Monday, August 13, 2018

Me On Monday August 20th

Greetings & Salutations All.  Another hot weekend in the books. 
Toad Lily - not in my garden.

My garden is definitely tired, as I stroll about I hear the little flower heads nodding & saying "you cannot expect more women, we've given you a bloom full".
Another sign that the season is moving too fast (for me), is that the Niagara region peaches are ready & for sale - these are the best peaches in all the world.  Juicy, sweet, oh so good.  I can easily eat 4 in a row, I just dislike the peeling.  I know some that eat the fuzz skin - blah!

In this photo my only comment is "NOOOOOO"  It's one of my Burning Bushes turning already!   Too soon.

The geese have arrived to gleam the wheat field - oh so noisy in the morning.  Right now it's only about 2 flocks, soon it will be many more.  Word spreads fast in the goose world. 

More crafting at a card workshop Sunday evening.  I stamp with more confidence when with the demonstrator than I do at home.  I'm good with the die cutting & embossing, it's just the stamping that still has me in doubts.  There were 3 cards, I got only two done, the third one had a lot of fussy cutting & I ran out of time.  Looks like I have homework!

I am currently reading three books by the same author; Alexander McCall Smith.  Two are part of the 44 Scotland Street series.  I really like little Bertie in this series. The third book is from the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series.  Easy, pleasant reads. 

I'm not going to be around on Thursday for Take Three Thursday,  we are off the patio having a few whirlwind adventures, but I will see you next Monday.  

Be well my friends, seize the day.


  1. Whirlwind adventures? That sounds like fun - can't wait to hear about them!
    I shall have to keep an eye out for those peaches, I wonder if they export them to the UK? I have to admit to being one of those weird people who eat the fuzzy skin!

  2. Love the peaches at this time of year, too! What are these adventures of which you speak? -Jenn

  3. Yes, I eat the skin with the peach lol. It's how I learned. Peaches are like tomatoes, aren't they, in being almost a different fruit in season. Yummmm!

    Adventures? I trust there'll be photos?

    Is that lovely concrete bench in your garden? A classic. We have geese year 'round here. They might move from one lake to another, and we do get more through the winter, but most of them just stay. Messy birds, aren't they :(

  4. Your cards are beautiful. Enjoy your adventures coming up and I will be pleased to hear! I don't eat peaches too often, mainly because I don't like the furry skin. I never thought of peeling them ... usually just opt for nectarines instead!

  5. Hope your adventure is a great one! Peaches are one of my favorites, too. I've had several recently that were just perfect. The skins just peeled right off, and they were sweet as could be! Both cards are lovely. I like the design of the first card, and the second one is right up my alley--clean and simple (and lovely colors!)

  6. Loving that second card in particular - and your delicate stamping looks perfectly good to me :). I'm a skin-on kind of gal with peaches, but it sounds like necatarines might be more up your street? Your garden has done sterling service over the summer, hasn't it ... I'm watching my little maples like hawks now that the weather is cooler for the first sign of 'turning'. Hoping you have a glorious time, whirl-winding :).

  7. Also an Alexander McCall Smith fan. My Burning Bush is still green but it is always the first to turn, Maybe a few more weeks till then.

  8. OH, it does seem like the season is changing too fast up there! It's been rainy here this week, a little unusual for August.

    I read the first book in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency several years ago with our book club & really enjoyed it.

    Enjoy your time away!!

  9. I have just helped myself to a peach or two. I hope that's ok! You don't eat the skin? You are missing half the goodness! Have a good trip.

  10. I agree the season is moving along to quickly for me as well.
    I love peaches, but like you, not the fuzzy skins.
    Your garden is so inviting in all the seasons.