This West London Life
Eileen: A Bracelet of Days
Karen: Karen's 365 Photos
Deb:Debs14 Blogspot
Amanda: Amanda's Scrapbook Pages
Melissa: Daily Life - Bits & Pieces
Susanne: Snaps & Snippets
Bless: My Two Cents
Jane: Jane's Blog
Liz: Life At The Gables
Joy: Diary of A Teacher
Nil: The Little House By The Lake
Maggie: Farmer's Wife Day by Day
Pat: Squirrel Basket
Sherrie: Food For Thought

Here are a few of my first finds:
#17 Naturally Round - Peony Bud which also looks like a snitch
#19 A Rock With Some Colour In It
#13 An elastic band in use - holding bunches of broccoli together

#18 Something that can go in the water - paddle boat on a private pond

#3 Colours of your country's flag - red & white petunia

Thanks for participating


  1. Oh, I love the peony bud/snitch photo ... well done for including a Harry Potter reference in the hunt!

    You've made a great start.

  2. Snap on the elastic around veg shot! :)
    I really like the reflection in the paddle boat image

  3. Excellent selection! I have also published my first batch.
    I haven't tackled the colours of the Welsh flag yet, red, white and green, but your petunia would have been a good one.
    Do I see copper-coloured reflections of light on that pebble, or is it an optical illusion?
    Thanks again for the super challenge! I must check out everyone else's interpretations.
    Take care :)

  4. Some lovely finds there, what a beautiful peony. I'm wondering what other veggies may be held by an elastic band after seeing yours and Ruth's post!

  5. These are fantastic finds! The peony/snitch is my favorite (because who doesn't love a Harry Potter reference anytime!), with that lovely petunia a close second.

    I just published my toy room finds - it was so much FUN!

    I'm off to see what others have found! :)

  6. Great selections! I especially liked the peony bud that looks like a snitch and the petunia with the colors of the flag. :) My selections are here:

  7. Great. I also like the peony bud. I love them anyway, but your comparison made me smile :o) Yours looks like a beautiful, well-established, plant.

  8. A nice selection of photos.
    My favorite is #19. The copper hue on the stone is very pretty.

  9. You're off to a great start! I may not have my post up until we get home early next week.

  10. I'm hoping to have a few to show at the end of July. I love that your description of the peony is a snitch :)

  11. Sorry, I'm a day late, here's mine https://joyknitt.blogspot.com/2020/07/2020-summer-photographic-scavenger-hunt.html

  12. I really want to do this and will collect my photos and share them this weekend. I don't care much for asparagus...rarely have had it prepared well...but it sure looks pretty in your photo. And the rocks! Such a subtle variety of shapes and shades.

  13. Hi,
    Love all your photos...really like Peony..beautiful.
    Have a great day!